Kim Jung Hyun and Former Agency O & Entertainment Release Joint Statement Resolving All Misunderstanding and Disputes with the Contract Amicably Expired

There is a Chinese saying that if you knew it was going to come to this then why do what do you then (早知今日何必当初). Sure many times people will say they didn’t know it would end up this way but that’s rarely true, disputes have only a finite resolution options and thoughtful consideration can parse the most likely outcome. I say this hearing the news that Kim Jung Hyun and his now former agency O & Entertainment have resolved all disputes between them and his contract expired without any further action. Neither side won in the battle of the press leaks in the last two months, if O & wanted to keep Kim Jung Hyun by revealing all the backstory behind his past poor conduct on the set of Time clearly that is never going to work. Who gets someone to stay by brute force and blackmail. The carrot works better than the stick. And in the meantime his reputation got decimated and of course there were more to the story and when it came out it made O & look bad and then ad nauseum you can see where it can keep spinning in the same dirt pile. It was always going to resolve (lawsuit? hardly) but now all the dirt is out in the public and can never be taken back. At least the two parties have resolved things (felt rather abrupt but who knows) and Kim Jung Hyun will be free to rehabilitate and rebuild (hopefully) his career at another agency and the public can move on from this very unfortunate series of events.


Kim Jung Hyun and Former Agency O & Entertainment Release Joint Statement Resolving All Misunderstanding and Disputes with the Contract Amicably Expired — 5 Comments

  1. O&E is so scummy. They’re on the verge of bankruptcy. Who would want to even take a chance joining that agency anymore?

    Who knows maybe he still has a chance of joining Culture Depot. I heard the Studio Dragon CEO likes his acting.

  2. i think that’s how the entertainment industry works. there’re so much probabilities on what had happened in the backstage. it’s might be true they’ve reconciled, maybe in order to ‘silence’ the agency, they asked for some money from kjh, then the case is closed. or kjh may hold some important dirty secrets abt the agency, or the ceo etc, so they’ve to reconcile. or maybe kjh is already backed up by a big agency, so they reconcile to prevent further damages to the old agency.. etc. well, these just my delusional thinkings and assumptions, okay. don’t believe it. it’s just for fun.. haha. coz it’s so weird why they suddenly resolved the dispute.

  3. Honestly, I feel his agency didn’t get half of the heat they should’ve received? Dragging an actor who had already warned them about his mental health issues to work? Making him stay on set until he went to a doctor himself to ask for a diagnosis? Am I the only one who can see how fcked up this whole situation was?!

    It doesn’t surprise me that KJH clung to his girlfriend when he felt his agency didn’t give a damn about him and his well-being. He was looking for someone who cared because no one seemed to take him and his health serious. Seo Yeji wasn’t that person either, so he felt tired and attempted suicide. F*cking agency getting away with this just because they struck first! I can’t bring myself to dislike someone who was a victim of his agency and girlfriend for having been rude under those conditions. I would feel desperate and get angry at the world too. It’s true that the people who were working with him didn’t deserve this, but neither did he. His agency forcing him to work against his will was inhumane no matter how you spin it. His ability to deal with his emotions was definitely affected by his mental health issues (caused by his agency and girlfriend). The PD of the drama was worried about him when he left, so he clearly saw him in a very bad state…

    It’s unfair that his agency managed to make it all about him and SYJ and got away with abusing an actor just like that? I get that KJH was wrong and that his behaviour was unprofessional but he’s dealing with the consequences. Why does the agency get away with their dirty business and KJH has to let everything go in order to survive in that industry? The whole thing makes me sick.

  4. I feel bad for SYJ in a way, lol. Just bcoz of this agency’s selfishness, she got her bright career messed up.

    • If the logic applies that you reap what you sow, the controversies surrounding SYJ would erupt sooner or later. I agree she was dragged into this mess because this irresponsible agency wanted to get back at him, wanted to milk him those additional 11 months as he was practically their sole income. But her abusive and manipulative nature that got revealed in those texts is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s no smoke without fire and those other allegations against her have nothing to do with KJH anymore.

      He messed up 3 years ago and it caught up to him – he should bear those responsibilities for his actions and feel those consequences. Then why shouldn’t SYJ do the same? If those allegations are untrue why doesn’t she take legal actions and stays silent? All her agency could do for her was releasing that lame laughable statement that put all the blame on the other party and downplayed gaslighting as some “love quarrel.”

      She lost CFs, withdrew from her upcoming drama, paid huge penalties…. if she’s innocent there’s no way she would let this happen to her without fighting back.

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