Lee Da Hee Confirmed as the New Female Lead of OCN Drama Island Opposite Kim Nam Gil

I guess the denials from Han So Hee‘s agency about her being the leading lady of upcoming OCN supernatural thriller drama Island were indeed true because a few days later and we now indeed have a new lead and it’s not her. K-actress Lee Da Hee will be taking over the role vacated by Seo Ye Ji after her swift fall from grace for being revealed to be essentially a super controlling and manipulative person. Not a crime against humanity in the least but rather a lot to just sweep under the rug with a “shrugs, no big deal”. Clearly the drama production is looking for a particular type of actress that fits the image and aura of the character as drawn in the manhwa and Lee Da Hee does fit that bill and I can see her having great chemistry with Kim Nam Gil. She’s really come a long way from her early days as the perpetual second female lead and I’m glad she’s earned her top billing status in the last few dramas to what will now be her most high profile drama project to date. The production can now start prepping for the summer kickoff to filming with an eye towards end of the year release.


Lee Da Hee Confirmed as the New Female Lead of OCN Drama Island Opposite Kim Nam Gil — 14 Comments

  1. I have not seen Lee Da Hee in anything so I have no opinion about her acting. But visually, she looks more compatible with Nam Gil and I assume closer in age compared to SYJ. I guess, well done casting team!

    • She was great at Search : WWW. A highly recommended drama!

      Her acting is always nice to see. From antagonist to protagonist… she can do everything. Glad she accepted this role. Fighting!

    • I watched her first in I can Hear your voice and i was really mesmerized by her role… People love to glamourize toxic characters like ko moon young when the roles played by lee da hee in her dramas were remarkable..
      U are right, there age gap isn’t much and i think the chemistry will be there…

  2. LDH is perfect for the role but so was HSH. They both fit the role but LDH is a better fit for KNG while HSH would suit more with CEW. Is this drama still going to be 2 seasons?

  3. My baby Eunwoo going places. Double digit cfs and this high profile drama will even take him to next level. He has also made a name in variety. Smart guy.

    That face is blessed. And those proportions. His overseas popularity is no joke either. Must be multi millionaire by now

      • Cha eunwoo who is among main cast of this show. He is called face genius in korea
        And he was topper of school too

      • Who cares? Noone pays for ugly actors
        He still gonna be at top from his age group unless Taehyung makes drama debut as lead ( getting offered millions for the overseas sales he gonna bring )

        I can watch eunwoo anyday. If acting matters, suzy wpuld be finished by now

  4. It can’t be worse than LUCA. I hope she will get a better role.

    I don’t think the production chose a better actress, SYJ is more versatile for me. But LDH is not bad.

  5. Kim Nam-gil already picked up SBS’s Those Who Read the Hearts of Evil, which replaces Hong Chun-gi in the Monday-Tuesday slot in October. Since that one is coming soon, expect Island to be pushed back (unless they give the show the KBS family drama treatment and allow him to juggle two shows on air, which is highly unlikely).

  6. Glad its Lee Da Hee. She was great in Search WWW and LUCA.
    Her acting chops definitely better than Han So Hee.
    LDH also has the visual, experience and age-wise compatible with KNG.
    Looking forward to Island.

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