MBS Drama Oh My Ladylord Wraps with Universal Piling on as the Worst Drama so Far in 2021

There are many levels and nuances to “bad”, which is why its such a great adjective with contextual flourish. Recently wrapped MBC Wed-Thurs drama Oh My Ladylord (Oh! Master) has now garnered widespread feedback as a terrible, no good, baaaaaad drama. But what kind of bad is it is what I, a non-viewer, am curious to know. So bad it’s good because one can’t stop watching? So bad it must be shoved off a cliff into a burning inferno below so no one can accidentally watch it? So bad but worth watching for the analysis of how bad it is like a clinical case study? Or simply bad, and nothing more to add to it because it sucked so much it can’t even be more than blandly bad. This is officially MBC’s lowest rated prime time drama ever, and leads Lee Min Ki, Nana, and Kang Min Hyuk did no one any favors by reportedly having no chemistry and also getting annoying characters to play. The script was tired and cliched but we’ve all been there before and watched because of the leads keeping our attention and here there wasn’t even that. Those who watched the whole drama, please share so others can understand your suffering.


MBS Drama Oh My Ladylord Wraps with Universal Piling on as the Worst Drama so Far in 2021 — 9 Comments

  1. It’s bad as in bad enough for me to not want to watch a single second of it once I realised how bad it was. lol

  2. The writer was the issue, it put every tropes he knew in his story. The actors did well with a really bad script.

  3. I watch this drama because i love Nana, but i cant continue after two episodes. Feel like kdrama old rom com early 2000. I dont understand because i love writer past work , Fated to Love you.

  4. For some reason, even after I saw the promotion materials or some clips on my youtube newsfeed and all… it has never enticed me to even start watching it. Not even a bit, and I was wondering why? Even some hot scenes clip was out… tried to take a peek of it… perhaps it is the chemistry non existence? or other dramas have interest me a bit more compare to this one?

    I do think its a waste of Lee Min Ki’s talent tho.. he usually got a good chemistry to almost all of his co -star… hmmm I really curious of what went wrong

  5. Lee Min Ki’s looks here is so bad. He should stay in a neat looking writer. The looks really help to establish chemistry between leads.

  6. I watched it , and I’ll explain why it is bad.

    The problem with this drama is it tries to be too many things and the switches are super abrupt.

    I went in expecting a cute contract type marriage drama.

    The first few episodes were contract type marriage.
    Then it got weird with a thriller component with a fan.
    Then it got 180 degrees and turned into a 3 way friends situation.
    Then there was a fantasy element, that was mentioned maybe once in the beginning, once in the middle, and then at the end, it was flow blown idiocy.

    The main problem with this drama is that the conflicts didn’t make any sense, and everything felt so forced.

    And to top it off the ending was not satisfying at all. Everyone was moving on with their lives, except the main lead girl, who was living the in past, and giving some stupid monologue how that she learned to love and cherish the present.

    And the way the the main character disappeared, and that she is lying to people saying he’s not in the country or whatever is just so dumb.

  7. I love Lee Min Ki, as in, truly truly am addicted to that man and have been since I started watching Kdramas 10 years ago. That said even my deep and undying love for LMK could not keep me watching this piece of junk past the half way mark. I have never seen LMK have so little chemistry with, well, every one else in the drama. And I like Nana a lot. I adored her last drama and thought she was perfect, so I am not blaming her. This writing was just absolute crap in every way. I really hope LMK can recover from this and do something good next time. I’d hate to have this trash mar his career.

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