J-ent Losing Collective Minds Over New Report that Aragaki Yui Will Retire After Getting Married With One Final Project the 2022 Taiga Headlined by Oguri Shun

J-actress Aragaki Yui has a nickname as “The Nation’s Wife” in that all men dream of her being his wifey. So J-actor Hoshino Gen is already public enemy number 1 now that he’s married Gakki but it may get even worse and even her female fans are going to fault him for what may come. J-ent is reporting that Aragaki Yui is retiring. Like, come again?!?!? Now that she’s married, Gakki is reportedly set to retire after one final project, costarring with Oguri Shun in next year 2022’s Taiga dorama Kamakura-dono no 13-nin. Retirement after marriage for actresses remains way more common in J-ent than in other East Asian industries such as Taiwan, South Korea, Mainland China, and Hong Kong, it’s what I call the Yamaguchi Momoe effect (retiring at the height of her fame at the young age of 21 years old) to get married. If Gakki retires this will be my second biggest shocking retirement and sadness after Horikita Maki retired in Feb 2017 after getting married. Maki is now the mother of two so very happy for her but goodness as fans it’s such a void of not seeing their talent onscreen. Other actresses who got married but still act include Kitagawa Keiko, Yamada Yu, and Ishihara Satomi, The 2000 gen J-actresses still single have now dwindled to basically Ayase Haruka and Nagasawa Masami heh. Whatever Gakki chooses I hope she’s happy with that decision.


J-ent Losing Collective Minds Over New Report that Aragaki Yui Will Retire After Getting Married With One Final Project the 2022 Taiga Headlined by Oguri Shun — 12 Comments

  1. Perhaps it’s cultural thing.
    Philippines used to have the thinking that women as Maria’s should stay home and take care of the children. Men , the machos on the other hand go and earn a living. Not on this generation anymore. Many women are driven for career ambitions.
    Personally, I think when a woman have children, she should sit back and sacrifice her career for children nurturing. Children will grow up and she can return. But if you are a superwoman who can multitask, then go for it. That’s why I have so much respect for working moms.

    • Honestly it’s a choice for some people but I find that mentality that women *must* give up their career to have children, do backwards and out of touch with reality. Women work hard to get educated, get jobs, get some financial stability, but the minute they have babies they’re expected to quit and lose all their progress and become dependent on a man?

      Even the ones who go back “after the children are grown” have a hard time because employers in your normal office type of jobs don’t like hiring people who were out of the workforce a long time, and they get paid less too. I think if women want to continue working, and they have childcare for the kids, they should absolutely be helped. Even in the old days, kids weren’t raised by mothers alone, there were other family, aunts, and other help but now we have this weird expectation that nuclear family mothers have to raise kids alone and are “lesser” moms for working or having nannies.

  2. Your last sentence sums it up nicely. As long it is was her decision, one she made freely and was happy with, then I wish her well. I’m a little sad to know she won’t grace my screen again, but it’s her life, her choices.

  3. If this is the case, then really sad for fans to hear, but as long as she is happy, can’t but wish her all the best.

  4. I’ve been a long time fan of Gakky ever since Koizora. She radiates warmth and zesty charm on screen that watching her in dramas make you feel good. I am devastated tbh but there’s nothing fans can do but to respect her decision. She never had any scandal that blemish her reputation throughout her decades long career, so this is also a good and honorable way to end her career on a high note. I wish her all the best and a good married life.

  5. If she wants to know the housewife life or just out of spotlight, let her be, she is still the eternal celebrity, she has a lot of notable work.

    I don’t want to jinx it but I just wish her good life and happy marriage life since J-ent and marriage seems to have lot of public scandal. Wish them both happiness

  6. I mean, she doesn’t need to retire retire right? She can just reject all the offers that come along. She might see something she likes eventually. I really don’t think there is a need to announce her retirement, unless this is some J-entertainment rule.

    • If she remains signed with an agency but not active, she might have to pay fees and such or be required/forced to take on work even if she’s not into it, depending on the terms of her contract.

      Quitting altogether makes it a cleaner end and doesn’t waste her time or the time of whoever might send her scripts thinking she might say yes.

  7. In the end, celebs are regular people who want quiet lives while they build a family so it’s understandable when Japanese actresses choose to leave the spotlight. Fame lasts only so long. J-Ent always intrigues me since they are very private and seem to work independently quite well, it’s something very admirable compared to other Asian entertainment industries.

  8. /sob I’ll miss her, she’s so talented and her dramas really brightened my day, but I wish her a happy life and marriage <3

    Also I looked up Yamaguchi Momoe from your post and just… .WOW. What a career, imagine retiring at 21 because you've made the level of impact where you're still remembered 40 years later!

  9. OH MY GOSH. I had to reread this article twice because I thought I misread it but Gakki and Hoshino Gen in real life? Wow! Congrats. I really hope she’s not retiring but as long as she’s happy I will support her in whatever her decision. I’ve been a fan of hers since My Boss My Hero but I first saw her in Dragon Zakura so it’s a little bit sad to lose her presence on screen since I’ve been following her for such a long time.

    I also wish Maki well. I forgot she also retired. This news reminds me of Takashi Sorimachi and Nanako Matsushima got married. Japan also lost their minds when that was announced. But Nanako still graced our screens after the marriage.

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