J-ent Gossip Heats Up on Aragaki Yui Maybe Being Pregnant After She’s Spotted Covering Her Stomach and Also Not Renewing Long Standing Beer CF Endorsement

Well this could be a great year for married top stars Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen if rumors are to be believed. The couple, married since 2021, is on the top of the J-ent gossip rags this week after a slew of events have started the pregnancy rumors. Gakki has been seen out in public wearing an oversized unstructured winter coat and also at an event wearing an outfit that noticeably covers her stomach. Then her agency announced that she was NOT renewing her long standing endorsement with a popular Beer brand where she’s been the face for several years. Both have led to speculation that she’s pregnant and the couple is expecting their first child. Baby watch in on for the We Married as a Job couple in real life!

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Ayase Haruka and Aragaki Yui Lead the J-news Poll for Top Actresses of 2022

The top J-actresses appear to have a stranglehold in the audience love for the past decade and probably even earlier almost 15 years. A top J-news publication held a poll of viewers to pick their top J-actress of 2022. To … Continue reading

J-ent Losing Collective Minds Over New Report that Aragaki Yui Will Retire After Getting Married With One Final Project the 2022 Taiga Headlined by Oguri Shun

J-actress Aragaki Yui has a nickname as “The Nation’s Wife” in that all men dream of her being his wifey. So J-actor Hoshino Gen is already public enemy number 1 now that he’s married Gakki but it may get even … Continue reading

Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen in First Teaser and Promos for We Married as a Job SP Airing January 2021

Oh my god, hold my champagne. and you betcha I’m multi bottling for New Year’s 2021 much like using alcohol to ward off the evil spirits because hell nah is next year going to be suckier than this dumpster fire … Continue reading

J-ent Reports that Hoshino Gen Moves Close to We Married as a Job Costar Aragaki Yui

This is cute news that’s harmless yet potentially filled enough to get shippers excited. J-ent is reporting that Hoshino Gen has moved right down the street from his most famous leading lady costar Aragaki Yui. The two starred in the … Continue reading

Japanese Netizens Vote for Most Beautiful J-actress of All Time with Kitagawa Keiko Topping the List

The votes are in and this is a huge polling size and spans decades to get a good sense of what Japanese find most beautiful among their actresses. With over 50,000 votes, J-actress Kitagawa Keiko tops the list of most … Continue reading