Insider Casting Rumors Says Suzy Will be the Female Lead Opposite Song Joong Ki in the K-drama Adaptation of The Youngest Son of Sunyoung

Welp, get ready for a wild and slinging comments section lol. With the news that Song Joong Ki will be the male lead of the K-drama adaptation of revenge novel The Youngest Son of Sunyoung (Korean title is The Chaebol’s Youngest Son), of course all eyes are on who will be the female lead. The novel has actually very little scenes of the female lead, she goes to college with the male lead and they end up dating and married and she helps him with his conquest of the chaebol family succession but all of the romance and character development is zilch between them. I’m getting horrible flashbacks to East of Eden where everyone tuned in for the love line between leads Song Seung Heon and Lee Da Hae and NOTHING HAPPENED and she ended up walking a dog before being shipped off to America and he ended up with a side female character played by Lee Yeon Hee. Sorry for the rant but goodness clearly I still have EoE PSTD. *shivers* Anyhoo, the casting rumor mill at DC Inside and other credible insider sources are all saying that Suzy will be the female lead, and I’m half lol-ing and half totally fine with it. Until the day Suzy is not popular whatsoever in South Korea she will continue to be cast, girl brings in eyeballs to dramas and moolah to CFs. Is she a good actress? Better than when she started out and better with each drama, if you ask me, but she was so so bad that even now she’s still nowehere near the same league as actual good actresses. In this case, let’s hope for sizzling onscreen chemistry and a character she can excel at.


Insider Casting Rumors Says Suzy Will be the Female Lead Opposite Song Joong Ki in the K-drama Adaptation of The Youngest Son of Sunyoung — 109 Comments

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  2. “Until the day suzy is not popular” suzy in 2021 being the highest paid actress according to DC 🙂 the highest actress in korea Forbes, the only actress in forbes under 30, 6th in Gallup actors,2nd actress in hallyu wave survey by governmet :*
    Intel roaches can cry as much as they want, suzy is in a goddess position in her country, successful for 11 years, goddess level beauty young , always there in the major surveys, and her relevancy will forever surpass ya’ll fav.lmaoo… Now.. 3.. 2..1 bash her as much as u want..really no ones give a f..

    The last thing,suzy is rumored for this drama from the last year, so if she got an offer, 100% she declined this one already, since her news didn’t came out with his articles.. As it should be.

    • Bold of u to assume that she is the highest paid actress??..Just because other A-listers don’t disclose their income doesn’t mean they aren’t actually top paid.

    • @Elsa Suzy may not be my bias actress but I really appreciate her as a person. I hope the best for her.
      Korea loves her so much and it’s sad to see a lot of bashing towards her in this blog in any article written for her.

      • @Chie

        Hahaha! Exactly! Suzy has many haters on this blog but a few are not. Don’t worry, if you love her just continue loving and supporting her. At least these people know what’s happening with Suzy, meaning they are interested with her.

    • Rofl more paid than movie stars or hally jjh when she flops with her shows. Woozie’s mediaplau and her fans delusional is other level. She is flop plastic monster

  3. I didn’t even watch East of Eden but the summary made me laugh so much. I am off to Google what that drama is about now.

    • So what happened to Park Haejin’s characters wife? I spent 30 min Googling about EoE and can’t work out what happened to her. And Lee Da Hae’s was smart. Then she just sailed off into drama not- get- the- guy land?

    • I miss Lee Da-Hae too. Googled her name the other day to see if she had any upcoming projects. I long to see Lee Da-Hae and other actresses in her age group who have proven themselves in past roles/projects way more than once as the female lead with their acting skills/talents still get the offers for the kdramas nowadays with good writing, plot, and casting.

  4. I looked up east of eden on MDL, seems like Lee Yeon Hee was the FL, so why is it surprising that song seung heon ends up with her?

    • Lee Yeon-hee was not main lead material at the time. She was not meant to be Song Seung-heon’s leading lady; it was the bigger actress Lee Da-hae, but she quit the show, citing poor writing.

      • I beg to disagree. I watched the drama from start to finish. LDH role is really the FL of SSH’s dongsaeng YJH (hubby of Han Ga In). If you have watched it LYH’s role is really SSH FL. They just had a long story of finding the right time for their love story since LYHs Appa is against SSHs role.

        For LDH, her role is smart university student classmates of YJH. She quitted so her character brought to States. Rumors then she had a bitter attitude in the set.

  5. Haha from yeon yeo bin to such mediocrity. Suzy is doing herself no favours if she accepts the acting skill level between her and soong joong-ki will be jarring. She made the right choice in start up, at least Nam joo hyuk was her equal. Thing is will Suzy ever hold her own must she always act opposite super popular male leads. The backing that this girl has due to her visuals insane. Then you have Kang Hanna who imo is equally beautiful and more talented yet she’s still stuck in second lead roles.

    • I think Kang Hanna has also been held back by some of the soft core movies she did earlier in her career. Most people aren’t lucky enough to pull a Song Ji Hyo.

      • Kang Hanna is so good, I’ve been watching her since Moon Lovers and she really lacks nothing except a chance like this – she’s talented, can do drama and comedy well, and she’s beautiful too. Plus she has the kind of presence that would mesh really well with SJK.

        It’s a shame that actresses like her are held back by shallow k-ent ideas of who is and isn’t allowed to become a female lead.

      • Damn if that is the case then it’s really sad. Meanwhile her costars in empire of Lust are thriving

      • @kailey B Shin Ha Kyun, Jang Hyuk, and to a lesser extent Kang Haneul were already established stars + men are not looked down up for on screen nudity.

  6. Song joong ki turned down role most talented writer kim eun hee kingdom no regret for that.He can still work with top writer-pd in artdhal chronicle although rating was biggest failure in 2019, several year later park jae bum sent him script vincenzo and doing well in rating.So he can reject this drama because very similiar story in like vincenzo it’s not good choice comeback lol.Lets hope he reject this drama and choose movie instead.No hate for suzy,she can get paired with top popular actor like park seo joon or hyun bin it will be massive hit in korea and international lol!!

    • Lol you keep mentioning Arthdal chronicles as if it was disaster. Lol that show has still good fan base who are demanding season 2. Keep on hating, you still won’t change the fact that suzy is more popular than your bias and is getting to work with A list actors of korea.

      • @missjb Kim ji won Weaker than suzy, the forever blank/wooden Suzy?! Wow, this is hilarious I can’t even. But seriously get your eyes tested. That’s seriously a bad take. I’m still imagining how awesome Kim ji won would’ve been in while you were sleeping(all of Suzy’s roles) I bet you it would’ve been 1000 times more watchable and convincing.

      • @Kailey: bias might cloud judgement I See. I don’t get it why everyone can’t see KJW as bland as Suzy. heck doesn’t has talent nor technique to act with sincerity in emotional scene.

        she can do well in no substance rom com, but it’s clear KJW is out of depth too. yes i rate Suzy alittle better at least suzy can be convincing in certain scene.

    • Oh well. Based on the description it seems that the female lead will not play huge role in the plot and require no difficult acting chop. She may be bearable as long as she’s not given difficult task. And this one doesn’t sound like one.

      However i still can’t understand this pattern of casting popular pricey actors/actresses with limited acting skill to create more buzz. Hasn’t they learned that solid writing/engaging story and directing can bring high rating? Revolutionary sisters and taxi driver are some of the recent examples.

      Maybe i just don’t understand how this “buzz” can bring more cash with the advertising/sponsor deal. Doesn’t high rating bring more commercials too? It makes me wonder which one is more valuable/bring more money to the production team, high rating drama with average buzz or an average rating with more buzz.

      • 2049 is the most important age group for advertisers, that’s where the buzz comes in I think. Weekend KBS dramas also get high ratings but the demographics for those are the older generation.

      • Yeah I don’t get it either. SJK alone has enough star wattage to bring in all the hype and CF and what not. Just look at Vincenzo.

        What incremental value does Suzy bring? Is she going to be able to penetrate a market he cannot?

      • @Lila – same, did the casting team for this drama not look at Vincenzo?

        Song Joong Ki got crazy buzz for that even among younger viewers and that was with an unknown FL who also got popular because she was good at acting/had good chemistry with him.

      • @Royal We – I guess they didn’t take the right casting lesson from Vincenzo.

        To be fair though, JYB isn’t mainstream but she’s known more in the film circles and she is a powerhouse actresses stacking up those acting awards. So not exactly like they plucker a novice outta nowhere.

        Point is, you already have SJK so buzz and $ are assured. This is a good oppty to cast a actress who can act and have people discover someone new.

      • @Lila – true, Jeon Yeo Bin was acclaimed in Chungmuro but not really known to the Korean gp. And to intl kdrama fans she was relatively unknown too except for those who watched Be Melodramatic.

        As you said, it’s an opportunity to give a boost to an actress who actually has the talent and enhance the quality of the overall drama because SJK brings enough hype on his own. JYB is proof of how well a quality-oriented strategy can work, but it looks like KBS has other priorities.

  7. Lol I second Koala as long as she’s popular she won’t be going anywhere, same for the countless idols and untalented actors that will get lead roles in the future. It’s part of the industry. I don’t like most of them so I don’t bother to watch anything with them, simple.

  8. Those last 3 sentences are gold!!!

    I hope she won’t take it, but money talks?! Hopefully she’ll use some of it for acting class though, prior to filming.

    • Hopefully she takes some of the same acting classes Yuri got for Bossam.

      I’m always willing to give credit to any formerly bad actor who works on themselves and succeeds in becoming good (I don’t mean “improved from bad to slightly better”, I mean actually good performance). It’s clearly not impossible, seeing some of her idol peers, but it takes self-awareness and dedication to see it as a craft and not just a hype/moneymaking opportunity. Which a lot of people lack.

  9. Suzy is the biggest actress in the 20s bracket right now. If they were looking for hype and CF sponsorship, she’s also the one to go to as the biggest female idol. This drama will be JTBC main attraction, and it’s no wonder they wanted her. K-drama stans can keep crying because their faves hold no candle to her popularity lmao.

    • It says alot about K-ent if someone of Suzy’s acting caliber is the biggest actress they have in the 20s. That’s downright embarrassing.

      • Don’t be naive lmao. Highest acting caliber does not equal bringing in hype and ratings. Look at Song Hye Kyo. She is the biggest actress in the 30s bracket yet her acting is mediocre af after two decades lmao. At least Suzy can act and shows improvement with each project. Worry about your 20s actress faves who will forever be in Suzy’s shadow.

      • At least SHK already has her daesangs and dramas with high ratings.
        No offense but SHK and Suzy belong to different levels. Wouldn’t really be fair to compare the two, would it?

      • If she’s so popular as an actress, then why isn’t that reflected in the ratings for her last few dramas? From what I can see they’re all average (5 percent on cable, 10 on public channel), none of them live up to their hype.

        Talk about Song Hye Kyo all you want, she delivers the numbers and her drama ratings (That Winter, DOTS, Encounter) over the last decade are solid. Even Encounter which I found boring, has 8 percent average ratings on tvn. That’s double of Startup. Rage all you want, your fave is just not in the league of even Song Hye Kyo at 26, forget Song Hye Kyo now. The numbers don’t lie.

      • I thought Jun Hi Hyun was the most popular actress in upper 30s. The woman also can act too, not just stand there and look like a flower vase.

      • @Ophelia shk was in top 5 of a survey done by ministry of culture, sports and tourism this year. The only actress in top 5. But popularity-wise and level-wise, shk and jjh are similar. Both s-tier.

    • Song hye kyo has way many blockbusters in her 20s and had actual meaty roles in all of her dramas. Suzy is rating flop and need men to save her sinking career. Her last 2 dramas are rating flops

      Shk is pioneer of hallyu along with jjh and lee young ae
      And still going strong after 21 years with 2 dramas in line. And she won’t play 2nd fiddle to any guy. Suzy when she hits 40, noone will give her work. As showpiece roles come , when you are young

      And shk’s endorsement rate is highest along with jjh for any actress. Thats why she owns real estate between 50 to 100 million usd. Her private homes collection alone was 40 million usd. And that didn’t factor commercial real estate which brings her millions of rent

      She doesn’t sign any random cf like suzy and very selective throughout her career and her cfs are asian based deals compared to local suzy.

  10. She is made to romance male leads, because dramas where she has to do something, never works. She is good to be showpiece and a decoration in male oriented dramas even after ten years of acting. A born decoration

    • Pretty sure you’re talking about the eternal flop chaebol Lee Minho, Ady. The man who is out-acted by every female lead he’s had except for GHS lmao.

      • Lee min ho remains more paid , have way more hits which he carrief and eternal is way b8gger and profitable than plastic monster ever had.

        He has international project, international cfs ur local plastic will never get?

      • Lee min ho always won from all of his show. Atleast get ur facts r8ghts. Ur fave is eternal shpwpiece a decoration
        Noone g8ves her meaty roles because all of them flops
        Lmh drama makes international waves n make profit. But woozie is negaflop showpiece n a local plastic monster
        She is not even half of star lmh is and nowhere comes near his stardom
        Even u know that no matter how much u disagree
        He is face of hallyu n winner of min8stry awards which woozie will never get
        She is a local monster who only fulfilled tissues horny army guys and new idols girls r already way more global. Blackpink members ouearn her by mile?

      • Why are you dragging someone else out of nowhere just to defend your fav?

  11. Hum… How can they have been in college together? They really don’t look like they’re the same age…

    I don’t think it’s a good drama for SJK, he already had drama revenge drama where the lead is plotting against villains.

      • @missjb vincenzo was darker in the last few episodes in the last few episodes… did you even watch the show? And quit? Lol vincenzo was rightfully well recieved, its doing wonders for him atm.

  12. I heard that the majority of the story focuses on when the character is in his 20s and it puzzles me why do they choose SJK instead of a younger actor.
    Anyway, I miss seeing him onscreen so much I started watching Arthdal Chronicles. I’m happy he will be back soon but at the same time quite iffy about this drama for several reasons.

  13. The comments lol I understand the complains about Suzy acting but I wish some of you guys had the same energy when it is about pretty model turned actors, their acting are also not good yet you guys love when they get their lead roles and watch all their dramas just because of the eye-candy…..

      • I’m just curious, does suzy also get a lot of complain about her acting performance in Korea? Does anyone know? As a lurker here, I keep reading a lot of bad/hate/complain comments about her.

    • After big hit of Start Up in Korea and international, many from this blog still try to ignore it, this drama doesn’t have big name of male leads, so what? Still really popular! Yes, sml is really popular, but Suzy is the most buzzworthy actress of this drama, those buzz were all her good performances! she also entered Gallup drama actors list ranked 6th, she receives many praises of her acting skills from public! But many people here just ignore the fact!

    • Ah, the old “she’s a woman and you never criticise men!!!” straw man argument.

      Have you ever seen a post about people like Nam Joo Hyuk or that Cha Eun Woo guy on here?

      People dislike bad actors of either gender, Suzy fans can stop hiding behind the “you don’t criticise oppa!!!” excuse when they are hypocrites who don’t hesitate to shit on women like Park Shin Hye, IU, Kim Ji Won etc. who commit the sin of being better than her at acting.

    • Well not everyone is a lesbian. And you have to bring feminist act to support your fave. Typical gg stan behaviour . I might stan my oppas but they are anyday better than this plastic monster
      Sorry if you mean being woman , we are obliged to support woozie blindly, you can keep it
      She is a decoration for male oriented dramas and movies. The moment she hit 30s, new idols and actresses gonna fit those showpiece roles, which requires young ones and noone gonna offer her meaty roles considering her flop record. She is not jjh nor she has hit record of Shk. Nor she has most beautiful korean women title of KTH nor she is top movie star
      EVen yoona has better movie resume and Kim tae Ri isn’t going to let any actress dominate movies

    • @Joane you don’t know how to define what is a flop drama. I admit AC has many controversies but still it had a pretty decent ratings and Start Up is in the bracket of 4-6%.

  14. I wonder why some people mention cable drama rating never mention TVing rating? nowerdays many viewers especial young viewers watch cable dramas through apps not sit in front of TV to watch anymore! So the actual drama rating should combine both!

    • TVing rating of Start Up is the highest among all the dramas at the second half of 2020, its rating is good enough! no need mention how popular it is on World Netflix! It’s really well love by Korean and international viewers especially young viewers!

  15. If only we could get a reunion of SJK with Moon Chae Won in this drama. What with both of them came out fresh off critically lauded dramas. But I doubt an actress like MCW would pick up a supporting role that’s meant to be a piece of decoration instead of a meatier role. I guess if the female lead is supposed to have minimal role, then I wouldn’t mind Suzy. She’s very beautiful after all, watching her beauty onscreen makes one feel happy as long as audience aren’t subjected to bad acting.

    • I hope many people from this blog just skip the drama if Suzy got cast, it really doesn’t matter as many viewers from Korea and international love her performance! That’s why she already entered Gallup drama actors list 4 times, enter top 10 most favourite Hallyu actors for concective 4 years, won first brand the best actress twice etc at such young age!

  16. I don’t know, It will be a waste of good actress skills if the female lead is not that important to the story. But if she is, I hope It’s not Suzy. I swear, she will ruin a supposed good drama.

    • Suzy got so many hit dramas at such young age, from early years till not long ago, hit after hit, but each time she had cast news, some always said she would ruin the drama, but the fact is she never ruin a drama so far, almost all her dramas are hit dramas, at least the ratings are decent enough! even Some great actors/actresses have very low ratings dramas!

      • @Leiyun : Ruin a drama quality. Bad Actress can ruin a supposed good scene and an overall their character trajectory due to their inability to emote and make a character come to life. To be honest I have a soft spot of her due to me liking uncontrollably fond. But I need to skip my bias aside.

      • @lantian – bring all the excuses you want about tving ratings or whatever, but let’s look at her dramas in the last 5 years (“not long ago” according to you), right? All of which were hyped to death as going to be the biggest drama that year, megahit, whatever.

        Uncontrollably Fond – flop, ratings down to 6 percent at the end

        While You Were Sleeping – highest rating 10 percent (with hogh profile male lead and they hyped it as if it was going to get double that)

        Vagabond – highest rating 12 percent in a weekend slot where previous SBS dramas in that same year got 20. Hyped big budget drama but failed to live up to expectations.

        Startup – highest rating 5-odd percent (ok rating for cable….but multiple less high profile dramas like Tale of Gumiho got same or higher ratings, Bossam on freaking MBN is getting more and it’s not even halfway through with airing).

        You’re free to like her and no one here has anything against her as a person… but as an actress, neither her talent nor the numbers live up to the hype. Of course, PPL money is important to Korean advertisers and she’s good for that.

  17. @Marie

    How can you compliment SHK and bash her after.

    Most popular actress in bracket 30s but the acting is still mediocre?

    FYI, she owned two grand awards herself, one with TWTWB in APAN and DOTS in KBS2. Best New Actress for Hwang Jin Yi in Grand Bell and many more. She has been given this awards because of her excellent acting not because of sole popularity or just because of her enchanting beauty.

    • Suzy’s all male co-stars are very good actors, many already won the best actor award, she has no problem acting with them to create hit projects, some people here acted like sjk is far better than those actors and she won’t be able to act with him!

      • Don’t you know some of her previous co-stars already won best actor at Baeksang art awards and also daesang from mbc? Who are you to judge her previous Co-stars?

      • Her co-star at Baeksang won the entertainer. And W one was not with Suzy.Her acting does not add value to her male co-star which help him eon the mbc daesang

      • And if you look closely at the awards, they are not with her at all. Besides, they set their sights on SJK, not her other co-stars

    • Agreed her recent roles have been more romcom but she’s atleast taken meaty roles in the past and has been diverse with genres. Suzy on the other had the same chirpy bubbly role type, which is basically just her real self.
      How just how is the SHK being compared to a suzy, its criminal!

  18. I like Suzy. I find her acting not awkward. I watched all her dramas. Even the Vagabond that others find her acting mediocre or not good is very okay to me. If she gets this role I just hope she will improve more.

    But maybe Han Hyoo Joo especially or, Kim Dami or Jeon So Nee or, Lee Joo Yung (IC)or, Kim Yoo Jung can fill the match of SJK.

  19. Suzy’s past partners: Kim Woobin, Lee Jongsuk, Lee Seunggi, all hallyu stars. So it’s not like her being paired with another hallyu star Song Joongki is out of the mark for drama producers? They want both buzzy leads for this drama obviously… The discussion on her in this website has been repetitive. *yawns*

    • @Royal
      Uncontrollably Fond average rating is 9.5%,ranked about 11th among 32 weekday dramas that year, it’s decent enough,didn’t flop at all!
      While you were sleeping 2049 rating is very high, often reach about 7%,this drama is the most buzzworthy drama in 2017, reviews are really good, it also won best Hallyu drama in 2018 Seoul International drama awards!it’s really popular in Korea and international as well!
      Vagabond:rating is quite decent, this drama is very popular, especially international, many ask for season2!
      Start Up:TVing rating is the highest among all dramas at the second half of the year 2020,nowerdays many people especial your viewers watch cable dramas through apps not TV any more, Start Up is still in top 3 kdramas at world Netflix till now, it’s no doubt it’s huge hit in Korea and international!

      When you judge a drama, you should consider a few things, reviews, buzz, not just rating, even for rating, also should include TVing rating, consider 2049 rating!

  20. I’ll be honest, Suzy may be ok for fluffy romcoms that don’t need much more than a pretty face and a generous writer (eg Park Hye Ryun), but any attempt at a more serious or quality drama has no room for her skill level (even the “improved” level she has after ten years of experience is, as koala said, still not good).

    It’s like Hyeri in the gumiho drama – she’s fine for that type of role but not much more. Idol fans are of course very accommodating of their faves’ acting and defensive about all criticism though, and her fans are no different. People have (rightfully) ripped male idols and model-actors like Taecyeon, Cha Eun Woo, Nam Joo Hyuk etc to shreds on this blog over their bad acting but Suzy fans still play the “you only criticise her because she’s a woman” card when it isn’t even true.

  21. @RoyalWe @Debbie

    Suzy has her own fan based. She will always be loved and supported by her fans in and out of Korea. There will always be someone or group of fans that will rally behind her because they believe in her may it be acting, cf making, singing and others. That’s why she is always included in the Gallup survey for several years as MOST LOVED CELEBRITIES in Korea because her fans stand by her especially in Korea.

    For her acting, let us always remember this common qoute that “BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER” same goes with acting. Every opinion matters. You may find her acting mediocre but others find her acting amazing.

    She has been paired with amazing actors in the past and she has been offered with these roles, just meant these PDs found her acting influencing.
    Suzy and her way of acting will never ever please everyone. That will always be the situation at least she has fans in and out of Korea that are always supporting her positively.

  22. Her acting, seriously…sigh… does she have any shame? She thinks she deserves to call herself an actress? Why in the woeld do producer continue to skip over talented actors to cast idol instead? What the reason? Do they think the public is dumb? No mater how popular suzy is, the public isn’t going to watch if her acting is bad.Not even her fans. Its pathetic that producer aren’t more focused on acting good actors and arw instead worried about dumming up hype using fame, sigh…Yeah can’t denny suzy was Cf queen and several time in forbes or even gallub. But she just cf star not an actress. Song joong ki is dumb if he accept this drama its just another artdhal chronicle season 2. Knetz will roasted him alive like they did in battleship island,AC and space sweeper all was big budget drama and didn’t do well rating or box office movie aka flop. I don’t think space sweeper was hit because only air on netflix. My prediction if he accept this drama only hit 4-6% its major flop cause sjk always choice big budget drama or movie.

    • Lol so you are his hater with different username, who previously use to spoil comment section. Why do you even care?I am sure inside you must be happy if suzy accept this drama considering how badly you want it to flop. Btw space sweeper was huge hit in Netflix. Netflix ceo ted himself confirmed on press con that ss was viewed by 26 million viewers in the first month itself. Keep barking I am sure you must be pissed with the fact that space sweeper and netflix turned out to be huge hit for sjk.

      • Yeah, space sweepers was so successful they are going to make space sweepers season 2. I don’t think anyone would make a season 2 of a flop movie.

        And Battleship island is not a flop.PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH! It grossed 47.3m with the budget of 21m, that is > 100% rate of return and it’s without a doubt a success.

    • @vanissing

      You are entitled to your opinion. I respect that but using foul words,modifiers and statements are just making me realize how pathetic your life is because you are always negative in everything. I read some posted subjects in the blog and you are all over the place preaching your pessimistic outlook. If that’s the case, I rest my case. You belong to the other side of people that Suzy will never ever ever ever please. So stay as negative as you are because in one pt of your life it will eat you alive.

    • Whatever options SJK has chosen it is his right. He is a smart person. He is mature enough to handle things. He knows the pros and cons of every project he is choosing. I believe he is also ready for every results of his project.

    • #Vannising
      You did say Vincenzo wouldn’t do well. But look at behold, it did well domestically and internationally. Your prediction wouldn’t do well. Besides, the writer’s previous work are a success, as Sungkyunhwan Scandal was a big hit for KBS at that time.

      • @KITAI where did you read the new rumor about a 86’er being cast as the FL instead?

    • Lol it is laughable how her fans keep going on about her popularity and cfs yet its never reflected in the ratings of her shows. Yes I’m salty that there are so many excellent actresses of her age group that never have opportunities like her.

      • I’m not on about whether Suzy is a good actress. I’m just surprised that people are so eager to debate over this that there are comments after comments arguing the for and the against. I don’t think SJK fans necessarily have any opinion on this matter since the female lead role doesn’t carry any weight. And if the fans of other actresses are envious of the opportunities Suzy has despite her lack of talent and results, nothing can be done about it anyway.

        In any case, the newest rumours are that the female lead will play a small role, and is a 86-er with an upcoming drama, probably Seo Hyun-bin from Hospital Playlist.

      • A 86-er would be a better choice. SJK is a good decade older than Suzy and visually they don’t match if there will be any romance.

      • @bbc I think there is a bigger mismatch visual wise with the 86-er, not that I care though.

      • @Kailey b

        Lol to you too… It is not Suzy’s fault that her huge fan base is following her, supporting and loving her, IT IS YOUR BIG PROBLEM and it is their problem because they dont have that X FACTOR that the networks, writers and PDs aren’t seeing in them while they see it FULL with Suzy. Just like any other celebrities they have their own fans. [even the great SS couple that have been divorced for years have still fans that are staying with them].

        TV Ratings? A big joke! All her dramas have pretty decent ratings. Link it to Wiki. And, surely your assertion here will be “that’s because of the MLs hence it got that decent ratings” or else “thats the MLs doing not Suzy.” LOL!!! Okay, you are also one of the people out there that Suzy will never ever ever please. I respect that.

        Anyway, you can be a PD or a writer and hire or cast all those “excellent actresses ” you are saying that hv never an opportunities because of Suzy. ?

        Btw, she has posted a very photo in her IG wearing a very simple outfit with her Dior Bag and know what it gets buzz again. Lol.

  23. Catfights! Must be effects of super blood moon last week. A friend who lives near a mental asylum could often hear residents going nuts/agitated every full moon. Creepy but true.

  24. @kitai

    If woori IDOL turned ACTRESS will not be chosen in this drama, it is really really really OKAY! Every opportunity has their own perfect timing. If this isn’t for her even this is a big role or a small one but if not divinely given to her NO REGRETS AT ALL. If this is given to HP actress Shin Hyun Bin Suzys fans are happy for her because everyone deserves what they have given to them. Applause for her.

  25. Shan Hyun Bin has been casted.. Wooottt .. Finally. It’s not an idol acctress.. Means They really serious about quality on this drama.

    • The actress is from the acclaimed Hospital Playlist series and she is amazing! So long, Suzy! She will have plenty of CFs and romantic comedies to choose from?

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