Shin Hyun Bin Offered the Female Lead of Revenge K-drama The Youngest Son of Sunyoung Opposite Song Joong Ki

The winds of casting gods shifts and turns and this time it’s a great surprise. The female lead offer is officially out for the upcoming K-drama adaptation of revenge novel The Youngest Son of Sunyoung (The Chaebol’s Youngest Son) and the prize has been presented to K-actress Shin Hyun Bin. I’m dying here because she’s totally different in every way than the earlier name floated that is Suzy and actually gives off very similar vibes to male lead Song Joong Ki‘s last leading lady Jeon Yeo Bin in Vincenzo. It’s the smart, capable, cool, composed actress aura, and Shin Hyun Bin impresses in every drama I’ve seen of her. She’s actually coming back to the small screen twice in coming months already: in Hospital Playlist 2 and later opposite Go Hyun Jung in Someone Like You (A Person Who Looks Like You). I’m super jazzed if she accepts opposite Song Joong Ki for The Youngest Son which is scheduled for the first half of 2022.


Shin Hyun Bin Offered the Female Lead of Revenge K-drama The Youngest Son of Sunyoung Opposite Song Joong Ki — 111 Comments

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  2. Who is Shin Hyun Bin?
    I only know Hyun Bin the actor haha.
    Anyway if she is a good actress then maybe better than the rumoured star.

      • I’ve been waiting for Hospital Playlist 2! Now I want the 17th to come soon…

        Also is HP2 pre-produced, does anyone know? If Youngest Son of Sunyoung is airing only in 2022 then hopefully there won’t be scheduling conflicts preventing her from accepting the role.

    • Sarah

      Ahhh,you are not crazy with HP S1.She was one of the couple of the great wintergarden couple that made a huge buzz during the HP1 run. She is a character actress and skilled in acting.

  3. No matter how much of a big star you are. Its always important to have good Costar. Sjk is lucky when its comes to his leading ladies. Moon chae won, park bo young, jeon yeo been, kim tae ri and now shin hyun bin. Sjk is talented and when you are paired with equally talented actor its cherry on the top for any drama. I read lee sung min is also onboard for this show,Looking forward to this drama.

    • Exactly. As good an actor as SJK is, he’s always been supported by leading ladies who have at least a baseline level of acting ability, and usually great actresses in their own right, from Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Yeon all the way to Jeon Yeo Been.

      That is a good trend. Like they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  4. Thank goodness the casting team for this drama took the right lesson from Vincenzo at last (ie SJK brings enough buzz on his own so for FL, a talented actress with proven skills >>>> popular FL with questionable acting skills). I really liked her in Hospital Playlist, and if this story involves same-age lead characters then she’s a far more appropriate choice.

    Here’s hoping SHB takes it and that the script is good, I’m just relieved I won’t have to see another potentially good drama blighted by bad acting. Based on what I’ve seen of her acting, I think she’ll be a good match with Song Joong Ki.

    • @Royal We Agreed. Wonder if the Suzy casting fell through given the backlash.

      It sounds like the scriptwriter may have rewritten the FL? Thought the FL was his college sweetheart -> wife in the novel. Also, the description of a prosecutor who is willing to break the law to win reminds me of Hong Cha Young from Vincenzo.

      • Yeah shin hyun been has been offered the role of presecutor seo min young who works at the seoul central district presecutor office.She is someone who willing to evade or break the law in the order justice to be served. Seo min young and jin do joon (song joong ki) will be involved in relationship that walks the line between love and hatred. This just another vincenzo season 2. I dont think this will good idea to take this role.Just like lee min ho played another chaebol in TKEM. I hope he turn down this drama and take different project.

      • @Vannishing :
        There is no love hate relationship in Vincenzo between the leads pairing. initial episode is more to do with rom com haters to friendship to lovers relationship. And I think this drama will have more depth and the haters come from revengebecause she is supposed his enemy. This is JTBC after all.

        But that’s okay if he want to reject it though. At least if his next line is better project.

      • I’m not familiar enough with the origin story to say whether this is or isn’t like Vincenzo, but the pair in Vincenzo wasn’t “walking the line between love and hatred” at all, they were antagonistic for only 3 episodes (mostly from her side) and then became firm allies/friends, and from allies to attracted to each other/maybe lovers only by the very end.

      • @Ophelia – good riddance to the other prospect tbh. one thing is for sure, the comments section will be peaceful without the kpop idol stans throwing tantrums and getting defensive.

        I’ve heard the role is small but I’ve also heard about the possible rewrite to expand on the FL role. The character outline does sound like queen Hong Cha Young but it can turn out v different based on overall tone of the drama etc.

  5. I’m really hopping she takes this drama even if it means she would have to work hard following starring in other two dramas.

  6. From one Been to another Bin. Will SJK collab with Hyun Bin next? Lol. At least, SHB is a far better choice than previously rumored FL. She can ACT. Because no matter how much I like Suzy as a star, I don’t think she will be able to deliver and is fit for the role. Drama lovers and knetz will dissect everything and blame her for ruining the drama due to her limited acting range.

    • And if I were Suzy’s agency, it’s too much of a risk to have her directly acting with more known as serious actors like SJK and/or Lee Sung Min. Whatever she does, she’d always have CFs and still be a star, so why risk highlighting her flaw by accepting this type of projects.

      And happy that we have SHB on board, she is more align with the project.

      • Suzy’s previous co-stars were Lee jehoon, Kim soo hyun, Lee jongsuk, Hajung woo etc, many of them already won many big awards, Suzy has no problem acting with them to create hit projects, do you think SJK’s acting skills are far better than these big names and it’s too risky for her to act with him? What a jok!

      • @Lantian

        Good riddance that they decided to go with SHB than this wooden lady who couldn’t help bring anything worthwhile or help the male lead at all. And yes, SJK’s acting skills and the rating that comes with Descendant of the Sons, Vincenzo as his other well as his other successful movies show that he is really good.

      • And besides, stop blaming SJK for not choosing Suzy to act with him. It is the production company, scriptwriter and director who get to decide.

      • @Lantian – uh, yeah. Song Joong Ki isn’t just some Hallyu pretty boy or merely a good actor, he’s rated as highly as he is because he’s versatile and skilled across genres, the only person in that list who’s arguably equal or better is Ha Jung Woo. Who isn’t a drama actor and doesn’t need some cf flowerpot in his movie either. But is SJK a better actor than Lee Jong Seok, Kim Woo Bin and even Kim Soo Hyun (all good actors btw)? Yes, unless they’ve all got roles where they’ve played everything from sageuk to villain to animal and pulled it off.

        Your standards of perceiving acting skill may be low given who your fave is but don’t expect the rest of us to share it, thanks. And maybe stop the tantrums in the comment section, she’s not even doing the drama (thank goodness).

      • @Lantian I’m not putting down the other actors that you’ve mentioned, I am just pointing out that based on the actors attached so far and also the theme and story of this drama, Suzy can’t just coast and hope that she’ll be able to pull her weight. In most of Suzy’s past projects, yes she had been paired with good actors, however they were also backed by a writer (Park Hye Ryun), who is able to adjusts her storyline to match with the acting skills of the FL. I am not downplaying Suzy’s star potential, luck and advertisers pull, but in terms of acting — lessen your sensitivity as she is a celebrity who is given the chance to improve project after project, but acrting-wise, she’s not there yet.

      • @Lantian

        Calm down, love. Don’t get so defensive. The criticism of your idol is fair.


        Right on! Agree with you.

      • Not the one to bash Suzy’s skills, but as far as I know when she acted with Kim Soo Hyun in Dream High, he wasn’t a big star with many awards yet. He got his many awards from Moon Embracing the Sun onwards. So her acting with Kim Soo Hyun does not guarantee her being a great actress.
        PS: This post is not meant to bash any of the two actors mentioned.

    • @lantian,

      I really admire your undying support to Suzy. But you know what, sometimes you just have to accept facts and constructive criticism.. There is no question about Suzy’s star power. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for her acting talent. And this is from me who has seen all her dramas and most of her shows since her Superstar K audition. I like her enough, but I recognize that her acting prowess is only palatable to a certain level.

  7. Onboard with Dr. Long Winter aka as Shin Hyun Been!!!!! This seems to be a project with actors who can act (with Lee Sung Min and Song Joong Ki) onboard, hence happy that they went with SHB (and not the Nations First Love with still a questionable acting skills). And Shin Hyun Been has been good in those projects that I’ve recently seen her on Hospital Playlist for dramas and mostly movies for her.

    • @Lai People Yee
      Why did you twist my words? did I blame Sjk not choose Suzy act with him? did I indicate that I wish him act with her? Not at all! My whole argument point is many of you act like he’s far better than all her previous co-stars that she’s not entitle to act with him and drag her down! I disagree with that didn’t mean I wish she can act with him! Actually I’m relax now!

      • @Lantian sweetie, that many exclamation points in a single comment doesn’t usually signal “relaxed”.

        Too bad for you SJK is a better actor, we are not shy about saying so based on simple fact ie his roles till date – and yes, we do see a bad/mediocre actress as a liability to his work. Glad that’s cleared up then, and anyway it’s moot since he is getting a female lead who’s actually a good actress.

  8. I am so excited for this..Shin Hyun Bin is a really talented actress..Hope she gets her moment to shine and gets that one big hit drama in her career.(In HP she was more like a side character)..
    And btw the age gap is also cool like she is only 6-7months younger than SJk..?..
    With Suzy, the age gap plus the gap in acting would have looked weird for me.

  9. Thnx Goodness for saving this show from that woozie decoration
    She should do shows where she is nothing but just a showpiece because all dramas flops where she has something to do
    And thrn her fangirls gonna scream about her popularity. For playing showpieces

  10. The popularity of Start Up already shows Suzy’s drama doesn’t need big names of male leads as long as they are good actors, Knetz are all curiously and excited waiting for the announcement of her next project, it’s good she’s finally free from this casting rumour! many are looking forward for her new project, hopefully the male lead is like her previous male leads whose fandoms are very friendly!

    • Ok, dude. Just take the L and go look for her next project with whatever “fandom” you want. Sorrynotsorry that Song Joong Ki’s fans expect his leading ladies to be, you know, good at acting.

      Anyway Vincenzo’s highest ratings were nearly triple the ratings of that drama you mentioned and is a smash on Netflix so I don’t think Suzy not being in this drama is a loss on any level lol. All your talk about “popularity” and it turns out even Arthdal Chronicles had higher ratings…

      • What a royal pain in the ass you are in this comment section. Hopping uninvited into just about every comment on here (yep, just did it too.) Putting down other actors just to elevate your oppa. Now attacking a stan who’s only wishing the best for their idol. Dude, relax. This isn’t the end of the world.

      • I didn’t know “invitation” was required to reply in an open comment section, LMAO at you and again – sorrynotsorry.

        And I’ll reserve the right to laugh at delusional idol stans who think honest opinions on someone’s acting are “hate” and pointing out oversensitivity to criticism is an “attack”. She’s not even attached to the project so what are her stans doing in a comment section about another actress anyway? We’re just relieved the new potential FL is a good actress, or are you offended by that too?

      • And nobody is “putting down” other actors here (other than Nam Joo Hyuk, who is only supporting actor levels of skill).

        Literally all I said is that Song Joong Ki is a better actor than some other names mentioned (who I specifically stated were good actors). Where is the “put down” in that? Meanwhile the stan up there is going on about “friendly fandoms”, I merely responded to that attempt at a barb. It’s fine if you don’t like reading my comments but at least, you know, READ.

      • The only one i see who is putting down other actors, is Lantian, who thinks SJK is a nobody and couldn’t act

    • Nam Joo Hyuk is a good actor? What a laughing joke. He is so bad in many dramas, including Start-Up that Kim Seon Ho gets more praises than him. And if both of them, Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk are so good, why can’t the drama break into top 10 highly rated tvn dramas or top 10 dramas from cable channels?

      • Nowadays many people especial young viewers watch cable drama through TVing or Netflix not like old days just sit in front of TV to watch anymore! TVing rating of Start Up is the highest among all dramas on TVing at the second half year of 2020, it’s still at top 3 kdramas from last year till now on World Netflix! NJH was very good in this drama, KSH is sure really popular, but Suzy is the most buzzworthy actress of this drama, she entered Gallup drama actors list ranked 6th while KSH ranked 20th, she took the first place at the most buzzworthy actors list for concective 4 weeks and never left this list while KSH highest place was 4th!this drama is very popular in Korea and international as well!

      • Good according to you. NJH has been receiving criticism for his relying on his looks only. This drama might be popular, but it did not achieve rating success wise.

      • @Lantian – you talk of this survey and that alternative rating and netflix ranking but none of these replaces ratings, which are cold hard numbers to show how many people watched a drama (no source for your tving claims either). If it was so popular on the internet that ratings didn’t matter, then it should have been topping Good Data etc drama rankings through its run and it…..didn’t. Other dramas in that time frame were more popular/higher ranked. The only thing was Kim Seon Ho topping the actors’ brand reputation rankings for some time. Even Tale of the Nine Tailed ranked higher in that buzz ranking.

        Use all the exclamation points you want, facts are facts.

  11. suzys fans are so delusional thinking that the production company will cast suzae in Sjk drama. Good that it’s not her.

    • Only you thought that way, her fans don’t care, there are many good actors there, many of her previous co-stars are great actors too, her fans only defend her while she’s being dragged, is not them want her to act with him, not at all!

    • @Royal We
      The point is even she’s not attached this project now, but many of you still mention her name and compare her with another actress and dragg her down, then you blame her fan came to the comment section, blame her fan defend her?

      • The point is, we as drama fans are just relieved to get news of the new prospective FL and that a known bad actress isn’t going to stink up a drama a lot of us were looking forward to.

        And you blame us for that and lash out with your attacks on SJK, well, good riddance to her from this drama casting and to you from this comment section if you’re so defensive.

  12. I’ve mentioned in a previous comment already, but on a very superficial level, I’m not a fan of this casting and it knocks my interest level down a few notches because they don’t really match visually.

    I might still watch it though.

    • It’s a fair concern but I think the bigger clue is their acting style. Based on what I’ve seen of SHB acting, I think she and SJK will match well, and as for the visual aspect….styling can do a lot.

    • Also fwiw I liked her with Yoo Yeon Seok in HP. YYS and SJK both have a boyish look to them, I think if she looked good with one she’ll look good with the other too.

    • I have to agree, I don’t think they match visually at all. Ahhh I’m feeling oddly disappointed even though she’s an actress that can act.

      • There are some who match visually, but fail at chemistry and acting.

      • @Lai Pei Yee – I agree, some actors look like a great match visually but then you get to the drama itself and there’s zero chemistry….the worst is when this happens to good actors.

        Like Lee Dong Wook and Jo Boa in Tale of the Nine Tailed – both are stunningly good looking people, good actors too, but their chemistry was nonexistent (I say this as someone who liked their other projects).

        Sometimes writing can also play a role in chemistry, I still remember how in Arthdal Chronicles Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won were just ok together as the “nice” twin and his love interest but when he was playing the “bad” twin in scenes with her, the chemistry was insane and ????

      • I remember the actress who played Kim Sam Soon,when i first watched, i was like, i am sure she can’t act and there will be 0 chemistry with Hyun Bin. I was dead wrong. The drama proved to be rather successful rating wise for MBC.

      • @Lai Pei Yee – yeah, MNIKSS is a classic where that visual incompatibility was even part of the premise of the drama, it would not have worked the same way without it because Samsoon is supposed to be older and plainer! But the writing and acting made it believable.

    • @Royal @Lai Pei Yee
      If rating is everything, why Beyond Evil, Flower of Evil, It’s ok to be not ok and Netflix dramas without TV ratings, , all this dramas with similar ratings of Start Up got nominated best drama but not your oppa’s drama? also all kbs weekend dramas should be good dramas and huge hit dramas as their rating almost all over 30%,but why not?

      • @Lantian – oh, you want to move the goalposts to awards? Cool, was Start Up nominated for any Baeksang best drama awards? Or was your fave nominated for Best Actress? You know that saying, if you’re standing in a glass house you shouldn’t throw stones?

        And Song Joong-ki was nominated for a Baeksang best actor award for Vincenzo, thank you, as was Kim Hee Won for Best Director. And Flower of Evil, IONTBO also has my “oppas” too.

      • If you want to talk some more, why not talk about Forest of Secrets (which it was praised as an excellent drama in NYT and help the main actor to win a prize in baeksang). The male is basically not your ordinary handsome oppa and yeah, the main actress is not your normal idol. But, what about start up, it has nothing to talk about, no awards, no praises from nyt or overseas’ papers, and no rating buzz; despite having a gorgeous but boring ML and FL

    • @kitai – I sort of agree with you. But styling and acting can do alot. I didnt think anything of his pairing with Jeon Yeon Been when it was announced (didn’t think they matched or didn’t match), but as soon as they appeared onscreen – holy moly the visual comparability and chemistry was off the charts.

      Also, perhaps the romance line in this story isn’t that big?

      • Yeah, I was thinking they need to go big with the styling for this to work. Unfortunately, I’m rather superficial. My first criterion is the drama synopsis, followed by the female lead’s visual, then the male lead’s visual, and if I do give the drama a chance, the plot, the acting and the chemistry. It depends on the initial reviews as well, if they are overwhelmingly positive I might change my mind. However, I believe in audience appeal and some actors just don’t have “it” for me so I find it difficult to muster any motivation even if the story does interest me.

      • @kitai I know how you feel, there are some actors I’m completely indifferent to (don’t like or dislike them, but I don’t feel put off when they’re cast in something eg Jung Il Woo or Song Kang). But at least you’re aware of your personal preferences and admit to them, I admire your honesty.

  13. @Royal We @Lai Pei Yee
    My point is why you drag this drama’s rating while it’s rating is the same as some best dramas’ ratings? and its TVing rating is very high, it got many buzz, Netflix ranking also very high,fl entered Gallup drama actors list ranked 6th, the drama entered Forbes 13 Korea dramas list, the sml beat out all popular male actors to won the popular award, this drama doesn’t have big names of male leads, but it’s well loved by Korean and international viewers, that’s enough for us!

    • @Lantian – for the last time, since you seem to find logic and fact difficult to comprehend – those other “best dramas’ ratings”? Are either higher than your faves, or didn’t come with as much hype/star writer. And some of them still scored more in internet buzz including among the youth demographic.

      And the Baeksang awards are meant to consider quality, not ratings alone – ask yourself why those dramas were nominated for Baeksang then, if they have the same ratings, and the drama you’re frothing at the mouth to defend, didn’t. The second male lead of that drama is the only one who was nominated at all. Not the drama itself, main leads, writer or PD.

      Repeat that stuff about Gallup and tving and Forbes all you want, those things are meaningless PR fluff because at the end of the day, your mediocre fav can’t even translate her hype to actual ratings so you and your fellow stans have to resort to these ridiculous micro-accolades as “proof” of success instead and then have the nerve to come for far more successful and buzzed-about dramas.

      • Why you still insist to drag this drama’s rating despite I already told you it was the highest TVing rating among all the dramas at the second half year of 2020? Whatever its rating is decent enough!A good drama is not about rating,it’s mainly about good reviews, that’s why some dramas got nominated for best dramas for this year’s Baeksang awards despite just having decent ratings and some dramas didn’t despite having high ratings! Why drag this drama and my girl? You can praise your oppa and the potential fl as much as you can without dragging other people and other dramas!

      • @Lantian
        Why do you keep insisting that it’s highest rating in the second half of 2020 when it’s a blatant lie?
        Mr. Queen premiered at 8% in literally the exact same time slot on tvN right after Start-Up, which is already higher than Start-Up’s 5% high. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Record of Youth, Stranger 2 were also second half of 2020 tvN dramas with higher ratings.

  14. @Lai Pei Yee
    I never make any comments about him, only many of you said how can she act directly with him, he’s too high level for her! act like she never directly acted with great actors before and your oppa is far better than her previous co-stars! Who put down who? the fact is she already directly acted with many great actors to create many hit projects before! Many of her previous co-stars already won many big awards!

    • @Lai Pei Yee – don’t even bother replying to this repetitive and meaningless word salad.

      We have said exactly what we mean and been ignored, all I have to say is that I’m very glad Song Joong Ki will have a female lead for this drama who’s actually good at acting. That is all that matters to me.

    • This is my last comment for this post, please praise your bias or anyone you like as much as you like without dragging other people!

      • If other people are bad at acting, they will be dragged. Deal with it, it’s not your place to tell us how to express our opinion on actors while commenting on a drama blog.

        And if it offends you, that’s YOUR problem, not koala’s or ours. Go to soompi or tiktok or whatever other place that’s only meant for fawning, instead of presenting made-up stats and nonsense arguments that I and others in this thread have already debunked.

  15. nothing to do with this post in particular but Ms Koala, your comment section is some of the wildest I have seen on kdrama blogosphere. I’d be in a post about Song Hye Kyo and people would suddenly be calling Vicky Zhao ugly and fighting over it.


    regarding this post, I’m happy about this casting and lee sungmin and Kim nam hee being linked to this project. I hope the script is good and they all confirm.

    • btw I wish people who are using sjk to attack Suzy would stop. it’s weird that you hate her so much you’d bring her up here when she isn’t mentioned I the post. and don’t speak for joongki fans when you put her down. you can criticise acting skills but after some point you guys are just taking it too far just for the sake of being hateful. don’t call yourself sjkif you want to be that toxic because sjk fans have no beef with any actress. there is no reason for it

      • @far – look, I know Suzy fans love their victim complex but I don’t think stating that her acting skills are nowhere near SJK’s or his previous female leads, or expressing relief that she wasn’t going to be in this project after all (because,you know, bad acting), qualifies as controversial.

        It’s the Suzy stan here who chose to attack SJK’s skills as being no better than Suzy’s previous male costars (and get offended when we said yes, he is better as an actor) and the success of his last drama. If debunking made-up nonsense and pointing out factual numbers qualifies as “hateful”, then so be it. This comment section wasn’t even about her anyway but if they choose to get offended and insult SJK, that’s on them.

      • I’m no Suzy fan, but some of SJK’s fans thinking he’s some kind of acting god are really too much. SJK has never won any acting awards himself. Popularity wise, Suzy is the more popular one that will attract more buzz. SJK has not had any CFs in the last few years due to his personal controversies.

      • @Keyan – “SJK has never won any acting awards himself”

        He has a whole Daesang for Descendants of the Sun and has been winning acting awards since Tree with Deep Roots in 2011 plus he has multiple endorsements in 2021 but suuure, if you repeat lies often enough you think people will take them as the truth?

        Anyway, dramas need decent actors, not cf models. Knock it off with this “I’m not even a Suzy fan” nonsense, it’s so transparent. No one needs a cf model when you have an actor whose last drama pulled ratings like Vincenzo, your concern for jtbc’s ad revenue is not needed ?

      • far – Absolutely right!

        RoyalWe and Lantian

        There is only one answer here – different strokes for different folks. The other side of the earth loves SJK and the other side loves Suzy samw wway with Shim Hyeon Bin. That’s it. Lets us be happy with the projects that will go their ways. To each his own. I always remember what SHK always says if the stars of that projects aligned for her it will always be hers no matter what. So if this is really SHB drama it will be given for her but if it is for Suzy it will be given back to her. If we aint feel the chemistry, the acting and any other else we can skip it and move on to another dramas ongoing. There are so many dramas in 2nd half of 2021 to 1st half of 2022 that are slated to show. Every opinion matters but the way it states really hurt. Peace everyone.

      • @Royal We, Daesang for Descendants of the Sun? That is a KSB award, aka employee appreciation award and he shared it with his ex wife. The only drama acting awards with creditably are Baeksang awards and he has yet to win one, not even a new actor award, let alone best actor or daesang. So funny that his fans are gloating over an employee appreciate award and acting like he is above everyone else. I suppose 2 endorsements are multiple ?.

    • How is it you find it amazing that people is fighting over the bad remark about Vicki Zhao. No doubt she is better than the downgrade on her appearance and performance. Quite shady!

  16. I am sorry but visually they are not a match. On HP, it annoyed me on how the styling/glam team didn’t make an effort on how she would looked on cam. I was not feeling her with YYK. For me, an FL doesn’t have to be pretty but she at least have to have the charisma or the It factor to be paired with someone like SJK.

    • i feels like her roles won’t be huge here. if it’s, I just feels based on my limit acknowledge of her, he lack intensity the character required and screen presence. and it will be huge factor to build love hate chemistry with SJK. . i expected moon chae won type of acting in Innocemt man. or JYB. hope she prove me wrong.

      • I do hope she prove us wrong. Even her commercial with Won Bin was lackluster.
        Anyway, she maybe a great actress but there are so many award-winning actors and actresses who are stuck or went back to supporting roles just because they don’t have the Lead role material-the oomph factor, the star quality, the audience pull, the screen presence, etc. Networks/Movie producers are more interested on those qualities than acting prowess. But then again, she may surprise us and blow us away.

      • @OLIVE: There is alot of factor what make Acctress can achieve popularity. Luck playing in a success mainstream drama is one of them.

        I’m abit underwhelming with Shin Hyun Bin as female lead because she really lack screen presence. It won’t be as successful as Jeon Yeo Bin I’m Afraid.

        I wonder Why not Kang Ha Na? Female actress previous work from the writers? she would be killing it.

      • @missjb – I agree. I watched a few of her works and her screen presence is underwhelming…Like put me to sleep underwhelming, which isn’t what you want for a love+hate relationship

        Maybe SJK is so expensive they had to cast a cheaper actress?

        JYB was a HOMERUN BRILLIANT casting decision. She more than held her own against SJK in Vincenzo. The two of them amplified each other’s charisma, and a lot of times she was outright stealing scenes from him (it helped that his character was adorably letting her take center stage).

      • @missjb – I agree. I watched a few of her works and her screen presence is underwhelming…Like put me to sleep underwhelming, which isn’t what you want for a love and hate relationship.

        Maybe SJK and the others are too expensive so they have to go with someone less $$$

        JYB was a HOMERUN BRILLIANT casting decision. She more than held her own against SJK in Vincenzo. The two of them amplified each other’s charisma, and a lot of times she was outright stealing scenes from him (it helped that his character was adorably letting her take center stage).

      • @Lila: Based on char description, I can picture Jeon Yeo Bin in this or even Kang Hanna . I’m glad JYB has international fans now. Hope Her drama Glitch
        will be a success.

        Back to topic. It’s not like Shin Hyun Bin can’t act. It’s just I doubt her acting style match with the char required. Also, Acting and screen presence is different quality. There is some people who only has one of them.

      • Kang Hanna is a fantastic actress who really deserves a big break to lead, I would be very happy to see her get it at last.

        As for SHB, I think her look in HP fit her character and the story? I keep an open mind on this, obviously prosecutors and medical professionals will have very different styles by necessity of their profession.

    • @Olive What did you think of his pairing with JYB in Vincenzo then?

      And which actresses would you consider a visual match with him?

      • Visual match with SJK? Any actress who exudes onscreen charisma that will be able to hold her own and not get overshadowed by SJK’s presence.

      • SHK is a looker and one of the gorgeous ladies in k-industry. IMO she fell short in DOTS and despite the popularity i feel their chemistry is not really exploding. Actresses need to hold their own against SJK’s presence whether standardly visual or not. He has got stunning screen presence. SHB unfortunately is very lacking in that dept.

    • But in HP her styling was realistic. Any 3rd year resident, eapecially in general surgery, would look like they steps away from death, literally lol. And it constant with her character too. The point with her styling is, despite her plain looks and hospital chaos, she has the calm,natural sweetness buried under, that match well with jeongwon character.

      • If the stylust were to dress her looking like a princess in HP, it will ne really weird

      • @Laipeiyee She is not the only intern in HP, there were others and yet they looked so much better than her.

      • @ olive. Other look better than her because of the story itself. She is the only resident in the entire GS dept with 12 prof! She’s been acting as chief resident since 2nd year. The only way to survive is to be as efficient as possible, almost robotic even, just like gyeoul did. Style? You barely even live! The amount of work is fastly different with other resident like minha for example. Seokmin, neuro chief-resident who is in ‘same’ position as gyeoul, literally walking like zombie and they have 3 residents there. If you see it that way, actually gyeoul style is quite good lol.

  17. Her acting and visuals are both boring, lol sorry but doesn’t matter I guess since it will be SJK show with Lee Sungmin.

  18. Wooah SJK n SHbeen? That the pair i never thought i need lol. I like SHbeen bec her acting is quite balanced: not overacting n not underacting either, also her looks n ‘feel’ always changes drastically with every character shee took. To the point that i’m questioning whether they’re the same person or not lol.

  19. Y’all here are so pathetic with your shady remarks towards Suzy. Guess what? She remains the biggest actress in her 20s and will keep reaching new heights in her career despite your pressed asses lmao. Your faves wish they had 1% of her star power. Her next project will be huge and not this mediocre project with SKJ playing the same role yet again. Boring.

    • @Marie lol it’s hot air and sour grapes from you as usual, what’s new

      Curse us all you want, your fave won’t be in her 20s forever and the 30s are not kind to actors of either gender who have nothing but a pretty face to offer. You and the other stans here will be better off hoping she develops some acting skills to compete with the legion of skilled actresses in that age group instead of getting salty over far more successful and talented actors.

    • I hope her project hit my heart with positivity and her improve acting make me praise her wholeheartedly.

      Till then…… She really really need to improve so pray for her Improvement not just argue lazily.

  20. I hope she takes this role. It will be a great ride for SHB. She is a great character actress. About this time she should be the FL material.

  21. Big no no with this drama,Jtbc doesnt have rating hit drama after itaewon class and the world of the married ended.Even the best drama in baeksang 2021 beyond evil only hit 5-6% rating. Hope Song joong ki won’t take it. Tvn has rating hit in weekend drama mr.queen,vincenzo even Mine lee bo young did better in rating. Park shin hye Sisyphus even hit rating 3%!!!Imagine big bughet drama 20 bilion won only hit 3-4%.I hope he reject this.

  22. sorry to say but Shin Hyun Bin can’t act, Her character in HP is exactly the way her acting which is bland and flat. Part of the reason why wintergarden worked is because of YYS and the story of the characters. Even interns and side characters have better screen presence in scenes with her, so I wonder how she’ll manage to not get overshadowed by Sjk’s incredible charm and screen presence. It’ll be sort of wait and watch kinda scene now. Also she ain’t an upgrade from suzy like what most ppl are saying. They’re both equal in acting skills and at least suzy has got the screen presence which Shin hyun bin lacks. I think she’s at greater risk with this project if she doesn’t perform.

    • Wow for such an actress who can’t act surely she has a lot of upcoming dramas. And Suzy too, not my bias but I think people are so harsh on her, I don’t know but I’ve never found a problem with her acting

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