Shin Hyun Bin Crowned the Ignominious Title of Most Hated Female Lead in a Mega Hit Drama Due to the Unfortunately Forced Love Line

K-actress Shin Hyun Bin is facing the opposite audience feedback of second female lead Park Ji Hyun in Reborn Rich which has increased as the drama ratings have gone up and heading into the finale. This may feel like been there-covered that old news but if you’re in South Korea it’s legit a major commentary volume on any RR thread and apparently on water cooler discussions. Park Ji Hyun as the bitchy power hungry daughter-in-law has the “bad person” character but is breaking out with her performance and interesting role similar in Han So Hee as the mistress in The World of the Married. Conversely the annoyance and frustration with Shin Hyun Bin in both her performance and her character in RR continues to garner negative feedback for her to the degree that K-ent critics think she will be negatively impacted by this drama despite it being the biggest hit of 2022. That’s really rare, usually everyone in a hit drama enjoys the groundswell of positive popularity so that’s why this situation is getting repeated coverage because it’s rarely ever happened and definitely not to a lead role. In episode 15, Song Joong Ki’s character asked to get back to Shin Hyun Bin’s character during a prosecutor interrogation and everyone was head desking at how random it was and how unfathomable it was that he liked her so much.

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Viewer Disconnect and Annoyance with the Loveline Between Song Joong Ki and Shin Hyun Bin in Reborn Reaches Crescendo as Romance Starts in Episode 10

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Song Joong Ki Channels His Inner Old Man Along with Leads Lee Sung Min and Shin Hyun Bin at Press Conference for jTBC Drama Reborn Rich

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jTBC Unveils First Poster and Teaser for Revenge Drama Reborn Rich with Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, and Shin Hyun Bin

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Shin Hyun Bin Offered the Female Lead of Revenge K-drama The Youngest Son of Sunyoung Opposite Song Joong Ki

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