Lee Seung Gi’s Official Korean Fan Club Releases Statement that the Club Did Not Hire the Truck Chastising Him on Dating Lee Da In, But Some Individual Fans Did Do That

Oooh, pass the popcorn, there’s a schism and fight fight fight going on within Lee Seung Gi‘s official South Korean fan club also known as Airen. Last week Lee Seung Gi confirmed he was dating actress Lee Da In, and days later a truck with an LED billboard was seen driving around Seoul scrolling a message warning to Lee Seung Gi to not date her since she was the daughter of a stepfather convicted of securities fraud with her mom also reportedly playing a part in it but not charged with any crime herself. This is clearly trying to shame and pressure him into ending a personal relationship and I’m side-eying people who think their support of an actor/star entitles them to behave this way. This week the official fan club released a message that the club did not hire the truck but admitted individual fan members did do it. So it wasn’t an official club stance but clearly a breakaway faction felt so strongly to spend this money and do it. At least this shows us Lee Seung Gi’s entire fan club hasn’t collectively lose their marbles, and I’m sure he’ll lose fans because of this but the public admonishment and implicit threat towards him to break up with Lee Da In is really beyond the pale.


Lee Seung Gi’s Official Korean Fan Club Releases Statement that the Club Did Not Hire the Truck Chastising Him on Dating Lee Da In, But Some Individual Fans Did Do That — 32 Comments

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  2. I can’t believe this is what we’re talking about instead of his work in Mouse. I hope his fanclub atleast condemned the actions of those who hired the truck.

  3. I read somewhere else that the fanclub’s official stance for the relationship is “respecting but not supporting/cheering”. This is better than straight up opposing, I guess.

    • That’s being neutral which is most welcome. after all nobody wants their love ones to be associated with “bad people”. Those fans who sent the truck just can’t accept an imperfect seung gi – being a man who chose to date somebody like her.

  4. Yeah the fanclub doesnt approve of the relationship. They will respect it but aren’t happy about his associating with a scammer family.

    • I think after knowing the girl’s background, nobody’s happy about his choice but that’s that. Fans just have to move on. We’ll always think he deserve better but he knows what’s his doing. The dude is on his 30s already.

  5. Haven’t we all watched a few dramas before where the male or female lead have conmen or crooked parents/relatives? And then there other lead is richer etc or having a good reputation?

    Then we have a whole 16 episode or 24 episode drama about a romance about this?

    But this is real life where a HEA is not a given.

    Sigh. He did look like a genuinely nice guy when he was on that show with Jasper. Vs the other variety shows over the years.

    And she looked sweet.

    So O.M.G real life beats reel life.

    • Perhaps many of the reel life are based on real life? Though real life tends to be more subtle and discreet, but reel life will be over the top.

    • In the drama that we normally watch, did the girl’s family scammed 350,000 people? And caused suicide among the victims? Was the male lead portrayed as a character like the real Lee Seung Gi? Who is not just simply richer or having better reputation, but someone so precious to the whole nation.

      People who follow Seunggi for a long time and watch almost all his variety or live shows and have met him can understand why this situation giving this much impact.

      Some of his fans are even among the direct victims.

      • I feel it is hard for a person to pretend for 17 years. So I am inclined to think that he is who we see. If he can pretend for 17 years, I guess he will be a changed person by now.

        On a positive note, if he can sacrifice his career for this girl, some may admire him for his daring moves but whether he will regret it later, nobody knows.

        I just hope he survive this ‘scandal’.

      • Minikfan, I agree he is likely the same person after all these years. He has publicly dated before and I don’t question his values based on those past relationships. Sometimes the heart wants what it wants though.

    • “Sigh. He did look like a genuinely nice guy when he was on that show with Jasper”.

      Your comments befuddles me. In what way does Seunggi dating Da In not make him a genuinely nice guy? Guilt by association? Because her stepfather (no blood relation even) was found guilty of fraud? I’m dumbfounded by your statements.

      “She looked sweet”. Huh? So she’s not sweet any more because of what her stepfather did???
      What a shallow and judgemental statements.

  6. The thing is, it’s hard to reconcile the girl’s image as ‘sweet’ and ‘nice’ when she is literally living off her parent’s money that was a product of a ponzi scamming scheme, which resulted in 350k families losing their life savings, some even committed suicide. The parents kept repeating the same crime 2014-2016, she was already old enough to know what’s right and what’s wrong. And now even, as she’s older and more capable to support herself, she is still living lavishly and even flaunting their wealth on social media. It’s on thing to live with blood money but to blatantly show it off is major red flags. That’s why knetz are so mad and dissapointed, because it brings to light what kind of person Lee Seunggi may actually be since he seems okay with all of her family’s criminal history. Love is indeed blind, blind enough to be willing to destroy the 17 years tower he’s made for himself.

    • I agree. She’s not responsible for her parents misdeeds but also at the same time, she is living well even to this day because of her parents actions. So I can see why people are sour about it. After thinking about it more, I honestly don’t blame the netizens or his fans who don’t support him dating her. I know they don’t want him to be chaste or single forever, it’s not about that at all. That’s completely unrelated so it doesn’t make sense when I see comments like that. Maybe if they speak up about this and share their perspective, maybe things could be better, but them both being quiet, it doesn’t make it better. Just my opinion.

    • I don’t know korean language, so i am not sure on the extend of the disapproval. Does knetz view represent the general population?

    • What i do not understand, Why the hate only come out now and to LSG? As far as I know, the 2 girls and mother are still active in acting. Why there were no protest of them for their dramas before?

      • Yes Knetizens represents the general public of Korea.

        From what I know and read, they always disdain the family but as time pass by, people focus on other things and other news alerts. But this dating news rekindle memories and refreshed their dislike for the family. They love him so they want to protect him. It’s kind of like the story of the prodigal son in the Bible. They see him as making a huge mistake, as a loving parent, they don’t want to see him tainted by the family due to association.

        Although it’s ultimately his life, it’s also his fans and other people own freedom on how to react to the dating news. They express their disapproval, that’s their freedom to do so and he wants to date her, that’s his right. They can’t prevent him from dating her but if they want to share their opinion, that’s up to them too haha

  7. I remember Lee Seo Jin, one of Seunggi’s closest friends, also had “relationship scandal” when he suddenly broken up with Kim Jeung-un because his mother strongly disapprove the relationship and until today at the of 50 he remains single/unmarried. I hope Seunggi won’t be traumatized by this experience and maybe he talks to Seojin alot about this.

  8. His relationship doesn’t need anyone’s validation but it sucks to know its not supported by ur fans and general public. But I’m done with this drama, lol. I just wish him all the best and hopefully he picks up a lighter drama nxt. Its been sooo long.

  9. So only some of the fans are this crazy, huh….that’s better than all of them being crazy but overall I think this ‘guilt by association’ thing is really excessive.

  10. This is crazy to me. You don’t get to choose your parents and have no control over what they do or don’t do. Guess Net Citizens don’t live the Christian principal of forgiveness and hating the sin not the sinner. She was never involved in her stepfather’s crime or uses or profits from his money. Pretty sure she gets paid well for acting so having money that she earned and spending it is her right. Net Citizens should get a life instead of trying to tell anyone else how to live theirs. To even think you have the right to hire a truck to harass someone – that’s so creepy and sick and not to completely condemn it is even worse.

  11. Holy moly people are so …it’s his life PLUS what her parents did (or did not do) it’s not her responsibility or faults. Even serial murderers family shouldn’t bear the burden of the crime. Give her a break and goodness me, give HIM a break.

    • For real, dude. …I still don’t get it. There’s a slightly famous fashion brand in my country (been written about in Vogue, her stuff was all over instagram etc., you see “nap dress”, that’s her)…

      Anyway, the father of the woman who designs that brand, was an banker who was forced to resign his job after running one of the biggest financial scams of all time, he engaged in interest rate manipulation. People made sarky comments when he gave his daughter (designer lady) a big expensive wedding after the scam, but unlike in Lee Da In’s case, no one seems to bash the daughter or expect her to denounce her father even if she benefited from dad’s financial tricks.

  12. I doubt Kyun Mi Ri or her husband is a bigger financial criminal than Bob Diamond (look up the Libor scandal – it’s one of the biggest financial scandals of all time), and Bob Diamond has a daughter whose lavish wedding he paid for and that daughter is now the designer and owner of a popular fashion brand.

    If that lady isn’t expected to disown her father, why should Lee Da In? Are standards between east and west that different on this subject?

    • You should get your story right. Bob Diamond was not charged, convicted or sent to prison. As CEO of Barclays he was reprimanded for allowing its traders to manipulate LIBOR rates with other FI. Although reprehensible it’s not the same as being a director in a pharma company and fudging their financials to inflate its stock price. Also this was not the first time he did this. Both LDI’s parents made millions selling their stocks in this company while thousands lost their savings believing in his lies.

      And if you think LDI is living her lavish lifestyle from the proceeds of bit parts in a few dramas you are delusional.

  13. perhaps the K-netizens should have her arrested; then they can shave her hair off and have her parade naked the streets of Seoul with people throwing rotten vegetables. And then someone can walk behind her ringing a bell crying “Shame” repeatedly.

    Meanwhile, LSG can flaggelate himself by way of apology?

  14. Thet loved him when his girlfriend was a Gumiho. Why is this an issue?
    Rewatching MGIAHG on Netflix. Anyhow I think it will be a sad situation if LSG stops getting projects if he sticks to his guns and stand by his girl (bec thats what a man does when he truly loves his girl – he stads by her no matter what). If that happens Im sure we will all miss him so much (i will for sure! I love that I get to see him weekly in All The Butlers) But if he abandons her because of the backlash then I sure will be disappointed to know hes THAT kind of person and Id be less of a fan in a way that I wouldnt be able to watch him and believe him in anything romantic-themed.

  15. If this was a Kdrama and her family did this but you can clearly see she hates them and doesn’t approve, you will all agree she shouldn’t be blamed for her family’s crime and should find love with the male lead….so I suggest that you all that are bashing them should reaccess what you’re not privy to and believe that the girl may genuinely be good and shouldn’t have to be penalized for the crimes of her family.

    Please, you all should take it easy with the judgments….for crying out loud!!

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