Ji Sung Sends Sweet Drink Support Truck to the Set of Wife Lee Bo Young’s Hit tvN Weekend Drama Mine

Despite my love for Lee Bo Young I am staying as far away from her new tvN Sat-Sun drama Mine as far as my legs can carry me. Watching a(nother) chaebol family behaving badly drama is about as appealing as getting a root canal without anesthesia. Mine is doing great in ratings, not as high as predecessor Vincenzo but started of with 6.565%, hitting a high of 9.023% in episode 8. I’m more interested in Bo Young-shi’s hubby Ji Sung‘s upcoming drama The Devil Judge (Demon Judge) and this weekend the two marries crossed paths as Ji Sung sent a beverage support truck to the set of Lee Bo Young’s Mine drama set and included a picture of himself as the titular devil judge heh. Nice! The cups came adorned with his handwritten notes thanking the Mine cast and crew for lovingly caring for his Bo Young and wishing the team good health until the end. Awwwww.


Ji Sung Sends Sweet Drink Support Truck to the Set of Wife Lee Bo Young’s Hit tvN Weekend Drama Mine — 12 Comments

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  2. Mine is doing well in terms of viewership, but it’s a disaster of a drama. Then again, I guess that’s at least better than Doom which is neither critically nor popularly acclaimed.

    • Exactly. For a makjang drama, Mine is hella boring. If LBY and Kim Seo-Hyung weren’t starring in it, I wonder if it’d score the same high ratings. Not to be a doomsayer but Doom was doomed from the get-go. Lol.

      • @ultraviolence

        Mine has a solid plot. The title defines the whole scenario of the drama. All characters have their own colors. Watching Mine will get you more hook. Continous secrets are revealing, maybe that’s the reason why the ratings are getting higher since the viewers are getting serious to know the disclosure of the events. Well Mine and Days have different plot but as a viewer I like Mine more than Days.

    • Doom has nothing solid, other than two good looking young leads.Other than that the writer is so absurd, and dialogues that fall flat. Without good writing and story, actors cannot survive.at least this makjang has a clear story to tell (though some might find be boring), and to top it off, two very veteran actresses who at the top of their game.

  3. They are the power couple!! But also so well matched for one another, its insane. What I also appreciate is the fact that both of them are still top of their game, esp. for LBY. Despite being married/w kids, she’s able to still be in successful projects. She’s the best! My fav couple in Korea, both are just the best!

  4. Love LBY n JS.. so supportive of each other and happy for them to be successful in career n family wise..

  5. Love both LBY and JS. Great example of a successful marriage and careers. Haven’t watched MINE yet looking forward to it. Can’t wait for Demon Judge to release.

  6. I am enjoying Mine! Great acting, really great directing and steady compelling storytelling. It’s a niche gem.

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