Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri Confirm Why Some People Need to Have Bangs in Their Hairstyle

Since I don’t follow either Hyeri or Jang Ki Yong I genuinely have no clue what they look like for the most part outside of their currently airing drama My Roommate is a Gumiho. And there both are just jjjjjaaaaaannnnnggg to the nth degree, he’s captured the tall, handsome, but not overly brooding mystique and she’s just a bundle of sunshine with pinchable cheeks and a smile that reaches out from the screen. I didn’t realize until I came across their promotional appearance on a radio show for the drama how much their hairstyle in the drama helped elevate the visuals, and I mean bangs vs. no bangs. When I saw the above picture I yelped “OMG so much forehead!” ahahahaha, my sister has a huge forehead and my mom has made her have bangs her whole life and I never knew why until now. Garsh, a high hairline and long forehead really does grab your sight line when you see someone and then all you see is forehead heh. I’m so glad wuri oroshin Gumiho and perky college student Dam is sporting bang hairstyles for the drama and my suggestion to these two is please keep that hair sexy swept over your forehead.


Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri Confirm Why Some People Need to Have Bangs in Their Hairstyle — 22 Comments

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  2. I think JKY looks better without bangs. His forehead isn’t overly large in my opinion, it might just be the angle of the photo. Hyeri got a forehead implant and it’s too large now, so she definitely looks better with bangs.

    • Forehead implant really?

      Jang Ki Yong looks gorgeous either. He just looks younger with his hair down his forehead.

      • Yup, I’m not exactly sure what did with her forehead, but it used to be smaller and flatter. Generally Korean faces are pretty flat so they prefer rounder foreheads because it adds more depth to their face.

        I think Hyeri looks pretty either way. She’s super cute and charming in the gumiho drama.

  3. JKY is such a chameleon, he can look suave or sinister with his bangs up, or charming with his bangs down. Did anyone notice that he seldom smile ? I think his smile makes him look cute in a small-boy kind of way.

    Now this is more of an observation rather than criticism for PS, but Hyeri’s nose is too distracting, I just can’t ignore it when she is acting, especially during the zoom-ups.

  4. Really? They have huge forehead?
    I didn’t notice it.
    Who else in korea has a huge forehead that is hidden through bangs?

    • Off the top of my head Im Joo Hwan, Park Bo Young, Kim So Hyun, Goo Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun all kinda have large foreheads.

      • Why you have to bring up names? Although a fact, you will be calling out the offended fans for bringing up names unrelated to the article

      • @epikish I see. Thanks.
        They are all beautiful and handsome even with large foreheads.

        @janice sorry, it was ny fault for asking. But it’s just really out of my curiosity. The names mentioned were all good looking with or without large foreheads.

      • All those ladies you mentioned ironically look best without bangs. My buddy never understood why I have such a crush on Park Bo Young when, in his words, she just looks interchangeable with other pretty korean actresses… Until I made him watch On Your Wedding Day, where she had no bangs and she looked absolutely lovely. Suddenly, he gets it haha.
        And Kim So Hyun just looks glorious without bangs. See Love Alarm and River Where The Moon Rises. Especially in RWTMR, in the later part, her hair was all tied up and you can see her perfect face clearly, and it was a glorious sight. See also her Samsung and Pelicana CFs. That’s why it makes me angry when her stylist gives her bangs in some events.
        As for Goo Hye Sun, even with her issues aside, she’s never been my cup of tea, but she looked way way better without bangs too lol

      • @Jeonha

        Coming from someone who bashed the other actress with no proof. I am not mentioning my fave’s name but you did her dirty in the last article.

      • My reply seems to have disappeared, so I’m reposting it.

        @janice I bashed another actress? Are you referring to the KYJ article? Don’t tell me you’re holding a grudge for me because of that? ?
        Look, I admit I could’ve worded my comment a bit better, but my comment was a neutral observation based on what I’ve observed of her looks throughout the years. It’s not a criticism, it’s not bashing, it’s just observation. People who view plastic surgery as bad are the ones that take offense when people point out that their faves most likely had have surgery. Thing is, I don’t see plastic surgery as something bad, it shouldn’t be stigmatized because there’s literally NOTHING WRONG with plastic surgery. I don’t care if KYJ or any actress did any surgery, that’s their business and that’s just the name of the game. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT, and I don’t blame or criticize them. I admit I have no proof, and I’d be happy to be proven wrong, but it’s just my opinion that KYJ looks really different these days. Again, just an observation, not a criticism to her.
        Where in that did I bash her? Did I call her ugly? Did I call her a bad actress? It’s bashing if I think plastic surgery is bad, but I don’t think that way at all.
        For clarification, I enjoy KYJ as an actress, I think she’s great, and if she did had something done, it doesn’t lessen her value as an actress in any way. Am I clear now?

        The problem with you hardcore stans is that you perceive any comments that isn’t worshipping your fave, as “bashing” or “hating”, no matter how neutral the comment is.
        You’re calling other fans of other actors/actresses here as “oversensitive”, but you yourself perceive a neutral comment as “bashing”.

        If you disagree with me politely, if you said something like, “I don’t think she had plastic surgery because (insert valid argument here)”, that’s your opinion and I would totally respect that. I’m open to civil discussions. But no, you quickly resort to calling me a basher just because of a perfectly neutral comment. Oh well…

        Hopefully I’m clear now because I hate hijacking a thread about another unrelated topic.

    • BTS V/Kim Taehyung also has quite a prominent forehead, and he’s one of the most handsome men I’ve seen in my life lol
      I don’t think the size of the forehead matter if the person has beautiful facial features anyway, and I think it can even add to the beauty

      • He use to hide his large forehead with his bangs too till he got hair transplant and suddenly become more confident with lots of open forehead hair style

  5. It very offensive to judge people look like this & it not even that huge. Some people already feel soo insecure with their forehead and this post just show what wrong with people beauty standard nowadays. Lets they style their hair whatever they want

  6. Am I the only one who don’t think JKY has big forehead? It looks just right to me, and I think he even looks better without bangs ?
    And isn’t a big, rounded, dome-shaped forehead the beauty standard in korea anyways? That’s why forehead implant is so popular there. You can even see it in their camera filters which gives you bigger eyes, smaller nose and bigger forehead lol. I think it’s because rounded bigger foreheads look more youthful/neotenous and doll-like which is the look that koreans are after.

    Not a fan of either of them but I think both of them look great without bangs

  7. I’m sorry koala and others if this is not related to the article. But this @Jeonha is just so annoying. You @Jeonha insist your so called “observation” to others and you’re saying your being neutral in that KYJ article? Assess yourself if you’re being neutral coz YOU’RE NOT, LIAR.

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