K-ent Eyes Upcoming tvN Sat-Sun Drama The Devil Judge to See if it Continues the Breaking 10% Ratings of its 2021 Predecessors Mine, Vincenzo, and Queen Cheorin

Ooooh, actual pressure, I love it! tvN Sat-Sun female empowerment plus makjang rich people drama Mine ended its successful run this past weekend, with the final episode 16 getting 10.512% ratings. 2021 has been tvN’s year in the Sat-Sun time slot, in previous years they got competition from jTBC but this year every single weekend drama from tvN has been a hit to a big hit to a mega hit. Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) kicked off the year and it’s highest rating was 17.371% then Vincenzo got 14.363% ratings as its highest mark, and just like Mine all three dramas got its highest rating with the final episode which showed sustained interest through the end. Unlike in 2021 which had the super mega hit Crash Landing on You which started in 2019 and ended in early 2020, the remainder of the dramas in that time slot have all been unable to breakout into the 10% range starting from Hi Bye, Mama!, When My Love Blooms, It’s Okay to Not be Okay, Secret Forest 2, and Start-up. So now the upcoming The Devil Judge (Demon Judge) with Ji Sung starting this Saturday will definitely have big shoes to fill and also right after his wife Lee Bo Young‘s successful Mine.

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