Kang Han Na Continues to Shine in Second Female Lead Roles This Time in My Roommate is a Gumiho

When I look back on Kang Han Na‘s career I realized I saw her when she made her K-drama debut and actually remember it. She debuted on Miss Korea (just an amazing and woefully underrated drama) as one of the Miss Seoul contestants. She won but was disqualified for lying about her status, she actually have birth before and that is not allowed. Since then she’s always made an impression anytime I’ve seen her, the bitchy power hungry for herself princess in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo was nicely done and of course most recently she basically was in a tower of awesome by herself as the competent second female lead in Start-Up. She resonates with me the most as someone who does exactly what her role requires and thus she shines on her own, regardless of whether the female lead is doing well or not. In her current drama My Roommate is a Gumiho she’s just so spot on as the self-absorbed but really innocently clueless gumiho turned human, she’s not in competition with Hyeri’s character so the two just deliver wonderful comedy and chemistry in their own capacity. I foresee Kang Han Na will get her main lead elevation soon, and if done right her career can take on the Shin Hye Sun trajectory.


Kang Han Na Continues to Shine in Second Female Lead Roles This Time in My Roommate is a Gumiho — 21 Comments

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  2. She’s really great but I think she has missed the boat on the career she should have had. I expect she’ll lead weekend dramas and the occasional miniseries but her trajectory should have been Seo Hyun Jin’s.

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  4. She’s taking way too long to graduate to lead status. What is her management doing wrong? After Designated Survivor, it’s just second lead territory—not a good place to be when Korean dramas rarely get second female leads right.

    • She’s an ’89er and her resume is not as squeaky clean as Kdramas demand of leading female actresses. Song Ji Hyo and Jo Yeo Jung are the exceptions that prove the rule and there have always been strong rumors that these two have powerful backers. Kang Hanna seems quite unlucky.

      • @Rina why is that a big deal though. We all know korean movies are more graphic so should it affect her career like that?

      • @Kailey b – it’s not my opinion and, for the record, I fully support her. Empire of Lust had full frontal nudity and was pretty graphic. She could have gotten away with it if she were already an established leading lady but she wasn’t. Actresses who participate in those sorts of films are definitely considered second class in Korea.

      • But a lot of other actresses have done movies with graphic love scenes and are thriving on the small screen. Look at Esom, Kim Go Eun, Kim Tae Ri.

      • I thought female actress who had “graphic”scenes in movies were fine, as long as their movies are considered noir or coming from well-respected directors or with “serious actors”as casts. So, I get confused when on comments I would see Song Ji Hyo (and Jo Yeo Jung), as I thought that the only movie they have ëxposure (Frozen Flower for SJH) are still considered legit. I think the negative that I remember from Kang Hanna is not the movie per se, as based on criteria is considered legit due to production and casts, but her Film Festival attention grabbing dress. KGE, KTR or Esom, even if they have exposures in their movies, acted still like movie stars when attending film festivals hence adding image credence that their movies are legit ones. For KHN, her initial introduction to main stream media was that attention grabbing dress, and it snow-balled negatively into the image (I guess). Hence, actresses who did that kind of media stunt (shocking dress during awards shows) are looked down upon.

  5. Start-Up really messed up her role. She was barely present. It’s sad because her character was more interesting than the FL.

    I really like her character in Gumiho, she’s my favourite one!

  6. I think she might never make it, but she’ll get a few leading roles here and there. By that I mean that she’ll be in male-centric dramas where her character will take a backseat to the protagonist, not unlike Designated Survivor. She might also get a shot at one or two romcoms or weekenders. I think her career trajectory will follow that of Seo Ji-hye’s instead.

    For Shin Hye-sun, I think she’s like the second coming of Gong Hyo-jin with a broader acting spectrum because she graduated to lead roles much much later. She’s a very peculiar case for me; I’m very surprised at her ascent.

  7. It seems really random which actresses get lead roles and which don’t. Kang Ha Na has a strong resume and should be regularly getting lead roles. The actress they just announced opposite Park Hyun Sik–Jeon So Nee seems to be coming out of nowhere.

    • Another actress who should be getting more lead roles is Seol In Ah, but she’s stuck playing second leads as well.

  8. It’s suck cuz great actress would be 2nd lead for some idols who do not know how to act. Not only Kang Hanna.

    The 2nd lead in CLOY too, needed years to get her very first ‘first lead’.

    Seunggi’s girlfriend too… she has the face and good acting but plays safe with the same role. Hope to see her more in the future.

    All of them should act in weekend dramas!

  9. I really wish she got the change to act in Kim Tae Hee’s writernim as female lead roles in The youngest son of sunyang. based on character description, she would fit the character to a t.

    I hope she rise to a leading status soon since she is too talent. hope she get her break out soon like Seo Hyun Jin did with another oh hae young, the unexpected hits.

  10. The youngest son of chaebol will be flop like Sisyphus:the myth.Jtbc doesnt have rating hit drama after the world of married and itaewon class endend.So better for sjk turn down that drama.

    • why it has to be a hit though? I just want SJK star in something substance. Someone career can’t always be staring in a hit drama right?

    • What does the Youngest Son of Chaebol has to do with this article? You obviously don’t know how to post at the right page.

  11. She has a really cute shining smile, but dramas productions keep making her characters frown. I think her acting were memorable and speaks to me. I cried when she cried in Just Between Lovers. When she experience college love with Ji Sung in Familiar Wife, my heart fluttered. And I remember being impressed that she change her vibe/look for Designator Survivor: 60 Days.

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