tvN Hit Drama Hospital Playlist Season 2 Returns with a Feel Good Bang as Episode 1 Gets 10.007% Ratings

Unlike Penthouse which leaves me scratching my head on the appeal to audiences, I totally slurp up and want more of tvN Thursday one-episode a week medical drama Hospital Playlist. Season 1 was a huge hit already for the cast and crew and PD Shin Won Ho of the Answer Me series and Prison Playbook said all along it was going to be a two season drama so all eyes were on when the second season would arrive. It’s here now as episode 1 premiered this Thursday to an incredible 10.007% ratings. Double digits upon premiere on cable, mega wow! I’m still making my way through season 1 as this drama is worthy of being savored and I started late so it felt natural to just enjoy leisurely and hopefully catch up alongside season 2 to live watch.


tvN Hit Drama Hospital Playlist Season 2 Returns with a Feel Good Bang as Episode 1 Gets 10.007% Ratings — 59 Comments

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  2. PD said he wants to work BTS V and jin
    They are offering them record salary bcoz of huge overseas profit they gonna bring
    Hopefully it happens. V to said he will act when he hit 30s. But still hoping hr does it soon

    • It’s shocking that all the PDs are willing to pay BTS V 500 mil/episode of more just to cast him. To already be at Kim Soon Hyun level with one minor role is crazy. Makes me think how much Jisoo from Blackpink must be getting paid for Snowdrop.

      • BP are not on same level as bts , but they might be getting 100 to 150 k thats for sure.BTW lee min ho is getting paid billion won for his 100 billiom won apple drama and insiders say he gets most for local productions too because of overseas profit( king had 30% profir pre airing ). He doesn’t mediaplay as ksh. BTS members new concert online grossed 70 million usd for 2 day show and each member netted millions from it. To make them act, they have to pay huge sum.Like billion won per episode , otherwise why would they do, when they make more from their online concert lol. Every producer wants global profit from them. But its bts members choice when they want to. They are shareholder of 9 billion usd company now. Global endorsements pay them over ten to 20 million usd . Everyone wnts a piece of them lool

      • I might not like bp members, but the day jennie debuts as actress, its game over for most actresses of gen. Jisoo and Jennie gonna be top of their gen along with han soo hee. Kim so hyun and kim joo yung gonna get big competition and they have yet to reach top and enter top league.. YG actors include kim hee and other top movie stars. OBV bp members gonna get best projects. Rose seems intersted in music and lisa has no chance in korea

      • Honestly? I have more respect for BTS members for staying focused on their music instead of sticking members into dramas for easy money which every other idol group seems to do. Too many supposed “musicians” seem to see music as a mere stepping stone and disposable career.

        Idol fans peddle the myth that their faves bring audience to a drama based on just name recognition but multiple flop idol dramas prove that this was a lie – the exception being when the idol in question is actually good at acting. Kdrama audiences may have their preferences for ‘big’ stars but they’re not exactly fans of idols taking lead roles in dramas.

      • @Royal i agree with idol thing but u r talking about bts here

        U know a bts member signing drama means netflix or streaming services paying millions of dollars. Metflix has taken k drama to next level worldwide.

        Thats why top producers r lining up for V ( he is friends eith producers amd actors ) and jin ( he is A degree holder in acting and known as good actor )
        U cant compare other kpop groups to bts considering their global fame. Advertisers gonna line up for them
        And bts member whenever come to tv show or last year news, it set rating records. Ofc in end script gonna matter n tbh money they r making from music. Acting why will they need it right now. Their last 50 dollar album with one version sold 3 million dollar producing revmue of 150 million usd. And it was self composed written produced album. They make millions in profit

        But V and jin want to act in future . But not right now. Producers offering them millions for reason. It all depends on them. At one point they will do less schedule than right now. For next few years they gonna do just stadium tours . But one day they gonna act

      • @Royal a director like bong joon praised BTS at oscars red carpet. Their status is other level in korea. Idols r lowest in korea. BTS are at highest celebrity level. They r not typical idol group . Celebrities throw themselves at them to get selfie at awards lol
        Their status and global command is other level.

      • @BTSking – uh, obviously BTS is popular on a global level and members will be sought after for work in other activities whether acting or brand endorsing (their BTS meal with McDonald’s is selling insanely in my country and we’re not even Japan or Korea). But they choose to remain musicians and I think that’s cool of them.

        Anyway when you separate out one member from the group and take them into acting, then what’s important isn’t whether they have actor friends or Bong Joon Ho praises them for what they do and represent….what’s important is whether they can act well. At their level of fame, they will certainly attract some audience (and a lot of brand deals for PPL) because their fandom is that big, but will they attract enough to actually get high ratings if their acting is bad? (No offence, I’ve seen enough horrible idol acting to be sceptical of any idol who takes lead roles, and while I thought V was cute and ok for a rookie in his Hwarang role, that wasn’t a lead role and he has no experience beyond that). Enough dramas and movies starring big name idols from big name groups have flopped, even idol fame and lots of money isn’t always enough to draw audiences to a drama that turns out bad.

    • WTF, what, nooooo!!!! ShinLee are already drama powerhouses on their own, they don’t need BTS to go bigger!

      I’m not against casting BTS if they fit but I don’t want the drama to end up pandering to them and losing what currently makes it so magical. Like, if BTS were to star in the dramas, just treat them like any other actor, with the same expectations and renumeration.

      • If they’re desperate to cast them then obviously they will pander to them. BTS is too big to get the same salary as other people. They are the biggest stars South Korea will have for many years to come so their status is already above actors and even Bong Joon Ho considers them to be the reason Parasite was able to win an Oscar. He even said it in his speech during the Golden Globes.

      • Lmao it is profit sharing. Producers want them. Bts members r not asking them to cast them
        Thing is why will they wont get millions? U know if they sign drama, overseas sales will be huge? Why wont they take profit when they r reason drama will sell at highest rate than local actors?
        Top producers will pay them what they ask for. Bts dont need them . Hybe can produce drama for them if they want to. They r making millions from music. Acting cant match global cfs and concerts, merchandise money they make.
        They will get paid millions for profit they bring
        U dont want it. But top producers have said many times they want v and jin ( two members who desires acting in future) . It is bts call

    • YOU KNOW what hp pd said
      I am most intersted in BTS . If you have time please contact me
      A producer sending such message
      A top producer lol

      Shows where BTS belong and their demand lol

      • Hahaha. I refreshed my browser. Rechecked the article because I thought there was a system glitch.

        Episode 1 was good. Its actually reassuring to a viewer when you can trust a writing and PD team when you know the cast can all act.

        I would admit to JW being the perfectly supportive boyfriend. I mean he’s already the perfect doctor. I am actually interested to see how she grows as a person with him. Since he has way more empathy than her.

      • Sick of reading abt BTS, when the post is abt the success of Hospital Playlist 2.

      • Same haha it’s funny how that one user keeps inserting bts or lee minho into unrelated articles. obsessed.

      • Well i will. U got a issue? Ask hp producer who said bts members have time for me.

      • I maybe understand why BTS is mentioned because at least the director brought them up in his interview. .. but I don’t get why the other group Black ink or Jenny is mentioned lol.

        Kdrama world really isn’t about idols.

    • Well, you have the right to do so..when it is about BTS and their upcoming drama or so another formal announcement by the director. This is abt Hospital Playlist’s success. I don’t see the point of poking one’s nose at the wrong place.

  3. PD SWH and his screenwriters have golden images just like PD NYS of variety shows. And he has his own fans already. Every drama they have done have good images and viewers are really looking forward to its airing. They have cemented that image with him so this rating isn’t that surprising. Plus their dramas are really worth watching;full of slice of life. From Reply 93,97,88 Prison Playbook, and now the Hospital Playlist-these dramas are all engraved in viewers hearts. What I always praise this team is that the plotline of the drama is all about family, frienship, love story is always in the sideline but the team makes the love narratives more interesting like guessing but won’t conceal the true essence of the drama wc is about family and friends. Im looking forward to Reply Series of the year 2000s.

    Congratulations to HP Team.They deserve more. I hope the drama this time will develop those plotline that have stuck in S1.

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  5. this will be three seasons drama, each for 12 eps. shin won ho is really good at presenting details, which we viewers often miss them. his story is simple, but somehow it makes us believe in humanity again

  6. Not related but Apple TV+ is spending USD 130 million per episode for Pachinko. Lee Min Ho and his drama budgets are always next level but it looks like all the movie and hallyu stars might shift from Netflix to Apple TV+. It’ll be interesting to see what new status quo these upcoming OTT platforms develop.

    • That is fascinating. Apple TV+ and Disney+ are giving Netflix a run for their $$. Even Lee Sun Gyun’s next work is on Apple TV+. If Pachinko does very well, might be the Korean version of The Crown. Also its 130 million for 8 episodes, which is crazy. As all big K-dramas are 20 mil, even Mr. Sunshine w/ 40 mill was almost 2 mil per 24 episodes.

      If Apple TV+ gives Korean content a huge budget, then I can def. see more film stars flock to them. Plus, Apple TV+ will do a better job promoting their works than Netflix does. Seriously, Netflix is awful at promoting their works esp. original works. Like Move to Heaven was given dust, but Vincenzo has been promoted non stop. (Of course, that’s also b/c they want to continue working w/ SJK too).

    • @minka Gurl, please. Apple is not spending 130 million USD PER EPISODE for Pachinko. Game of Thrones was “only” 15 million USD per episode and they had epic battles and CGI dragons.

      Apple isn’t spending 1% of its total cash reserves producing a single TV show.

      • Apple is spending 112 billion won or 14 billion won per epi. Which is over 100 million dollars for season one. And will have multiple seaspns. Do your research

      • @BTSwhatever – it’s $130M per SEASON. Not episode. Thanks for proving my assumption.

      • The season only has 6 episodes so its not far from the truth and much more expensive than GOT.

  7. Love season one, season 2 first episode was like we never left them . So happy to have something great to watch again after finishing Taxi driver .

    • On the bright side, this kind of schedule is kinder and less hectic for the production staffs. I am okay with it, as long as they maintain the quality of the drama.

      • From that perspective, I definitely agree (also tvn episodes are loooong so probably better to do it this way and not put too much strain on the production crew)

      • I know, but I wasn’t mentally prepared. I watched the first season on Netflix too 🙁

  8. Love, love, love Hospital Playlist! So glad they’re back and getting the ratings they deserve! Goes to show how a well-written and directed drama is appreciated by the audience even if there are no mega-stars in it. They’re all much respected theater actors and it’s such a pleasure to watch them. Every scene is like poetry in motion lol.

    • @eleven Mega-stars won’t go for ensemble dramas.

      The Hospital Playlist writer has found a winning formula (Rey, Hospital) and he is sticking to it. HP is like the Korean Friends. Good4him.

      • @ophelia – agree, HP gives the audience a warm and fuzzy feeling about friendship and relationships like the US show Friends, but with more feels.

    • Jo jung suk not considered mega star??Are you kidding me??He has block buster movie exit and many hit hovie and drama lol!!And winning several award.He was mega star for sure.

      • @keepdreamining – JJS has definitely been my fave since I saw him in K2H, such a talented actor and singer. I hope one day I can see him perform on a musical in person. So happy that he took a pay cut to join HP because he believed in the project so much. I just meant no super high profile actors/actress or stars/idols where the story centers around them, don’t want to name names but I suppose most people get what I mean.

      • Jo Jungsuk is a big star and he reportedly wanted to work with PD Shin on this drama, took a pay cut and didnt mind not being billed as the star of the show (it is an ensemble piece). So glad about that. This drama is a gem and it really is the best thing I’ve watched. I binged through most of Season 1 to catch up to the last episode last year. This year I’m gonna savour it episode by episode as the story unfolds. It’ll be a great time. If you haven’t already, do get on the ride!

  9. The success of Hospital Playlist shows that drama not need dead-drop gorgeous oppas or idols to make it, but good writing and directing, which Doom fail to understand.

    • @Lai Pei Yee – exactly! And good acting (which is wasted if you don’t have good writing and directing)

      I dunno how the top comment devolved into BTS talk (is also my fault for responding lol) but this team doesn’t need celebrities, even ones as popular as BTS, to make their dramas work.

      • @Royal We

        Yeap, this drama managed to prove that with good writing and directing, along with talented cast, the high ratings will come naturally (of course, with some promotion by TvN). Something other directors/producers need to keep in mind.

  10. well-deserved!! it’s so rare have an ensemble cast with this much chemistry not to mention top-tier writing and directing. drama producers need to learn from HP team.

  11. love Hospital Playlist.The show that made me rediscover Yoo Yeon Seok.
    An actor that I always knew and liked but i had to watch him in Hospital Playlist to pay a close attention to his acting and become his fan.

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