Im Soo Hyang Cast in the K-drama Remake of Jane the Virgin

K-actress Im Soo Hyang has had her show of hit dramas and flop dramas and many more in between, she’s one of the most consistently productive K-actresses with the amount of dramas she does on a regular clip. I’m glad she’s getting work but I do not get her appeal as an actress, she just doesn’t work for me so it’s good that she does dramas I’m not interested in anyways due to the plot. However I am curious about her next drama, the long discussed and finally coming together K-drama remake of Jane the Virgin, which was originally a Venezuelan telenovela that got a US remake. It’s the story of a still virgin young woman who gets pregnant when she is mistakenly inseminated in the doctor’s office. The age of Jane in the original is 16 years old which is moved up to 23 years old in the US version and now Im Soo Hyang is 31 years old so I really don’t know how believable the whole conceit is as well as the struggles of being an unwed pregnant woman. With that said, this is happening and I think a South Korean cultural take absolutely could be fresh and different enough to be worth the remake.


Im Soo Hyang Cast in the K-drama Remake of Jane the Virgin — 18 Comments

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  2. She is good and versatile . She saved Gangnam beauty
    Unwed mother is such an issue in asian countries i hope people open up their mindset

  3. How do they go from Kim Bo-ra to Im Soo-hyang? They do not look like they come from the same age group (most especially because Kim Bo-ra looks younger than her age). Note that Jane is only 23, and Juana (of the original Venezuelan soap opera) is actually 16.

  4. They are likely to lower down her age in the drama.

    BTW, just my opinion. I don’t see much problem with ISH being 31 and likely playing a younger character (20’s something) for this role. Having said that, coming from SEA, it’s pretty normal to stay a virgin at that age. I am 39 and still a virgin and yeah, I hailed from a small town, which pretty much still uphold the conservative Asian value.

    • I understand you. I have friends who are vigin too in mid 20s. Actually tbh the concept hit me because i got pregnant during college days and i had to abort, because we were only 20 and our families would’ve disowned us. And my elder sis who wasn’t married back then and it would’ve caused issues. I hope one day asians become little open minded

  5. She’s pretty good. I’m usually a shallow person but Im Soo-hyang is an exception for me. I think she has talent and she’s also worked really hard to reach this point where she’s headlining her own show.

    • I’m in the same boat. Usually unnatural PS bothers me like with Lee Jong Suk, but I surprisingly actually like Im Soo Hyang. I think she’s pretty talented and I enjoyed watching her in dramas like Graceful Family, Five Enough and Gangnam Beauty.

      • Same! I can’t watch LJS either, but I liked ISH in all those dramas as well. I don’t necessarily watch dramas for her, but when I come across her dramas she delivers.

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  7. I think she will play as someone in her mid 20s or her real age. I mean, in some Asia countries, it’s pretty normal to stay virgin in their 20s or even 30s (not sure but i guess so).

    Will watch for her. She’s a pretty decent actress. Hopefully the script will be good too since it’s an adaptation, i hope nothing changes much.

  8. I watched the US version and the first season was a perfect and well-paced story. It got destroyed as most US dramas do, with too many seasons and lame plot twists, especially in the last two seasons.

    That said, I think the Latino narrator was a big reason for Jane the Virgin being so funny. I’m not sure if it could work well as a K-drama, but I’m hopeful!

    • Me too. I loved the US version of Jane the Virgin but it largely worked because of the narration and over the top telenovela trope which the Hispanic cast embraced wholeheartedly. How this will translate in a Korean production I have no idea…

  9. I am conflicted. I liked her in New Tales of Gisaeng… but found her nearly unwatchable in When I Was Most Beautiful.

    Her nose bridge is so sharp that I get distracted and pulled out of scenes. I have the same challenge when watching Lee Jong Suk. My loss, I suppose, because I do think they are both good actors.

  10. I liked Jane us version ( season 1 + 2) but the narrator was the most entertaining part of the show . without him it wouldn’t have been the same . And of course the greatest actor of all the telenovelas : Rogelio de la Vega !

  11. I like this bit of casting news! I have watched bits of the original telenovela and I liked the American version too, as convoluted as it was. Im Soo Hyang is talented and I usually like her dramas.

  12. I believe in most Asian countries, the common conception is for people to be virgin before they get married. I’m pretty sure premarital sex is still widely frowned upon in these countries. In practice though, it’s probably 50:50. So for me, if the main character is 31, unmarried and still a virgin, it’s very much believable. Be it man or woman in fact.

  13. I agree, her nose is a distraction, likely a poor job plastic surgeon. However, she is a good actor and is in some interesting dramas. I really liked the red dress at the fish funeral scene, so funny and off the main road. So hoping this drama will have the same off the cuff vibe.

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