Suzy Cast in Upcoming Coupang Play Streaming Drama The Second Anna

Okay this sounds like an interesting drama pick for Suzy. I also like she’s taking a drama first before the usual buzz over the male lead because she needs to either stand on her own or accept that she’s only able to do dramas with a equivalent male lead. Suzy has been cast in the Coupang Play thriller drama The Second Anna, a take on stories like the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley and also Lee Da Hae’s K-drama Miss Ripley. Suzy will be playing the titular Anna who constantly lies and believes in the false identity and fictional world she’s created for herself. The drama was originally going to be a K-movie but the director decided it was better told as an 8-episode drama and courted Suzy for the lead role. If she accepts filming is later this year with a 2022 premiere date.


Suzy Cast in Upcoming Coupang Play Streaming Drama The Second Anna — 28 Comments

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  2. It’s a female centric drama, so her name as the female lead came out fist, she always brings many buzz to the drama no matter who the male lead is. The plot and her character seem very interesting, I’m really excited and looking forward to this one!

  3. It’s reported that this drama will follow One Day starring Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won at Coupang Play,really excited!

  4. Hahaha I though she was cf queen.But she lost competition with rookie actress and actor drama aired in public channel and tv cable.We can’t see about rating her drama lol lol.

    • So you mean KSH also lost competition to the rookie actors as his new drama will also air on Coupang Play? What a joke! they can pick any channel or streaming sites’drama if they want! They are so in demand!

    • what a weird opinion lol… FYI she takes this drama, not bcos the rookie passes her, but bcos Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun become representative for Coupang Play to promote Coupang Play globally

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  6. Personally I feel more actresses should have their dramas air exclusively online so that they can experiment with different genres and characters without the burden of ratings. OTT has many positive sides to it and is more experimental than regular tv.

    • Me too I like what OTT is doing to the drama scene in general to the point that tv dramas feel generic and borderline boring in comparison. They have better budgets and push the envelope more. Currently Netflix dominates but eventually I think Apple+ and HBO Max [if it arrives in Korea] would be able to deliver some amazing and intense content. Pachinko especially has me excited but Dr Brain sounds exciting too.

  7. Coupang is really trying to get into the kdrama scene recently. Quite a lot of companies are. I believe this one airs after KSH and CSW’s drama. Good to see some variety and it might air on Netflix too for international rights.

    Suzy needs something where she stands out. She’s always with a strong male lead who carries the drama for her. But if this does well, it will do her a whole lot of favours.

    • Honestly, this drama pick is a good sign – it sounds female centric, which is ideal if her acting is good enough to carry it (it hasn’t been in the past, hence the male leads carrying it/writers being accommodating).

      @Kam is right about streaming/OTT exclusives having more experimental content than the classic tv format and offering more leeway to female leads – School Nurse Files on Netflix was totally the Jung Yumi show and it was great, same with Kakao tv’s Lovestruck in the City – it was a really good, fresh take on romcoms and didn’t have time to drag. Even Persona on Netflix was fun to watch, with its anthology format.

      • I would agree I’m general about OTT’s content but not the example. I thought Lovestuck was a train wreck of epic proportions. Bad acting, bad directing (surprisingly), and terrible writing all wrapped in one horrible drama. However, Kingdom is a great example of OTT done right. It was tight, high quality with some fantastic acting.

        Netflix’s quality is way above all the other competitors – but hopefully others can catch up. Looking forward to Coupang and Apple’s ventures.

      • School nurse files was bit too much out there but I agree with the point being made. Sweet Home too has amazing female characters and despite being just 10 episodes each and every character had depth and clear narrative something classic tv formats can not achieve even with 16-20 episodes especially for females even when they are the lead. Also the non obsession with romance even in dramas like Love Alarm which was primarily a love triangle and obviously romance focused but it managed to build its female lead as a person a fickle and somewhat selfish person but still an actual person instead of the usual candy. Kingdom is a great example of a zombie format done right and again every single character has depth including the extras who served basically as plot point but their motivations were understandable.

      • @Kam and @Royal We
        Why do you blame Regular TV/Classic TV format when talented actresses like Kong Hyo-Jin, Kim Nam-Joo, and Go Ah-Sung can win the Baeksang Arts Award for their roles in Regular TV.

  8. Coupang seems to have a clear idea what brand image it wants to build and it seems they’ll partner with Prime for international releases which makes sense since the brand image matches. Having KSH and Suzy be their representative actors with what sounds like dramas with a strong narrative is a very good idea. This doesn’t need to be a make or break role for Suzy but it could be the start of her image change which is perfectly fine. She is still quite young and has long way to go and she does at least try to diversify her roles.

  9. suzy is improving on acting and emotion side, but i still have a problem with her diction. she mumbles and that interrupts her acting

  10. A flop small budget drama again as noone will offer her a big budget drama where she is not a showpiece used for decoration
    Another flop incoming for woozie . She is no jjh to carry off a drama on her own. She needs men to give her hit or flop like startup. As much her fans try to act it was a hit to feed their ego. She gonna be next han ga in when 30s hit. Bcoz new decorations and showpieces will take away those showpiece roles

    • So you mean your oppa’s drama flop hard as his drama(7000 points) is behind Start Up(more than 9000 points) at Netflix streaming ranking! She ranked 6th at Gallup drama actors list last year while your oppa’s name no where to see! Start Up is one of 3 dramas has a drama showcase in Japan recently, where is your oppa’s drama?

    • The fact are:Your oppa’s drama is behind Start Up at Netflix streaming ranking: 7000 points V 9000 points, she ranked 6th at Gallup drama actors list last year while your oppa’s name nowhere to see!

      • My oppas drama was most watched k drama of 2020. Atleast do yourreserch properly. My oppa is headlining 130 billion won drama as main lead. Ur flowerpot wont even get showpiece
        I dont know whivh selective metric of neflix u r using but king was way bigger than startup everywhere in world and it is not even close
        My oppa is bigger star than her everywhere. Rofl. Only woozie tards think she is bigger bcoz they love in bubble. She is a decoration flop

  11. Yeah when she with jyp agency she get big budget drama and aired in public channel and her costar was lee seung gi.After join new agency “soop management” she get small budget drama,aired in cable tv and she getting paired with worst actor.Huge downgrade suzy woozy.

  12. Where is the receipt that The King was the most watched kdrama of 2020? Only those oppa stans claimed it! Go to check the fact, 2020 Netflix kdrama streaming ranking, it clearly shows top 2 were It’s ok to be not ok and Start Up! 2021 Netflix kdramas streaming ranking so far top 3 are Vincenzo, It’s ok not to be ok and Start Up! The king is always behind Start Up!

    • Those stans even don’t know how many points their bias drama has on the Netflix streaming ranking, but just claimed it was the most watched kdrama of 2020, called another higher ranking drama flop, how funny it’s! if Start Up is flop, your bias drama flop harder!

  13. Nope it is not! king is way bigger and that is why he got 130 billion won drama as main cast. It ok had more days in top 10 but king was most watched overall. Japan alone wont make suy big and u gonna compare lmh status to that idol actress? when he is megastar and she is nthng more than his ex ? woozie is not even good enough to get decoration showpiece. Startup was a mega disatster and king made millions for studio dragin. Woozie tards and their dreams. When he is hallyu king and she is a showpiece used for decoration. A decoration forever

    • But the decoration you called her drama ranked higher than your kink’s drama at Netflix streaming ranking since last year until now! She already enter Gallup drama actors list 4 times, ranked 6th last year while your King couldn’t get in! She has entered Korea the most favourite celebrities top 10 for concective many years while your King never get in even once! She has entered top 10 the most popular Hallyu actors list for concective many years, she’s welled loved by Korean public not just overseas fans! Why your king so hard to make his name at the domestic lists?

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