Lee Min Ho Lures in the Consumers in New Ginseng Ad and Continues to Reign as the Korean Actor with the Most Instagram Followers

The Korean ginseng in a pack, kinda like a healthy medicinal version of Gogurt, has been ubiquitous in K-dramas in the last few years. It’s either there when a star is endorsing the product or when the brand buys ad space, either way it’s portrayed as a quick and easy nutritional and energy boost. It’s more believable to be consumed on a regular basis then the number of drama characters eating and having powwows at Subways, in comparison. Anyhoo, K-actor Lee Min Ho has repped a ginseng pack line and this year marks the third year with the brand and it’s still going strong. The latest batch of CF stills are out and he hits it out of the park, looking charming and healthy and totally makes me sit up and look. He’s also continuing to reign as one of the top Hallyu actors out there and in terms of Instagram followers he is THE top Hallyu actor/actress with 25M followers. The other South Korean stars ahead of him are all idols. The next actor/actress in Insta followers is Lee Jong Seok with 19.6M, then Park Seo Joon at 18.8M, Ji Chang Wook with 16.9M, Suzy at 16.1M, and Nam Joo Hyuk with 15.9M.


Lee Min Ho Lures in the Consumers in New Ginseng Ad and Continues to Reign as the Korean Actor with the Most Instagram Followers — 30 Comments

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      • Suzy is an idol too and she’s listed lol. Might as well put BP Jisoo as #1 then.

    • LMH is one of the greatest k-drama artist of his own time, and I think there nothing you’re gonna do about that, this is about public ideas not only your selfish idea, just imagine starring your favourite artist with him in the same drama who do you think is gonna kill the show

  3. But 25M follower didn’t help him to get 15% rating the king eternal ppl lol!!!I can make 10-20 different user name account lol.

    • Thats why he is headlining 130 billion won drama and getting paid billion won per epi and king made huge profit. Do ur research hater. Ur fave never gonna get such big project! They are local losers!

      • The highest paid actor In Korea is Kim Soo Hyun at 500,000 won/ episode. Lee Min Ho is a great actor and may have a huge IG following but his per episode paycheck doesn’t come close.

      • Mediaplay god ksh said he earned 81 million usd one year. Even tom cruise never earned that much in year! LMH is getting this salary for his upcoming worldwide drama which ksh never had. Do ur research! and lmh get lot of backend from overseas sales of his local dramas. But dont worry he runs his own agency and dont mediaplay everyday.

  4. Didn’t Song Kang have this endorsement? They swapped him out for Lee Minho or do they both endorse it? On a side note Hallyu stars never stop being popular even if their dramas don’t live up to the hype or get ratings anymore. Choi Jiwoo is the best example of a Hallyu star living off her fame. Winter Sonata and Stairway to Heaven are the only successful dramas in her entire career but she is still treated like royalty 2 decades later. So it should be no surprise that Lee Minho is still the Hallyu King and will be for a long long time.

    • @opera – Agreed. I think LMH is a very mediocre actor, but I get his popularity. The dude has the “it factor”, what Hollywood terms “movie star quality”. He is a star first, an actor second. His future dramas can all be flops, but he will stay popular.

      • 100% correct. Talent and popularity aren’t always connected. He is a decent actor, but not great.

    • And its not like his drama didnt do well overall. It was mega success on netflix and shares soared after its success and he got the biggest gig as main lead of 130 billion won drama . So he is doing amazing and his endorsements are always focused overseas more than local one which pays more than normal celebs in korea. Lee young ae after her movie in 2005 lived on her endorsements bcoz of hallyu fame lol. But lmh wont stop and by this year end he will announce another mega project or by next year. More the korean japan drama will have multiple seasons. He is going more global than just being a local mediaplay star. He is ambitious and striked the gold when bae yong joon retired and bof gave him the ultimate start and since then he has delivered . He carried his own projects. Unlike some showpieces

  5. The question here is What makes a great actor? There’s a correlation between his work, followers, ads, etc. And! He’s been see consistently recognized with various accolades. All that adds up to greatness. If there’s one thing we should be in this world is kind. He’s a human being that reads these cruel comments and they hurt. Shame on you all. Because of your sentiments, you have no credibility, no leverage, no legitimacy. Take my advice… Shhhh

    • I completely agree with you. I think many people still consider Lee Min Ho an ordinary actor and reject him, but he will definitely have a bright future.

  6. The haters have started and won’t mind their business but when the king fans retaliate now, they will start crying and forming victim.

    LMH is a lion and sheeps bleating at him from a distance is expected.

    So cry today, cry tomorrow, cry forever

  7. Oh boy i can tell you all and lydia. There so many great show get cancelled after 1 or 3 season. Lovecraft country (2020) get total 18 emmy award nomination on the series. Which may be critically acclaimed but not performing to expectation in term of rating or viewership. Among other show get cancelled.
    -Zoey extraordinary playlist.
    -American crime.
    -Picket fences.
    -Terminator: the sarah connor chronicle.etc etc

  8. Celor care fac judecăți de valoare : actorii renumiți și iubiți au fost iubiți și renumiți pentru carisma lor și nu neapărat pentru sau împotriva talentului lor! Avem atâtea exemple… Lăsați analiza performantelor profesionale celor calificați sa facă asta! Argumentele voastre pro și contra sunt jalnice! Sa fiți iubiți!

  9. Many people consider LMH a great actor except some minor sadists on Kola mainly deranged flower pot suzy fans… Don’t let anyone deceive you. Check other platforms if you think I am lying.

  10. Mostly follower on ig was fake. Can you imagine 25M follower he only get average 3-4milions like. Where there other follower?They are ghost?Lol.

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