Song Hye Kyo Accepts 3rd Thriller K-drama From the PD of Descendants of the Sun, Sweet Home, Will Film After Now, We Break Up and the Kim Eun Sook Drama The Glory

I love K-netizens perplexed snarkiness on this news, and honestly I’m out of reasons why as well other than she really likes to work? K-ent is reporting that Song Hye Kyo has accepted yet another K-drama this one from the PD of Descendants of the Sun, Goblin, and Sweet Home. It’s a thriller mystery drama and that’s all the details available as of now. Song Hye Kyo is currently filming Now, We are Breaking Up and after that she’s rolling into filming revenge drama The Glory from the screenwriter Kim Eun Sook. She will film the mystery thriller drama after The Glory, which means the lady is working back-to-back-to-back. But each drama is a different genre so that’ll be nice to see her deciding this path of challenging herself.


Song Hye Kyo Accepts 3rd Thriller K-drama From the PD of Descendants of the Sun, Sweet Home, Will Film After Now, We Break Up and the Kim Eun Sook Drama The Glory — 91 Comments

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  2. It is like there is a competition between her and SJK on who will have the most projects this year. LOL! No offense to the fans of both. Just an observation.

    • Doubt it. They are dunzo. No point in associating them with one another anymore. The biggest reason making its rounds on her enthusiasm is that her international projects managed by Wong Kar Wai’s film company in Hong Kong has been shelved indefinitely due to Covid and she does not want to wait around for those projects anymore. Hence her full focus on the domestic market. Given the fact that the offers are all from top notch directors and writers, there’s no reason not to accept. And yes – like what Koala said, its good she is pushing boundaries on the genres of scripts she’s accepting.

      • Does the reason really matter? She is an actress at the top of her game and doing her job. She’s getting good scripts and many people want to work with her. Why are people trying to even find an excuse for it? Let the woman live however she wants to and make money however she wants to. I’ll be more than happy to hear she signed for another drama or movie or whatever she wants to do next. The genres she’s picking these days is very different from most of what she did previously and she looks even better now than she did in the past so why not.

      • Exactly, it is about time she tries different genre like JJH. Because she is one of the excellent actresses out there in Korea.

    • Who knows. Like who’s getting more food trucks, who has better industry “connections”, who has more “loyal long term industry friends” & who’s moved on the most. Lmao! There’s definitely more than what meets the eye.

      • @fnir88 yes its always a competition. I dont think her fans even realize their every tweet and statement is defensive, trying to prove she is still on top. Just enjoy her works. They don’t need to compare her to her ex husband. She was a star long before him. Why so defensive?

    • At this point, the woman could go on vacay to Italy and people would say she went there out of all places because Vincenzo was from Italy. Never mind that Italy has long existed before that wack drama came along.

    • This is right on. She usually doesn’t do so many projects back to back. Always long gaps but when you see your ex out there working his butt off and succeeding it is a motivation to get out there and one up them. People will deny that but it’s human nature to want to show you are living your best life.

      • She was supposed to do something
        in the first half of last year when there was no vincenzo yet but of course things didn’t go as she planned. Lydia was probably right about her supposedly doing projects with wkw but had to abandon them due to the pandemic.
        Aren’t you guys tired of connecting everything she does to him? Because i am.

  3. I know it sounds a LOT that SHK had 3 dramas back to back (that we know of) but people often forget that LBH and SKH also generally do 4-5 movies back to back. It’s not like A Listers work less just because they are popular and don’t “need” the work. People who like to work generally work all year around without very long breaks. JJH also has many projects lined up almost back to back and frankly it’s nice to see these big name actresess in their 40s do more projects like they did in their 20s. Good for her and may the older actresses continue to regin for a long long time.

    • Song Hye Kyo has never been active on LBH level in Changmuro, never. Neither does her name generate reverence on that level of her friend Yoo Ah In in Changmuro. She is selective about dramas, period! Her movies, the highest in one year she did was back in 2015 in China, not even in South Korea. Her film career has mostly been centered around China and makes sense, the money is better and production roll out in China is fast. This is unusual for her to choose projects in South Korea back to back before release of new projects. Maybe the script is good, Covid could also be a factor, who knows.

  4. What’s funny is when Song Hye Kyo had that tax evasion scandal in 2014, she got a lot of hate for it & deservedly so, for breaking the law. But then came DOTS to her rescue & her relationship with her costar made people forget her previous scandal. But the irony is that rescue boat called #SongSongCouple crashed & burned turning into a disaster of epic proportions worse than the tax evasion scandal. Anyways, here’s to DOTS 2.0 (considering the director & the writer are also repeating) so that the public may forget the immortal SongSong debacle. Not sure, lol.

    • I don’t think her divorce is disaster epic proportions. She got divorce after the big wedding but neither dragged the problem long and don’t reveal much details. It’s actually quite clean in public image if you talk about divorce, especially with their status.

      Idk what both of the fans are fuming about but from an outsider perspective, it’s a clean divorce, every divorce is messy anyway.

      • Lol ‘clean divorce’ you say, the one where cheating accusations were hurled about, other costars were dragged into it, where they hid their separation for almost an year, all that passive aggressiveness hinting at some shady shit that might have occurred. Guess your “outsider perspective” also is biased, lol.
        FYI I didn’t call her divorce a disaster per se, I called the whole SongSongCoupling from ‘never been in so much love before’ to ‘I hate your guts gtfo’ in such a short span as disastrous.

      • I think their divorce is a clean one too with neither of them revealing anything and the divorce process was really quick. It’s the speculations of the media and some bloggers and the fan wars that were messy.

      • Not epic disaster but not exactly clean either when SJK one-sidedly announced his divorce to SHK. Note it was his divorce to her not their divorce. Throw in his family’s cryptic jabs at her and those were enough to fire up the rumour mills. I’m neither their fan or hater, but SJK did come off looking like a jerk in how he handled the divorce. Could’ve just made a joint announcement after papers were signed and that would’ve been much cleaner.

      • @Melanie – Are divorces supposed to be jointly announced? If one person announces a divorce, does that make them the bad person?

        Not sure about K-ent norms, but in Hollywood most divorces are announced by one party. Lmao, if this kind of tame divorce is already sending SKorea’s rumor mill into overdrive, I cannot imagine how netizens would react if they actually get a dramatic, mud-slinging divorce one day ala Brangelina or Johnny Depp & Amber Heard.

      • @Ophelia, I don’t know what the divorce announcement protocol is in the celebrity world, but a joint statement would have cut down a lot of the speculation on who was in the wrong. Since SJK announced it first on his own, many jumped to the conclusion that she did something to lead to him to file for divorce. I’m sure he knows how the public would react so I still stand by my comment that it was a jerk move on his part.

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  6. I finally, a different genre than romance for a change. This is good news because she will be busy with work in the next months. Stop bringing SJK in her article. Lets leave the past behind and move on. Agree with what Lydia said, we should stop associating the two anymore.

    I will give full support to working actresses in their 40s who are given good leading role scripts rather than just sideline female scripts

    • Ik sjk fans will swarm here to bashed shk. Enough, leave here alone. She take 3-5 to 10 up to her. She’s a grown up for god sake. She try several genre are good for her. Can’t wait for all of them. Love it when I can see her more in small screen.

      • well not all SJK fans hate her.

        I actually like her alot now as an acctress. it seems she start to enjoy how awsome is to act with sincerity.

        and her acting now is more nuance.

      • I am a SJK fan, though i am not a fan of SHK. SHK works really hard to achieve where she is today. She is among the first batch of actresses who help propel the hallayu wave. I have no idea why do others want to treat her badly,just because she got divorced from SJK. Why bring up the past again, when both of them have not touched on it anymore?

    • I’m a SJK fan but I dont hate SHK. There’s no reason to hate her, really. I’m not a fan of her as an actress but I think she is truly the most beautiful actress in Korea. I don’t think KTH and JJH ever hold a candle to her in terms of beauty. Also, she is probably the actress with the most hit dramas ever and I think she will stay relevant for a long time. I just hope people would stop dragging SJK and SHK together, especially with so much negativity. They both have moved on and others should too.

      • I dont hate her but I wish her acting lived up to her beauty hype. With her success I wish I actually enjoyed watching her on screen. Even dots she was the least impressive cast member. Sjk and second couple were more engaging to watch.

      • @anon there are people who actually enjoy her acting and with so many talented actresses around, i’m quite sure you won’t have a difficulty to find someone you enjoy watching.

  7. Of course she has strong people or connection behind her. Just look at yoon eun hye her career can’t go back to how it used to be because she doesn’t have strong people or insiders to help her.

      • Her sponsor’s name is – “Most Beautiful Actress in Korea”. I worked with her years ago and she even gave me weak knees. Your point is???

      • JJH and KTR would have something to say about that. Don’t know how you claim something like that. How about “one of the most beautiful”?

      • Dear Pocahontas, her sponsor is the fact that she is a very kind, compassionate and understanding celebrity in SK thats why she is always in good path. No comparison with YEH. For the very least.

    • This is such a weird example. Yoon Eun Hye was different in terms of fame, age etc. She was damn good but never insanely popular like Song Hye Kyo. Her management screwed it up and then due to her faith, she chose to extend that break personally and chose to come back wayyyy later than was ideal which in turn hurt her success chances. Her network is also smaller in comparison to Song Hye Kyo.

  8. I remember shk fans and supporters predicted sjk will be over after his divorce but he actually made a bigger comeback after a tough year. It like 2012 era for him when he enjoyed both drama and movie success and it was raining offers for him. He is back in a game this time with more critical acclaim. So all those who keep mentioning sjk should save their prayer for shk next drama.

    • Whats with the swamp of SHK antis here? Whether you like it or not, shes the original hallyu star. Made her success 20 years ago and her divorce is not going to derail her career in any way. Anyway them being actors, they should first and foremost be recognised for their craft and everything else takes second fiddle. They didn’t derail a production, cause depression to others, steal money, hurt anyone else other than themselves in their marriage and off. Also you have NO IDEA what the real truth of the breakup and the real situation in korea after leading to today so please don’t act like condescending smart asses. Not like any team SHG or Team SJK will eventually even get to smell their farts so no point getting your knickers twisted over their business.

      • I agree with your points but why do you come at Risking phoenix? She didnt bash SHK but stated what her fans said about SJK, which is true if you read past SJK posts here before Vincenzo aired. All the posts about him were flooded with negativity and most of the people said his career was over and that he had his career because of Dots and SHK. I recently read back those posts and was never so glad about I wasn’t here during that period.

      • @stranger. So its alright to come here and tell people to watch out fir her karma? If you must know. After the divorce he DID lose almost all his endorsements, while she kept all of hers despite sjk fans protesting to boycott all the brands she represents even sending vicious letters to amore pacific who has signed her for over a decade. He threw so much insinuations at her, announced the divorce when she was on a plane getting back to korea. That obviously backfired cos his rep took a hit instead. Throw in back to back bombs in movie and drama arena. He was not in a good place for a while till Vincenzo kinda revived his career. No lies in that department. Why is she blamed…

      • @Lydia1 – I appreciate your contributions to this blog, but you aren’t exactly neutral when it comes these two people in particular. You were utterly crapping all over SJK during the divorce and was crapping all over his recent drama until it kept doing well.


      • I respect your opinion but your comment is out of line. Her comment seems like it was towards her fans who love to brag about shk superiority and it is true that he did revive his career after Arthdal debacle. Shk was always a hallyu star and will remain so but that doesn’t mean she will always end up with hit drama. Her last drama was meh and lets be real her new drama with jng ki young will be compared with his, because both are making a comeback after a bitter divorce. Sjk proved he still a star and now its time for shk to shine.

      • So if nwabu flops, sjk fans will throw a party and when sjk’s future project doesn’t do well, it’ll be shk fans’ turn to retaliate? Endless cycle

      • @lydia1 mask off huh lmaooo. you tried really hard to play neutral but we know how you really feel about him and at the end of the day you can’t hide it anymore. he released only one statement and you you know he was well within his right to warn them not to play games. they still tried in china with all the bought topics and smearing his name. he knew it wouldn’t look good on him but he went with it anyway and he had good reasons to do so. stick to your original lines and keep the insults for the fanwars instead of coming after him. rising.phoenix and stranger didnt even say anything bad about her, just the fans and yet you attacked him.

      • @Lydia Admit it Your knicker got twisted over my harmless comment which didn’t even bash her. My comment was towards her fans who think everyone is beneath theirs goddess. Almond every day they are trying to prove she still a huge star, you did same on your previous reply. And yes I still believe they should pray for her new drama because she got 3 new drama you can’t expect all drama to hit big like dots or full house. Hope her fans finally get to see some good acting from her.

      • Yessss, dear Lydia… Both SJK amd SJK are excellent in their crafts so fans of both should stop comparing and fighting.

    • And you should go back to SJK article. Sjk fans have nothing to do huh? go back rewatching vicenzo instead of coming to his EX. Pathetic

    • Lydia1: The way I read it it was more directed at the fans who bashed SJK than about karma for SHK. I might be wrong but that’s what I understood from her posts.
      About the divorce, we never knew what transpired between them so I dont think it’s fair to judge. SJK obviously was hurt more by the divorce, there’s no doubt about it as he was never as established as her.

      • @stranger – Let’s see if this comment goes through.

        Lydia is a big SJK anti. During the divorce fallout she was in those comments trashing him to the high heavens and saying his career is over and throwing out wild accusations about both of them.

        She’s basically a kdrama LaineyGossip with her “insider gossip” and plays favorites.

      • @palatir. Those were the fake lydias. Anyway up to you. Copycats are the highest form of flattery

    • Agree with @stranger here. Seems like she’s also from SHK defense SQUAD. Lmao! Didn’t even bash SHK but her fans, who’re the most toxic horrible turds. Especially on twitter there’s a herd of them always name-calling & using such foul language. Yikes! When others retaliate, they cry victim. Such hypocritical maniacs. He’s a man so it’s okay to bash & name-call him but when it comes to her everyone becomes a feminist. Double standards. Lol
      @Lydia Why don’t you enlighten everyone about THE REAL TRUTH of their breakup & THE REAL SITUATION in Korea leading to today so that everyone will hail SHK just like you do.

      • Why should I even if I knew the reason I am not cheap enough to put it out here when all she has done is kept her dignity from start to end about the matter and her lips sealed. Girl has class so I will follow her lead on it. All the best to their upcoming dramas. P.s – i can dislike a drama for its production and storyline. Preferring Taxi Driver over Vincenzo is not all about SJK so please don’t make his importance off camera to my personal views bigger than it is. I enjoyed Vincenzo, hated the overacting of the lead actress first few eps till she mellowed down, hated some of the stupid scenes like pigeon to the rescue and that makes me a SJK anti? Ok then. Anyways looking forward to her 3 upcoming dramas and though I am sick of Jang Ki Yong but will still be catching it to see how production quality and storyline pans out.

      • @Fnir88 Lol, this Lydia previously accused both of cheating and said that SHK was pregnant with an ex-flame’s baby, and then dragged SJK’s family and accused him of being part of some shady golf circle. So that is the REAL TRUTH for you.


      • @Lydia I don’t understand how revealing of this REAL TRUTH you speak about could CHEAPEN you or SHK. Weird. Shouldn’t TRUTH prevail?! And what class gotta do with anything lmao, it’s not like you’re her PR, putting out a statement in media. Maybe it’s just your version of the “real truth”. Everyone has one.

  9. I love the hypocrisy of SHK fans, how they are saying SJK fans should leave SHK alone.

    Meanwhile, they were the ones that flooded every comment site during vincenso claiming that SJK is finished and vincenso will be an epic flop bcos he dumped their queen… They even attacked his Co star JHB.. Cry me a river

  10. Some shk fans are toxic but sjk fans aren’t completely guiltless either. Remember all the rumors they were spreading about her?

    • Read those comments, multiply it by 100x in words and actions by his korean fanbase. Slut, whore, hoe, add in organized hate mails to all her CF brands, bombing her sns and sending more hate to her agency. Using every ex boyfriend against her, creating massive lies about her personal life (cue: similar to the one above asking who is her “sponsor”) and you get the the drift. And people wonder why she needed to take a year off to the states. She was in toxic hell.

      • @Lydia Why are you painting it so one-sided? Her fans made his life a toxic living hell too. Accusing him of cheating (like you did), saying he is a failure, flop, has been (like you did), saying his career is over (like you did), spreading rumors about his parents, bombing his SNS, bombing his friends’ SNS, creating massive lies about his financial situation and his brother’s professional life.

        You’re so biased on this it isn’t even funny. Given how you’re always piping up with info about her projects, methinks you’re associated with her camp.

      • And her fans havent been doing the same to him? The mudslinging went both ways. The success of Space Sweepers and Vincenzo, and many upcoming quality projects is the best karma though. Her fans wanted him cancelled and it didn’t happen. They can continue seeing his face everywhere for the foreseeable future and cry about it.

      • Up until today, there are still plenty of efforts to spread rumors about her,coming from both his korean and intl fanbases.

      • @Plantir
        Neither fan base is completely innocent. But where Hye Kyo fans went a few extra miles is this, you guys are forgetting some of Song Hye Kyo’s fans targeted and harassed a lady lawyer who was professionally working with Song Joong Ki. They spread rumors later that she broke the marriage, she was humiliated in her work place as a result which is terrible thing to do to a total stranger. At the end, its weird to be offended on behalf of two people who all things considered had a clean, non-fussy and incredibly fast divorce. They moved on so should everybody.

      • @Gem same energy used by his fans to drag pbg into the divorce mess. Yes he’s a public figure but that still doesn’t excuse the dragging.
        I’m with you on the moving on part though. Everyone should learn how to move on including some peeps here who think sjk *motivates* shk to accept her drama offers

      • @Nad if it’s anyone who needs to move on, it’s YOU. Constantly commenting on her ex’s posts and even his co-stars’ posts and derailing the convo to push your SHK agenda. You getting paid to be her internet defender?

        Embarrassing. ?

      • @Palantir if nobody mentioned shk, you wouldn’t have seen me in those posts as simple as that.

      • @Nad take your public defense elsewhere. It’s like you peruse every post on this blog for a SHK mention and jump in at the slightest opportunity to talk about her. Even public defenders don’t work as diligently as you do.


      • That’s what fans are for, isn’t it? Defending their favs whenever, wherever they are

      • @Nad You’re not a fan, you’re a STAN (?) and that type of cultish, worshipping behavior is CRINGE.

      • @Nad
        Nah, you are completely forgetting the timeline of these rumors. Park Bogum and Song Hye Kyo rumors started when chinese media reported on their suspicions of separation few months early and as they had great chemistry people jumped on that bandwagon. They had spotted her in China minus ring, foklowed her and concluded that she was leading a separate life to her husband. And if you want to do one to one comparison then Kim Ok Bin too had to bear brunt of Song Hye Kyo’s fans as they also claimed Joong Kin cheated on Hye Kyo with her. The lawyer drama happened months later while divorce was being finalized. So, no harassing a non celebrity every day working women is not the same as celebrities getting dragged into a scandal by proximity. A regular women doesn’t have the support system in place nor the fan base to protect them which Park Bogum had, quite a vocal one. Please don’t act obtuse. You are clearly smarter than that.

      • @Palantir stans, fans..same thing. So long as it harms no one.

        @Gem some parts i disagree with but it’s fine.btw,what happened to sjk’s threats to sue anyone spreading rumors about him?did he actually proceed with the lawsuits?havent heard any news since.imo if the lawyer lady was harassed and her pic was circulated online,that was the only right thing to do.

      • @NAD I don’t plan on commenting on this post further and likely on any posts related to the two young kims anymore unless if its misinformation or casting news. I suggest you save your breath as well as time will always vindicate the parties. If it even makes it out in the news. Its time to let all 3 parties breathe. Namely SHG/SJK/PBG. All the best to their respective dramas and hopefully happy endings to their personal lives as well.

      • Agree with you on that.anyhoo, i’ve been meaning to ask you you think this news about shk and lee eung bok is legit?seems strange to release a casting news without a writer or a production or it’s just a normal practice in k-ent?

  11. @palantir: double standard.. If you don’t go to SHK and sjk post to lurk around, how do you know the other person doing in the thread? You are in SHK post and is defending your bias, so what are you?

    • @Ta I was in Kim Taeri posts recently, thank you very much, so get your facts straight. And notice I didn’t once say anything bad about SHK herself here. I can’t stand hypocrites like Lydia and Nad who jump at people’s throats and yet was doing a lot of bashing themselves before and now cry wolf when the heat is aimed at their fave.

      If you see me dragging SHK in completely unrelated posts, than go ahead and call me out. Until then, sit down and pipe down ?.

  12. To the SJK fan ( rising Phoenix, blazing flames, and so many more), you have your bias, and just follow your favorite, there is no need to bring up SHk’s fan said this said that to star fan war and be condescending about how her fan should be worried about her comeback. No she will do fine and she will continue to do so. As far as I remember, her last project was two years ago which received 9% rating cable average so I don’t know if it should be called didn’t do well…
    Congrats on your favorite Vincenzo, now move on and continue support him and stop worrying whether SHK will make a good come back. If her comeback isnt good, then it’s not too late for you to come to her thread and laugh out loud to celebrate yea?

    • Typical of SHK fans. Trying to be mature and neutral and they forget what They said said and wished for SJk before Vincenzo.

      • Get your facts straight.. you are another crazy SJK fan going and bark around without proof. Go and find proof of me wishing him this or that, then come here and we talk. I don’t waste my time for another person other than my bias. In the mean time, you sit down in a corner and slowly digest my post again.

  13. I remember SHK once said in an article that she regretted not accepting more dramas during her heyday.

    Maybe she wants to do as much dramas as she can as possible.

  14. SHK used to do a drama every 3 or 4 years , and now that she is getting older she gets a lot of good offers . Isn’t a good thing , that a “old actress” stills active at the top of the game , in a industry where you are considered old when you ore over 30 . I’m not her fan but she had the luck to get away with her scandals , better for her .

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