tvN Drama Big Mouth Assembles Big Cast Adding Kim Joo Hun, Kwak Dong Yeon, Ok Ja Yeon, and Yang Kyun Won Joining Leads Lee Jong Seok and Yoona

The cast of upcoming tvN legal drama Big Mouth just exploded this week with so many recognizable faces joining leads Lee Jong Seok and Yoona. I guess filming is starting soon lol. Every one of these supporting leads have other dramas and movies going on as well so it’s really a solid collection of currently hot talent. Joining the cast is Kwak Dong Yeon, Kim Joo Hun, Ok Ja Yeon, and Yang Kyung Won, each with recently big drama hits this year in Vincenzo, Mine, and Start-up. Big Mouth is definitely shaping up to be one of the highest profile dramas around what with it being Lee Jong Seok’s post-military comeback project and partnered with Yoona there will definitely be two fandoms working double time to create buzz. I’m just praying for a great drama with a solid storyline.


tvN Drama Big Mouth Assembles Big Cast Adding Kim Joo Hun, Kwak Dong Yeon, Ok Ja Yeon, and Yang Kyun Won Joining Leads Lee Jong Seok and Yoona — 21 Comments

  1. Great supporting cast, big name stars, well-know pd BUT the writer is a big question mark. Please tvn drama gods, don’t waste all the immense talent with another dumpster like Doom. I have never heard of the writer before. Is she the same person who wrote When The Weather Is Fine? Legal dramas can get dragged down by the courtroom plots. However being done right, it can be engrossing. I personally like Miss Hammurabi which is written by a real life senior Seoul judge. His first attempt at tv scriptwriting was well received by viewers. Other notables are Innocent Defendant, Lawless Lawyer, Suits, Suspicious Partners. I really like LJS. Yoona was ok in Love Rain but uninspired in K2. Never watched her other dramas & movies so I can can’t say much.

    • Am I the only one over legal dramas? I’d tune in for the quality cast but would need something to be different here vs other legal shows to really keep me watching.

    • Yes please TVN I seriously need a good drama to watch. Doom was doomed from the very start. What a waste. Thankfully I only wasted an hour watching the first episode.

    • I know! I wonder if he will ever get a lead role or will forever be seen as a supporting character actor? He has the chops but maybe isn’t viwed as classically *handsome* as other actors.

      • Sorry I misread the name and was referring to Kim Joo Hun here, although I agree with you about KDY as well!

    • Leads are often given to those who can draw in money. I don’t think Kwak Dong Yeon has that. He’s undoubtedly talented, and the only reason I’ll probably check this one out cause I’m not a fan of either leads, nor do I think they’re nearly as talented. But money is not written on his face just yet.

      If he builds enough accolades and reputation which I think he’ll more easily get in films, he might get promoted to much bigger roles in TV. My two cents.

    • Maybe a controversial opinion but he isn’t tall enough, he looks short, the only short lead actors are yeo Jin goo, siwan and d.o, they have fandom to back their status and former actors but Kwam Dong Yeon didn’t have song Kang proportion or Jung hae In body.
      If he has build like Jung Hae In, he’ll get the lead role quick,

  2. Yoona has always been a bit shaky/inconsistent on the acting front. I’m intrigued whether she can be a foul-mouthed bold character. I would prefer the FL go to IU or Jung Eun Ji. They can portray feisty & curse with a venom yet imbued with vulnerability but I just can’t imagine Yoona doing that. I would love that she can prove me wrong. Thus can be her breakout role on tv. I can also picture Soo Young or Seo Hyun Jin as the wife of LJS’s character. So what SHJ is older, she can add more gravitas as the empowered woman of a younger hubby. That can spice things up a bit.

    • Yoona is better at not serious character like in prime minister and EXIT, she gets a very favourable review for her EXIT characters.

  3. Kwak Dong-Yeon? What is he doing here? He was offered the main role for Monstruous drama from the Train to Busan’s PD… I hope his agency didn’t mess up.

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