Chinese Authority Harsh Legal Response to Wu Yi Fan’s Rape and Drug Distribution Investigation Heralds Using Him as a Warning to the Public to Not Idolize Stars

I still remember the shock of watching China’s top #1 actress and star Fan Bing Bing fall from grace three years ago in 2018 disappear suddenly and then re-emerge months later admitting and apologizing for large scale tax evasion from not reporting overseas income and having yin-yang contracts. One would think that would have scared the entire industry into behaving properly and following the law, and I mean both differently because one could be immoral but still not break any laws. What Chinese authorities want is both, and it’s been stressing strong punishment for those breaking the law and for breaking moral conduct, such as cancelling C-actress Zheng Shuang for her surrogacy scandal. With that said, to know star(s) continue to misbehave as if they are above the Chinese law really confounds me, because if I was scared of breaking the law anywhere then it’s compounded in scale when it’s the authoritarian and harsh hammer of the Mainland Chinese law and enforcement. Chinese official government newspapers are reporting broadly on the Wu Yi Fan investigation and detention reportedly at the behest of the authorities who want to use him to send a clear warning – stars will not be above the law, and blind fan idol worship and excuse making for their stars will not be condoned. To date, every single television program with Wu Yi Fan as a guest has been removed from online streaming, his Weibo and all official SNS sites as well as his main and ancillary fan sites have all been removed from the various platforms.


Chinese Authority Harsh Legal Response to Wu Yi Fan’s Rape and Drug Distribution Investigation Heralds Using Him as a Warning to the Public to Not Idolize Stars — 21 Comments

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  2. I’ve read in ig mentioned that, when you’re already detained by the police for investigation, it is confirm that you’re guilty. this is one of the scariest things in business entertainment. he is totally over now. I’ve also read that the ones that supported him, their weibo account got warning and banned ?. anyway, I’m quite shocked and impressed abt the China government. they have the power to control their peoples. it’s very different from my country. if the actors or actresses made a bad thing, they’ll be immediately be banned. while in my country, you still can make a glory comeback lol. what do we call abt this type of government?

    • Careful what you wish for.. socialism or communism isn’t as good as it seems.

      Their freedom, equality or justice won’t ever be for all.

    • You will be more impressed and like them even better knowing they oppress innocent citizens and commit genocide, yet their own Communist government is the most corrupted in the world.

      “Power to control their peoples.” I can’t believe there are people out there who are impressed by this. No democracy or freedom of speech, yet you’re praising them, no wonder they are able to brainwash their own citizens so easily.

  3. This is a full-scale takedown of proportions I’ve never seen before. At least Fan BingBing “only” committed tax fraud – this situation involves death penalty-level offences. Even if he for whatever reason is proven innocent in court, his career and life is effectively ruined from here on out. At best, he’ll serve minimal jail time and get deported to Canada to live his life out in shame.

    If there’d one thing you can’t fault China for, it’s their rigid, immovable stance on moral correctness. Not everything they want is ethical but when shit like this goes down, it’s nice to know that skeezy criminals whose hubris allows them to think they’re better than everyone else can be taken down in a snap. At the end of the day, I’m glad DMZ and the other victims will receive the justice they deserve.

    • @Aurora – This isn’t so much about moral correctness as the C-gov has been planning to “clean up” the entertainment industry for a while now due to the threat it’s beginning to pose to central authority, and Kris Wu’s case is just the perfect opening to escalate the clean-up.

    • China never approves dual citizenship. His Canadian citizenship may be on paper but China will not consider it as valid. He has committed crimes in China and will be held in China forever especially he is born in China and is Chinese.

      • Someone said that if he is convicted then he will need to finish his sentence and China will deport him back to Canada. Why would they want to waste their resources on him after his jail term?

      • China doesn’t acknowledge dual citizenship, which is precisely why he’s Canadian only. The only reason why he might be held in China is because he commited the crimes in China, not because he’s Chinese.

    • I was skeptical about all this and now I proven right.. It is only an idiot will commend and support the evil Chinese Government in this..they are just using this case as a trojan horse for what is about to come and that is the North Korea way.. If you think this is all about justice then I am the owner of London Bridge and I willing to sell it to you.

    • A lot of you guys seem to think I’m praising the Chinese government like some sort of political simp for whatever reason but I was simply pointing out the fact that wrongdoings of this caliber are treated with the severity they deserve by them.

      That DOES NOT, however, excuse their genocidal and oppressive tendencies. They’re just like any other government in the world – good at some things, terrible at others. Hopefully that clears stuff up for those of you who apparently think I’m Team Chinese Government or something.

  4. Chinese authority is deadly serious in KW’s case. There is even a harsh rebuke toward parents of young girls who are chasing idols. The Chinese authority is intended to makes this case as an example for it’s people.

  5. Best wishes to all the victims and hopefully they will be able to move on with their lives. Also I hope this will send a very, very strong message to the future criminals (celebrities or not). It’s tragic that he did it all to himself. Certainly I hope the people who helped him cover his terrible crimes will be punished also. I have never liked this guy. He always gives me that arrogant/vibe – somewhat like a gangster. That I’m above all attitude.

  6. I don’t understand him you know too have the fame and money why couldn’t he get girls to sleep with without rapping them … I don’t get it … he could have easily gotten any woman that he wanted and instead he chose to rape them … what a disgrace

  7. Ccp says he committed suicide but imo they murdered him. Communist country tragic. He deserved trial and get punished by it.

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