SBS Releases Second Officer Teaser Preview for Upcoming Sageuk Drama Red Sky with Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Yoo Jung

It’s finally here, the second teaser preview for SBS romance sageuk Red Sky and hopefully the kickoff to the network starting the promo train in earnest ahead of the August 30th premiere. The pro is that everything and everything looks good, gorgeous visuals and the teaser is cut nicely with quiet moments and tension filled action. The con is that looks isn’t everything and we won’t know how substantively it comes out until the drama comes out and we watch it for the full package of visuals, acting, chemistry, directing, and story. With that said, Ahn Hyo Seob looks way better than in the first teaser with the awful hairstyle and I don’t see it here as he’s styled like a scholar except with red eyes hahaha. Maybe the red sky is his eyes who knows. Kim Yoo Jung is just perfectly as a female painter and all around Joseon era queen.

Second teaser for Red Sky:


SBS Releases Second Officer Teaser Preview for Upcoming Sageuk Drama Red Sky with Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Yoo Jung — 40 Comments

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  2. The cgi and the styling isn’t doing it for me in this teaser either 🙁 bring back the love in the moonlight styling team. But besides that I’m very excited and my girl is beautiful even though the stylist and the make up team isn’t that good. She looks gorgeous despite even the worst stylist. I hope they focus more on her character and that this is truly a female centric drama.

    • Yeah, I hope it really is a female centric drama like an article I read before. I love Kim Yoo Jung and just wants the best for her.

      • I’m praying really hard ❤️ I’m tired of many historical korean dramas making the males the highlight.

      • True! I don’t want her character to be a damsel in distress. I hope they will follow the novel where she is the focus not the male lead.

    • just come back from naver. seems like this is a male centric one. the order of the casts started from ahn hyoseop first, then kim yoojung. even most of the articles were written like this: “ahn hyoseop x kim yoojung”. usually, the name who come first will hint either this is male centric / female centric. plus, male lead character somehow is more interesting as he is also a demon. just like other fantasy drama such as lee seunggi in the gu family book and lee junki in scholars who walks the night.

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    • He’s got a demon inside him. This is a FANTASY HISTORICAL DRAMA. So if you don’t like fantasy this drama will probably not suit yourself

    • Hi @L His red eyes happened due to the demon that possesses his body.
      Many are mistaking his red eyes as vampire though. Haha! But it’s because of the demon. And if I’m correct, his red eyes also turn to another color in the novel.

  4. i guess I’m in the minority who felt that kyj looks suits more in modern than sageuk. coz after seeing all the 3 teasers, i alwyas immediately thought abt koala’s post abt kwon nara’s look in royal secret agent. looks too modern for sageuk. maybe they got the same face features.. so that’s why.. but nevertheless, these two leads look so beautiful and gorgeous! and ahn hyo seop characters here looks cold and overbearing male lead, which is totally my style and preference! just hope that kyj characters isn’t a weak female lead. coz I’m getting tired with this troup ? but one thing that turned me down. can someone enlighten me whether is it true that ahn hyoseop got plastic surgery? why i encountered many of this things in twitter saying that he looks different and got ps? ? i haven’t watched any of his dramas yet besides splash2 love. and i love his looks in the teaser here. but i don’t want praise someone’s beauty due to ps ?

    • In my personal view, it’s got to do with weight loss. 2 years ago he’s more on the chubby side. He has been filming drama left and right recently. Fatigue and stress would be a great factor of losing weight.

      • hope it’s true. I’ve never found him as attractive and handsome before. but in this drama, he looks attractive.

    • i feel like ahn hyo seop resembles a lot of actors. he is naturally handsome, knetz once dug up his predebut pics during dr romantic era. its just his face changes a lot according to the styling of characters thats why people are having a hard time recognizing his face lol i dont know if its a good thing or not but i agree he unexpectedly looks good wearing hanbok

  5. Yay! Finally it’s here!
    I feel like they change a lot of things in the novel. But the vibes is similar and you can sense that it’s a very dramatic lovestory. I’m also looking forward to Hong Chun Gi’s life as the only female painter working in Korean Painting Academy.

  6. Nice one SBS.
    It looks really promising.
    The demon inside Haram is intriguing and Kim Yoo Jung in hanbok is a usual treat, even in a male uniform hanbok.
    So excited to watch it on the 30th.

  7. I will watch it for sure.
    If you have read the novel.
    The story is really really great!
    And watching the teaser is not really enough, but it’s already heart wrenching.
    I already feel their good acting and chemistry. Looking forward to watch the whole drama!

  8. It seems clichéd, but I like that flower petals blowing. Kinda reminds me of TMETS. But what’s with the Joseon Edward Cullen? I’m sorry, I dunno the synopsis but is this a romance- supernatural genre?

  9. I prefer AHS’s styling in the trailer than the teaser… the long hair didn’t suit him.

    The production looks really great!

    KYJ in a sageuk can only be a good thing 🙂

  10. I normally don’t watch historical dramas before. But it changed when the lead is Kim Yoo Jung. Excited to see this one. Congrats HCG team!

  11. Its a preview! A teaser. Why look for pros and cons? You dont give away all in a teaser. Its suppose to make you excited and curious about the series. Its a good preview. Love it! Eagerly waiting for kyj and red sky?

  12. Sageuk is not my type of genre but I make exception for Kim Yoo Jung. Anyway, I’m happy that it has fantasy in it.
    Will look forward to its premiere.

  13. I’m a sucker for this kind of story. I so love their acting. Especially the female lead’s gaze. The novel gives you so much feels and I would like to see it on this drama.

  14. Gosh!!!! This will premiere this August!?
    I will surely watch it. The teaser looks so good!!!
    The plot story seems unique to me. For sure there’s so much more from that teaser. I haven’t read the novel but was able to read some excerpts from it. And just by reading those, I know I will enjoy this drama!

    • Agree with you. There’s really so much more from the story of Hong Chun Gi. It’s really such a great story. The novel was really a good material for a drama adaptation. And I am very happy to learn that ot will happen. The teaser looks so promising as well.

    • A fateful lovestory of Chun Gi and Ha Ram. Also, their pairing seems fate to me. KYJ and AHS was supposedly cast in 2018 as leads for a drama. But because of KYJ health and AHS schedule conflict, it didn’t push through. They already had a script reading that time and few filming.
      It’s just so cute!

  15. I’m waiting for Kim Yoo Jung series. I love her acting very much. She’s beautiful and a good performer. I’ve watched all her series from her childhood until now. I’m excited to watch Red Sky.

    • Same here! If Yoo Jung is in the drama, I’ll definetely watch it. Her acting skills, regardless of the genre speaks to me in so many levels. She’s just so endearing to me.

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