Han So Hee Drops Out of K-movie Gentleman with Joo Ji Hoon Citing Exhaustion, Park Sung Woong Joins Cast as Second Male Lead

There’s a sorta switcheroo or maybe musical chairs with K-movie Gentleman today in the news. Female lead Han So Hee, in what would have been her big screen debut, has dropped out of the movie with her agency citing exhaustion. That she was going into filming right after or near concurrently with jTBC drama Nevertheless and she’s also in the cast of Netflix drama Undercover did pose concerns with she was overexposed and/or overworked. I’m glad she’s putting her mental and physical wellbeing first and with her hot streak I’m sure she’s got plenty of other opportunities in the near future. As for the movie, it’s casting for a new female lead for Joo Ji Hoon and in the meantime has found him a second male lead as Park Sung Woong just joined the cast.


Han So Hee Drops Out of K-movie Gentleman with Joo Ji Hoon Citing Exhaustion, Park Sung Woong Joins Cast as Second Male Lead — 30 Comments

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    • Same. I hope her health recovers, kdrama filming schedules can be brutal and she’s working a lot. Better to do what she can handle tbh.

  2. Maybe the movie has action scenes and she dropped out because of her past injuries on Undercover. She needs to recover first.

  3. Kim Tae Ri or Lee Ha-Na will be good. Actually I don’t think Han So Hee is suitable for Joo Ji Hoon. Her acting skills is not there yet.

    • noooooooo. no to kim ji won…..the girl cant act. shes trying hard. trying hard to be cute all the time

      i tried watching her drama with Ki chang wook. she ruined it fir me. her acting was so over the top…


      • joane shitting on an actress by telling lies about her acting abilities…same old, same old.

  4. It seems she is prioritizing Gyeongseong Creature that’s why she opted to withdraw in this movie to rest before the drama starts filming. Good move imo the premise of the movie isn’t that interesting and JJH is not even a box office draw on his own

    • But 2020 was his year. Even his Kingdom series were so freaking popular. Hsh isnt on his league. Especially nevertheless only got 1% something. While him has so many box office movies, his dramas got high rating and even his kingdom series are still popular in N.

      And im saying this eventho im not a fan of JJH.

      • I agree HSH is not there yet but I’m saying JJH has no movie nor drama that he is the main draw lol his hit movies are with bigger actors. Maybe just maybe, she is avoiding another dud so she’s moving on to prepare for Gyeongseong Creature with PSJ as male lead. Not a fan of both too btw

      • @Q… clearly you haven’t seen a lot of JJH’s movies. He doesn’t need bigger actors to carry him. He IS the big actor!

      • i wonder how the heck she pick so many project and not getting exhausted? I already predicted she might be drop some of them.

        good she conaider her health since she so workaholic.

        I can’t wait to watch ber netflix series with PD kim jim min.

    • @q she is avoiding another dud? you also imply that he can’t carry a drama with his own? i have to disagree. it’s very disrespectful and ridiculous for you to say that in order to paint hsh’s action as good. no hate on her, but it’s a tacit understanding that she isn’t even on the same level with him yet. your assumption abt her like this just implies that she acts like a diva. don’t let your imagination go wild

      • Joo ji hoon can’t bring box office movie by his own name. All of box office movie carried by veteran A-list actor he just supporting role not lead role. His last lead role movie was treacherous (2015) and that was adult movie. If hyun bin has (confidential assignment), jo in sung (great battle), song joong ki(werewolf boy). Item was considered flop hard,(hyena) carrying by queen kim hye soo, (kingdom) bae do na madam netflix.Joo ji hoon zero presence in box office movie as lead role. Let see how jirisan will get hit or flop.

    • Jung Woosung, Hwang Jungmin, Kim Yeonseok, Ha Jungwoo, Ma Dongseok, Lee Sungmin, Yoon Eunhye (at her prime), Sooae, Kim Hyesoo, Jun Jihyun, Bae Doona are clearly bigger stars than him so yes I stand with my opinion that he cannot carry a drama much less a movie on his own yet lmao HSH can’t either obviously where in my comments did I say nor even imply she’s bigger than JJH, I just said she is choosing to prioritize GS with a male lead who has a much better ratings track record and she won’t have to carry the star power ??‍♀️

      And it’s not like she got off while in the middle of filming she can be replaced with a more reliable movie actress like Lee Junghyun lmao if you disagree then fine lol

  5. There is no doubt he was top actor but all his box office movie was supporting actor.Last time he lead in movie in 2015 treachorus and we know that movie was adult movie.Lets see how jirisan will hit 20% rating or flop because qiyi never produce good drama like studio dragon+ netflix did.

  6. IDIOT . Naomi osaka started this quitting trend. Girl gi earn millions when u r in most demand actress. Ruining career. Dumb

    • here you go again adyjjh, fed up with your nonsense commenting. ofc health comes first than ruining her fit health with too much pressure

  7. I don’t like her acting in Nevertheless, so I guess it’s a good news. He already had a lot of bad luck with actresses, like he had to act twice with Jin Se-Yun…

    I’m excited to watch Jirisan for him 🙂

  8. There’s Park Gyu-young and Go Min-si. They’re both pretty actress in their 20s that can act. Or if they want a already big enough actress there’s Kim Ji Won, but there may be conflicting schedules with her filming her jew drama, idk.

  9. Good for her. She should prioritize her health. Also good for the film I think – I wasn’t feeling the casting at first to be honest. I think JJH is too intense of an actor and HSH might not be able to meet that level of acting. Still plenty of chances for her, so I don’t think it’s a big deal for her.

    • I think this movie is supposed to be a comedy, in which case, I’m not sure if either JJH or HSH would be the best casting choice, but would be intrigued to see how they would do. I agree that there will be plenty of chances for her and she should prioritize her health. I do hope the new actress in the role will be someone in their 30s, like Lee Da Hee.

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