Picture of Wu Yi Fan in Chinese Jail Spread Online as His Diehard Fans Camp Outside the Detention Center Waving Glow Sticks and Singing in Support

The Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu) downfall continues to dominate C-ent headlines and really who can look away. Here is a male stop at the top of his game who had the looks, money, and power to woo and win girls if he just made an effort but decided nah, it’s easier to drug and rape and then ghost. He has been completely scrubbed from every single Chinese entertainment forum, songs taken down from streaming, his name replaced by a numbers in shows and movie cast lists he starred in, all official and unofficial SNS accounts whether of himself or his fan groups cancelled. But that hasn’t stopped his diehard fans in China and overseas from continuing to support him – overseas fans continue to tweet and post supportive messages on his fan sites hosted overseas that China cannot delete, and his domestic fans have tried to visit him in jail (but cannot) and has taken to organizing fan support outside the detention center waiving glow sticks shaped in his character Fan and also singing songs. A poster who claims his uncle works in the detention center shared a widely circulated picture of a detention cell and circled the person who he claims is Wu Yi Fan, head shaved and laying between ten other men in these shared cells. He has reportedly been subjected to full cavity searches upon as all entering inmates would be, and on the outside his mother has reportedly hired the most expensive lawyers to get her son out of jail with plans to immediately leave for Canada, and she also tried to communicate with initial accuser Du Mei Zhu trying to get her to marry Wu Yi Fan and try to resolve things this way. Hahahaha, I can’t even with this mother enabler still trying to get her precious son off the hook from consequences.


Picture of Wu Yi Fan in Chinese Jail Spread Online as His Diehard Fans Camp Outside the Detention Center Waving Glow Sticks and Singing in Support — 28 Comments

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  2. There were viral tweets which are deleted now that he committed suicide.
    If he has done things, he deserves to get pubished by law. No dictatorship of govr should be there. But its ccp.

    Anyways what do u expect from a mother? It is easy to write essays preaching abput how people should choose high moral road. But in real world, people care about their family. Now i m sure ur blind fangirls will write essays here bashing mom and people for saying truth. I just hope he doesnt get murdered by govt. Let him get punished by law even if it means death penalty. Or u suppprt ccp ways?

    • If he committed suicide, he is a bigger bitch than I thought. Own up to it, sit out your sentence and hope that the victims will be able to forgive him eventually.

    • @disappointedAdyByKris , i don’t know him as i don’t care about Chinese entertainment, But i agree with what you said . the only thing is that i’m against death penalty . Many people were executed wrongly all over the world .

    • Exactly, even ockoala in her high horse will do the same as a mother.

      It Is easy to sit behind your computer writing and forming moral police until shit hits the fan

      • I never said that. I am talking about people’s high horse on sm . Parents will side their children most of times and second i trust fair trials for everyone. Sorry if u like dictatorship of ccp. Democracy is what i support

      • I don’t have to support ccp to wish a limp ass peadophile is jailed and gets maximum punishment. Why should Canada have to take him in and endanger children there.

  3. “Your smile made me believe in angles.” LOL. These fans are crazy. Even if that was written correctly that would still be cringe worthy.

    • I really do not get it. Even after he committed so many heinous crimes, he still has so many fangirls. Why would he ever go so far to rape, if there are plenty of fangirls willing to have consensual sex? This guy is a pure evil pervert.

      • After i knew that serial killers and serial rapist who are sentenced to lifetime imprisonment or in deathrow still get groupies… I learned to accept that there are just some weird and oftentimes irrational people around. It is not for us to understand how they think.

        And as Mark Twain once said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convinced them that they have been fooled”

      • @Czak I am not talking about the insanity of his fangirls. I understand that these are irrational people. I am talking about Kris Wu. When he was at his peak, there were literally girls begging him for sex. So why on earth does he feel the urge to rape girls if he could easily get laid in a legal and consensual manner?

      • @adyjunjihyun well the grass is always greener on the other side. especially when it comes to greedy people.

      • With all his money and fame, the fact he still feels the need to resort to drugging and raping means it’s all about power. The need to have control. And I hear his mom is the super controlling type so maybe it’s his need to control the opposite sex because of mommy issues. (Btw, I just finished watch Mindhunter.)

      • Even if it is about power, he can find girls that will eat his poo or do some degrading things with consent. I think mommy issues does not explain his loose moral compass. The only thing I can think off is that he is a pedophile and he does not want to get caught, so he resorts to these methods.

      • @adyjunjihyun Rape is violence against someone weaker. The intent is to cause fear, pain. If he finds someone willing, that takes away the intent. In some cases, lawmakers want to replace the word sexual with violent assault because that is what it is – a violent assault that should not be weakened by saying it was “only” sexual. If they had charged him with several counts of violence against a twelve year old girl, it clarifies how this is NOT consensual, could never be consensual, and can only be rape.

  4. If Kris is truly from the streets as he has claimed many times, prison should earn him some street cred. I guess he is not such a big boy after all… Flower boys like him will definitely do well with inmates… Don’t die for us, Argentina.

  5. The mom is trying to marry Du Mei Zhu with Kris. What??? Is this K drama? ?
    You are joking right koala? Aren’t you?

    • Yeah, my reaction was “that’s straight out of a Drama” – it’s amazing the number of times stuff happens that makes it clear makjang madness actually happens in real life in East Asia. This is a particularly nauseating example.

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  7. Koala, please check your source better. Both the pictures (the sleeping mats one) and the fan support pictures were proved false already. The fan support ones come from his event in 2018 or something. Not a fan of Kris but it’s not fair to post fake pictures.

  8. I hope truth and justice will prevail, whatever it may be. Sounds like he is a scum who feels entitled and entices girls to sleep with him with a promise of career opportunities. The challenge I suppose is proving that he is a rapist. Let’s see how this pans out.

  9. Those pictures are not from outside the detention center. Come on…this is China, they clamp down on protests, never mind one for a case of this magnitude.

    WYF’s mom should save her money on the lawyers. No amount of $ can go up against central authority. The verdict is already in. The only question right now is how severe his sentence will be and if he will make it out of China (alive).

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