K-ent Discusses the Four Young Actresses to Watch Kim Tae Ri, Kim Go Eun, Kim Da Mi, and Han So Hee in Upcoming Fall/Winter 2021 K-dramas

When K-ent decides on their buzzy stars it’s always the same names dominating the news cycle for that period. 2021 is heading into the final quarter soon and all the dramas on schedule have been cast and filmed/filming so it’s time to take a look at what is being watched by the industry. K-news is reporting on the four young actresses in the same age group that are on deck this fall/winter 2021 with anticipated K-dramas that will either continue their hot trajectory or put a damper on things. There is Kim Tae Ri who is starring opposite Nam Joo Hyuk in Twenty Five, Twenty One, a modern period drama set in the IMF crisis. Kim Go Eun will be in the K-drama adaptation of Yumi’s Cells which is really centered around her character and a bevy of male leads. It’ll be a two-fer of IT leads for the upcoming That Year, Us with Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik, and last but not lead Han So Hee will be segueing from the underwhelming Nevertheless to her next drama the Netflix action drama My Name. To me the outlier in gathering these four actresses in the same article is Han So Hee who has yet to have a hit drama or movie as a lead herself whereas the other three have a longer resume and headlined hits under their belt.


K-ent Discusses the Four Young Actresses to Watch Kim Tae Ri, Kim Go Eun, Kim Da Mi, and Han So Hee in Upcoming Fall/Winter 2021 K-dramas — 35 Comments

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  2. KTR and KGE have both headlined hit dramas but they did with the help of more popular male leads and hit writers. They still have to prove their ability to carry dramas on their own. Nevertheless is a flop but HSH isn’t at fault for that she still has the potential for hit dramas if she gets the same treatment as KTR and KGE. KDM has only had one drama with a popular male star but her movie was a hit that she carried on her own.

  3. Almost all these actresses are originally movie stars with Kim Taeri and Kim Goeun breaking out through hit erotic movies. Its a bug deal for Han Sohee to be put in the same category. Proves her star potential and public love.

  4. Kim Ji Won is casted in the new kdrama by My Mister writer, and Han hyo joo will also be in the upcoming dystopic kdrama Hapiness, with Park Hyung Sik. Wonder why they weren’t mentioned. HHJ is not from the same age range though, but still.

    • HHJ has scandals because of her brother and KJW isn’t considered a trending actress anymore. She would be in 2017-18 but not anymore.

      • Kim Ji-won is still a bigger actress than Kim Da-mi and arguably also Han So-hee. Kim Ji-won is a bonafide actress, whilst Han So-hee is pushed so hard after the TWOTM but apparently not able to pull in the ratings on her own.

  5. Park juhyun is also one of the upcoming actress to look out for . After watch extracurricular and mouse in which was the leading role she can also ? be apart of the trending upcoming actress.

  6. Park juhyun is also one of the upcoming actress to look out for . After watch extracurricular and mouse in which was the leading role she can also ? be apart of the trending upcoming actress.

  7. Damn how did I miss the news that Kim tae ri would be acting with nam joo hyuk. Its laughable really but I respect his hussle, he’s clearly lucky with a good management.

    • He has always had great luck with his female co stars. Starting from Kim sohyun to Kim taeri he has almost always had actresses who can cover for him.

      • Very true the excellent actresses he acted with atleast helped shine somewhat. Except suzy haha but then again he’s atleast better than her.

  8. it’s very interesting to see the power they hold (except han sohee, already saw her rating drama performance in nevertheless) to carry the drama without the bigger co-star. previously, we had ktr-lee byung hoon, kim dami- park seojun, and kim goeun- gongyoo/lee minho. their previous drama had a good rating (goblin for kge).

  9. Seo ye ji would probably be in there with the ocn drama, she’s awful though so good riddance.

    I wonder about lee sung kyung since she headlined arguably the biggest drama of 2020.

  10. Huh?
    Maybe visuals, don’t think Han So Hee belongs to the same league as Kim Ta Ri, Kim Go Eun and Kim Da Mi acting wise.

  11. May be u don’t know but Kim ji won is almost Hallyu star who proved her talent and has starpower. She acted different roles in hit kdramas.Her dramas are popular with decent ratings while Han So hee can only beauty queen. That’s it. She still lacks to express complicated emotions. Her only lucky drama’s TWOTM. She’s so lucky because of sexy and appealing visual to knetizens. But believe, she can’t even stand among Kim tae ri( super talented undoubtedly!) having some hits and plenty of awards under her belt or Kim ji won, Kim go eun who are considered as strong performs. Plus, I would also add Park ju hyun who is way better than HSH regarding acting skills. She has everthing including visual, talent however she is being pushed hardly like HSH

  12. I wonder why Park ju hyun isn’t included since she is the most talented right now staring opposite Yoo ah in in Netflix big budjet movie also she has so many casting offers. This girl can act.However,I’m not sure about HSH as she acted only in one major movie but included beside KGN or KTE who are True hallyu stars

    • I think the article only covered actresses who have dramas airing in the last quarter of 2021. Park Joo hyun is releasing a movie in the fall, not a drama, A

      Another name floated here, Kim Ji Won – her drama isn’t being released until 2022. I can’t think of any buzzy “young” actresses who are coming out with new dramas in the fall except maybe Kim Hye-yoon but she’s playing a supporting role. There is Park Ji-hoo, who has gotten a ton of buzz last year for a korean movie, is leading a netflix school drama – “all of us are dead”, but she’s only 17.

      I’m sure in a few months, the slate of “4 young actresses to watch” will get changed again.

  13. There’s a lot of pressure specially on Kim Taeri and Kim Goeun, since Dami is gonna act with Wooshik, who is a great actor. Kim Goeun is escencially leading alone and Kim Taeri is with Nam JooHyuk who has improved but still has to fight the stigma of his bad acting on previous dramas, and to be honest KTR’s fans are more eager on shipping her with her co-star Bona. But I hope is a great drama for NJH since it can be his last before enlistment.

      • There’s been a shortage of actors to pair actresses with.

        And the older, bankable ones are taking on movie projects with other older, bankable actors. If they have other others, they want to avoid doing dramas where they serve mainly as the love interest for the female lead.

        Perhaps, KTR also wants to prove that she could lead a drama without a big name costar. Nam Joo-hyuk has been acting for a while but it seems like it’s only in the last 2 years where he’s really getting into it. He’s sort of a rising star himself even though he’s a couple years behind. I think with Song Hye Kyo, the drama may be more female-centric so no big name guy would want to commit half a year to something that isn’t bolstering their acting resume. Jang Ki-yong fits the bill for “love interest that won’t overshadow the female lead”.

      • Makes sense. Established star + rising star pairing is a tried-and-true method. But I feel that for recent pairings, established actors have been paired with really good rising actresses, while established actresses have been paired with not-as-good rising actors. If I was KTR, I would want someone like a Kwak Dong Yeon to be my ML.

        Crossing fingers for all these actresses and their projects!

      • Thanks for sharing that post! My reply to you went into a black hole, but hopefully it’ll re-appear later.

      • NJH is an okay actor just that for some weird reason he always gets overshadowed by the 2nd leads in his dramas. So I’m not surprised that he will def get overshadowed by KTR if he accepts this drama.

  14. Is there any upcoming project for Park Shin Hye? Anxiously Waiting for her project! She’s the only one I want to see in kdrama n movie

  15. Among these dramas, I’m only excited for That Year, Us lol. Both KDM and CWS are great actors and were amazing in The Witch. I love Kim Tae Ri, but I can’t stomach NJH’s acting, so it’s a hard pass. With KGE, I never liked her in dramas although she is good in films. Both Goblin and The King, her acting was over the top. As for Han So Hee, the mediaplay is such a turn off. She has yet to prove her that acting or ratings power are deserving of “IT girl” status.

  16. Kim Da Mi is interesting to watch. She has that kick-ass attitude. I really like watching Han So Hee’s facial expressions. She is so beautiful and sensual, yet looks vulnerable. There is something unique in her. I hope she will go far.

    • Interesting. I guess different strokes for different folks because there is something odd about HSH’s face that I can’t stand stand looking at it. Something slightly “off.” Everytime I try and watch, it turns me off. The hard push media play for her really turn me off too. She’s a no go for me.

      I love watching KDM. Her acting is on another level compared to HSH.

  17. Kim go eun zaten Cheese in the Trap dizisinde bariz en etkili isimdi ve en iyi çıkış yapan kadın oyuncusunu kaptı. Goblin ile küçük bir kızı ondan başkasının oynamasını düşünemiyorum bile. The King de yine başrol olarak güçlü taraftı muhteşem yeteneği ile senaristin düz senaryosuna canlılık kattı. Şimdi tek başına ana rol de. Go Eun diğerlerinden çok daha farklı noktada. Filmlerdeki hem şeytan hem melek olabilecek geniş spekturum oyunculuğu ile farkı ile de ayrılıyor. Go eun çok çok iyi bir oyuncu onun kendini ispatlamasına gerek yok.

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