Zhang Zhe Han’s C-fans Desert Him En Masse and Industry Insiders Share Stories of His Previous Bad Attitude as Additional Pictures Unearthed of Him Doing the Nazi Salute and Other Questionable Conduct

The last 48-hour Chinese speaking media entertainment news has been dominated by C-actor Zhang Zhe Han‘s past conduct of visiting Japanese WWII military war criminal enshrined Yasukuni Shrine and attending a wedding at Nagi Shrine which also venerates military figures involved in the Japanese invasion of China. He lost every single brand endorsement (close to 30) within 24-hours and he had only recently exploded in popularity after wuxia BL drama Word of Honor which aired in early 2021. So less than 6 months after hitting it big his career is done. Even his C-fandom, which was huge after WoH, has left as even diehard fans say this isn’t just a forgivable mistake as even elementary school students are taught Chinese history and know such basics as why China is so upset at Japan’s refusal to accept wartime responsibility and continue to venerate their convicted war criminals who caused murder and mayhem in China at Yasukuni Shrine.

Reportedly it was Zhang Zhe Han’s own C-fans who shared the pictures with the broader public after they felt he really let them down by leading them on and being so shallow. Dang, talk about hung by your own petard. After the news broke, additional pictures from his past that was posted on SNS have been unearthed and it adds additional reason to think he can never recover from this: he was seen pinching the nipple of a mermaid statue like a douche, he sat on the grave of a famed historical courtesan figure casually taking a picture, he did the Nazi salute and afterwards his fans all mimicked the salute when visiting the same picture site to pay homage to him, he posted a picture of a car decorated by the Rising Sun flag (the Japanese military flag). In addition, lots of industry professionals including magazine editors, show runners, and photographers have come forward sharing stories of how Zhang Zhe Han was late to recordings, his team insisted on re-doing photoshoots, he had a bad attitude, and had faked the whole scholarly, genteel persona which sometimes slipped as once he was asked about shooting a make-out scene with a female costar and he said “it got my beastly urges up.”


Zhang Zhe Han’s C-fans Desert Him En Masse and Industry Insiders Share Stories of His Previous Bad Attitude as Additional Pictures Unearthed of Him Doing the Nazi Salute and Other Questionable Conduct — 46 Comments

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  3. at first i also didn’t quite understand why he is cancelled so fast as compared to kris wu, and thinking how graveyard his actions as compared to kris. but to think abt it carefully….zhang zhehan case has very obvious evidences for him to get cancelled immediately as compared to kris. plus..he visited the shrine can be equated that you pay a respect to the murderer of your family, and also can be said that as being ignorant on the bad things that had happened to your family. so the cancellation is justified. he deserves to be cancelled

    • He DIDN’T KNOW the shrine had tributes to the war criminals. So how does it equate willingly paying respects to the murderer of your family?!!! And by the way, those pictures that are being called a “nazi salute” are pictures from A MOVIE he was in where the “salute” is a signal to his mentally handicapped brother that he is waiting for him. Again, I ask you, if it was an accident and he didn’t know the shrine was offensive, can’t he be forgiven?

      • i also said this..”…being ignorant on the bad things that had happened to your family”. that’s why he deserves to be cancelled. it’s not about he DIDN’T know here, but he’s being IGNORANT abt his country’s history…since it’s said that even the elementary school kids also know abt the shrine.

        fyi, i just share the justifications on why he got cancelled immediately and why he deserves to be cancelled in his country. I’ve no opinion abt him copying the nazi’s action. and I’m in no position to say I forgive him since he doesn’t know abt the shrine coz I’m not a chinese citizen.

        but if i were given a similar situation, where a figure killed my family, and then someone make a shrine for this figure, where ppls can visit it despite of not knowing the history behind the figure, i would be very pissed off and hurt so much with the visitors’ action for being ignorant. coz I’m not a saint to forgive and forget easily.

        disclaimer: I’m not a pro chinese or pro japan / their hater whatsoever. i just give my opinion abt why he’s being cancelled immediately in his country.

      • Don’t argue with fanatics. Welcome to the way of the socialists. Everything is a trap. Young people believed that China was an open and progressive society, but then it wasn’t. Without an enemy you cannot control the people. You’re trying to reason with the controllers.

        Facing facts is treason.

  4. Well, his bad attitude have offended many over the years… Thus the photo incidents was not the main reason he was not forgiven…There are many more news of his arrogance over the years..
    He must still in shock how he lost so much after working to gain them.

  5. Oh please. None of these stories can be believed. Everyone knows communist states sttaight up lie about people they want to cancel. Truth is relevant in a communist state and communist governments are not above threatening people to make false statements about people they want cancelled. Especially if those people have inadvertently embarrassed said state or who are part of a demographic the state wants to intimidate. You should research how commie states have attacked their own cotizens with cancel culture in the past for their own benefit. That is very likely happening here given the recent crack downs on popular celebrities. From the sounds of it this guy got too popular too quickly for the CCP or did something else they did not like. These stories about him are likely lies. And I’m not a fan girl. I have no idea who he is but my parents have fled 2 communist regimes. We know how they work.

    • Oh please. So what if China is a communist country? Just because it is a communist country, they’re not allowed to feel hurt for past the atrocities committed to their innocent people by the Japanese, and be offended that a public figure ignorantly taking pictures of a shrine dedicated to those criminals? Yes, my parents had also fled a communist regime (Vietnam), but my grandparents who lived there during WW2 were also terrorized during the Japanese occupation, so did China. So no, I’m not a commie sympathizer. So sick of these conspiracy theories about how the govt is doing a smear campaign on an innocent artist. The pictures were posted by him. Stop being a troll.

      • No, I’m saying because China is a communist country they are probably lying about this actor making these comments. That he probably never made them but they have forced these people to come forward and accuse him/doctor pictures because he either did something the CCP is not happy with or because it gives them an excuse to go after what is arguably the closest thing China has to capitalists: their celebreties. Research what Stalin did to Nikolai Yezhov. The biggest reason for his cancellation and execution was because he was deemed to have too much power. Same is happening with the Chinese celebrities. Communist countries are not normal. Everything is political. If they can whitewash these purges under the form of patriotism so much the better.

      • @Anon

        Before writing essay to put blame on communist for his down fall, I suggest you to use google and type ‘Yasukini Shrine’ under news section and read. Both China and South Korea have been strongly condemning the Japan’s ministers for visiting the shrine 2 days ago. This has always been a huge issue for these countries.

        Now, are you telling me that South Korea is a communist country? STOP with your conspiracy theories when you clearly lack of information about the issue. It just make yourself sounds very ignorant. Read and educate yourself first beforw shooting bullets into a thin air

  6. *shakes head at above post*

    Blaming the communist and the government for all the photos he took himself? Lol that’s reaching. Fans just grab whatever reasons they can think of to defend their bias but if he never did all that, then no matter how they want him down, they also can’t make those photos up

    • I am not a fan of the guy. I do not know him. All I have done is study history and you can see the patterns repeating themselves again. Communist governments are not trustworthy and always manufacture news to take down who they perceive to be their enemies. When you look at the way Chinese celebrities have been targeted these last few years (I believe their most famous actress had to bribe her way out of jail in the form of ‘back taxes’) you can see the CCP has decided to terrorise and control Chinese celebrities. Very likely because of the influence they now wield over the population.

      If you look up historical incidents of how communist governments in the past you would see how this was done. In Caechoslovakia for example one town was told a worker in the next town over had doubled his towns production by executing a simple change in his manufacturing process. Because it had worked for him everyone should institute this change and produce 20% more. If you did not you were a traitor to the state. No matter how hard this town worked they could not get an additional 20% production and the government started arresting the workers as traitors. This led to a rebellion and the local government was overthrown.

      The locals travelled to the next town and asked the workers there how they had achieved such high production goals. The answer: they had not. But they had been told the town which had rebelled had achieved those goals due to a certain change in production process. Turned out everyone had been lied to and no one had achieved those goals. But the communist government had needed to up production and so had lied to everyone.

      I know nothing about the photos but I have heard that the ones with the problematic salute belonged to part of a films production the actor in question was filming. I don’t know if this is true or if they were digitally altered. Or that they are real but that the communist government has decided this actor is not to be tolerated as a celebrity for any number of reasons.

      I am pointing the above out because it is very worrying to see so many of the younger generation unaware of what communism is and how it operates. Never forget it is a deeply manipulative system that is lying 9 times out of 10. Never believe anything a communist government says. It is for your own safety.

  7. The issue is quite big and he is most likely a talented but selfish rude douche who has no sense of responsibility and common sense. glad he was outed quite early before all things got more to his head and become more douchier or worse.

    But man i marvel at just how powerful fandom can be. They can make you or break you. The the part when The fans did the Nazi salute because he did it, that is just blind adoration if you ever see one. And those pictures are some from quite a long time ago, So they have these evidences of his misdeeds…
    Then their is the case of Kris Wu and Seungri, their fandom still continue to support them…

    Just what is the crossing line for the fandom to break it off? in his case its this. But the other fandoms, rape and prostitutions seems to be not a breaking point…

  8. There are about 20 accounts who shared their experiences working with him. Some from CF’s staff as well and have photos too.

    Seen a clip of his interview where the interviewer asked him to recommend a book that he recently read (since he is known to be someone who love reading and selling this persona to public) and he can’t give one single book title to recommend ^^;;;

    • Is there any article about 20 accs shared their experience working with him?? And seriously, he cant give one single book title while his image is bookworm?? Lol.. this hilarious

  9. Okay, I’m taking back my comments that I said this situation is overblown. Dude should have hired someone vetting all of his pictures before posting it. I still can’t believe that no one said anything 3 years ago. It’s not like they decide to be patriot now and not then.

    • Because he wasn’t popular back then and fans covered it for him. No one will go digging all these. Non fans and passersby definitely won’t. Now that he is popular, all they need is to make these things trending on hot search for people to see. So now, everyone see all these pictures on hot search and Koala didn’t post even half of those

  10. His Nazi salut was said to be part of the movie he did. Even his costar clarified it years ago.

    I guess all good things comes to an end. He has the good looks but seems to be not very smart and now he’s paying for it. As often with many things in life that it’s too good to be true. Men who are really good looking tend to be arrogant and just plain stupid in this case.

    It’s really too bad bc I really like him out of all the new actors as he’s quite talented in acting. Any hope of him coming back is nonexistent at this point.

    The Chinese entertainment is like being in jungle as there are such fierce competition. Even someone not as well known as Li Yi Tong had bad rumors started because the other star’s agent was in competition with her. So i imagine someone was already out trying to settle their beef with him. There will always be someone else that can replace him easily.

  11. Guess I had fallen for his genteel persona too. Now all I can think is “what a dumb, mannerless douche” and “He’s an even better actor than I expected”.

    And these pics weren’t from so long ago either.

    That said, I do hope they won’t go as far as erase his past projects.

  12. You mean c fans finally realise all these public image of their idols are carefully generated and made up by their pr team to help their idol to fame? That not many ate that educated or genteel or born a gentleman? I’m not sure about that salute accusation or his supposed bad behaviour of being late or demanding re shoot which is diva but is it unprofessional and that bad? Anyway that mermaid picture is something many c fans had done anyway. They’re behaviour is not glowing either. I will give him benefit of the doubt unless further proof can show he is deep down a nazi sympathiser. C fans have got their priorities right isn’t it? An accused and potential child rapist gets calls for mercy and this guy for his past indiscretion, and I don’t even know how long ago in the past, gets cancelled just like that. C entertainment is not brutal, they are judgmental and cruel.

  13. I’m very curious why his attitude problems were covered up so for long. He was still getting endorsements left and right despite being a nightmare to work with. I don’t know how these companies put up with him.

    Anyway, paying respects to war criminals who did crimes against your own country will get you cancelled anywhere. It seems like he has some issues. I’m not sure if it’s real ignorance or if like what people dug up he’s pro-Japanese (he recommended books which touched on the background of the shrine).

    • Because no one actually bothered by that pictures until he becomes popular. Let’s be frank, his followers who also cancelled him, who also said elementary kids knows it’s wrong does not care either until the broader media get catch and said “this is bad”

      He is a douche and ignorant at best, that mermaid pic is how your “unfunny” thought get the best of you. Unless the dude is a literal war apologize that endorsed it, there is no need to make it worse. He get the blast and now just leave him alone. I am not even his fans but that picture, including the salute is what other people do in social media, many Chinese tourists.

      He is bad for that but to scrutinize him like he is a war sympathiser sounds like overreaction.

      • I was referring to his attitude problems, not those pictures. I did not give a verdict or judgement on whether he’s just ignorant or if he’s a sympathiser. I also don’t know what “mermaid pic” and “unfunny thought” you’re talking about.

        Anyway, I don’t think you’re aware of the implications. China and Korea regularly condemn visits by Japanese officials to the shrine. The Chinese government absolutely cannot condone a celebrity who publicly paid respects at the shrine and made all those Nazi gestures for both political and social reasons. As far as I’m concerned, I won’t say it’s an overreaction. Clearly there’s someone out to get him because of the timing of this exposure, but it’s a natural reaction for a public figure.

      • My thought exactly. To me, the way they portray his wrongdoings ie pinching the mermaid nipples, nazi salute apparently blown out of proportion. And agree, be is ignorant but to label him a war-criminals symphatizer is just a deliberate character assasination and hate campaign against him

  14. So doing the Nazi salute, fans copied his action instead of cancelling him. But visiting Yasukuni Shrine (the pictures showed more of the sakura than the shrine itself, and did not seem to show him paying respect at the shrine) got him cancelled faster than Kris Wu.

    So it seems more about the fact he doing something anti-China that got him cancelled rather than the fact that he is doing all these controversial actions that support all these atrocities.

    • From the pictures he posted, he was inside of Yasukini shrine the area. You have to enter the area ground (check the area map) for that view. It’s not like the sakuras are on the street and he just happened to pass by

      And yes. He got cancelled exactly because of the anti-China. He is a Chinese actor who works in China. Fans seems to forget that very fact when they are trying to make all kinds of excuses to defend him.

      • Between the action of making a Nazi salute or posing beside sakura in Yasukuni shrine, I feel the action of the Nazi salute is worse.

        Instead, fans copied him to do the Nazi salute, they shouldn’t have start making noise about the atrocities of the Japanese because he visited Yasukuni shrine, they should have done earlier it when he made the Nazi salute, instead of copying him.

        So he is cancelled because of anti-China not because of anti-atrocities. So it is like as long as the atrocities is not against CCP and China, it is acceptable or can be ignored.

      • @SY If you’re Chinese, ofc the issue of support imperialist Japan hits closer to home than the Nazis. Most people’s grandparents lived through Japan invading China and remember the rape of Nanking (which you should read up on because you seem quite ignorant).

        The reason why he was cancelled quicker than Kris was because there was undeniable photo evidence that he posted himself, whereas Kris Wu originally denied the accusations and there was little evidence the very first day (the accuser gave Kris Wu a chance to leave the industry).

      • @oahuu I am Chinese, my history classes taught about the Japanese atrocities, but when you compare these two actions

        1) A Nazi salute that can be immediately seen as offensive
        2) A photo besides sakura trees with the background of Yasukuni area which if you have never visited and as a Chinese, I will never visit, will not be able to recognise as Yasukuni shrine

        Which action is directly more offensive considering they are both related to two major atrocities? I don’t think one atrocity is worse than the other.

        Furthermore my point is, his fans did not object to the Nazi salute and even copied him. So it is because of anti-China that is why there is this major backlash now and not because of anti-all-atrocities. Hence meaning to say that as long as the atrocities are not against CCP and China, it is acceptable or can be ignored?

  15. Sitting on a historical grave site… sounds like any other Chinese tourist who visited other country historical places. The nazi salute….sounds like some white people in the U.S. Yup, everyday people still doing the same thing.

    • Yeah, that’s how everyday people doing it and I get that it shouldn’t be endorsed but I just can’t with how people put themselves in the high horse like
      “uuuh no one in same thoughever does that”
      “Normal people didn’t do that”
      “He does that because he hates China”
      “He does that because he is with the Nazi”

  16. I have no strong feelings for this guy or even this whole situation but he and Kris Wu are both shitty actors overrated by their almost cult-like fans so I honestly prefer not seeing more of them potentially ruining promising projects I have interest in. Good riddance.

  17. Because this is a sensitive topic, let me start with the caveat that I am not defending him for the wrong that he did. But among the accusation that has been thrown at him, the nazi salute is a total absolute lie. Check here for the correct info: https://twitter.com/Lykelee171/status/1426202475430879238.

    And for people saying his crime is worse than Kris Wu, you may want to check your humanity. So far his crimes are stepping on political landmine and probably being a douche. He has never been alleged to have murdered or r*ping anyone so far. How you imply what he did is worse than r*ping minor is too sickening for me.

    • I keep seeing this comment from fans everywhere and I’m confused. What he’s doing in front of the WWII monument on that bridge is absolutely the Nazi salute (arm out at that angle, hand level, palm down). The movie arm gesture looks completely different with his arm higher and the hand not level with the arm. He did the movie gesture in another photo in the post so you can see the difference. Did he genuinely tell his fans that the Nazi salute was the gesture from the movie? That’s messed up…young fans might not know better and would emulate him.

    • Thanks for the clarification! Good example of why it’s important to check your sources before jumping to conclusions.

    • I thought there was going to be some reversal when I clicked into the link. Let me just say that I agree with @Blueberry that this is some bullsh*t clarification. I looked at both pictures posted in the thread and if anyone were to choose which gesture of the two he’s doing it’s definitely the Nazi gesture. You might as well go out on a limb and say that he didn’t know the meaning of the gesture.

  18. Since someone has already clarified the ‘Nazi salute’ which is false, I would like to say something as a recent fan of Zzh.

    Ppl would call his fans ‘worse than Kris Wu’ and ‘poorly uneducated fans chasing stars and abandon national pride’ but let me clarify some stuff.

    Most fans agree that Zzh needed to have some repercussions for his past actions. Ignorance does not equate to forgiveness. However, it’s also worth mentioning this does not give a pass to cyberbullying Zzh and threatening him.

    I heard there would be investigations about his case because of this scandal and rumours abt him being Japanese Imperialists. So to label him as a traitor, we shall wait and see. (tbh I have no hope since the media and basically, everyone threw him under the bus without giving him any time.) (Honestly, I think it was just a dumb mistake cause there’s no entrance fee to look at the cherry blossom, just going INTO the shrine would require money so I wouldn’t say Zzh was worshipping in the shrine)

    I have seen and watch a lot of stars dropped out of the industry, either driven by cyberbullying or malicious rumours or they were pushed out of the entertainment industry without being given the chance to speak. All of it equates to a tragic ending in this business yet life would still go on for them. But this, this is a witch hunt. It’s a bloodthirsty festival that could only make the matter worse, hopefully not in a physical way.

    Netizens complain and criticise abt zzh connections to Japan, raising questions to his loyalty and stripping his national identity off in public whereby these accusations could lead to dangerous outcomes in a country like China. (Idiots/ haters/ stalkers could hurt him using patriarchy as an excuse)

    SO many disgusting, vile and totally outrageous claims and comments are thrown around everywhere, copies and pasted again and again about his loyalty. Some comment on his family being pro Japanese, making more bold claims of them being a spy and demanding police to search and investigate him and everyone around him, treating him as a national threat. (eg. A photo comparing Zzh and a fallen Japanese soldier was said to have similar features so they claim them as relatives/grandparent and grandchild.)

    Burning his photos, cursing him for being a mix Japanese or a orphan Japanese, it’s being spread around so much that ppl treated it as a fact and not a rumour/lie. A friend asked whether he was mix just because he has a Japanese friend and goes to Japan a lot. (HE’S A FREAKING ONE PIECE FAN. HIS DOG IS NAMED LUFFY) (Some say he look Japanese and his features are Japanese, darker skin tone and his face shape.)

    Yes the shrine is a sensitive issue, yes it was a mistake done by him (no excuse), yes he should have repercussions and pay them back equally for what he did in the past. But adding lies, slander, endangering him and basically getting him annihilated from his country is inhumane.

    Seen worse artists get less than what they deserve. and even paid backl ess too. Not saying the shrine issue is not bad but acknowledging the fact that this has gotten out of hand. PPl seemed to forget what he had done for China, zzh was one of the representatives to play in a friendly match/game against South Korea. And no one can say he did not put all his effort and pride when he played. He even donated a massive amount of money for flood victims in China.

    I’m highlighting the fact that Zzh did deserve punishment, but getting cancelled and banned from China performing arts without proper investigations being carried out and not given a chance to give explanation, details and evidence to what happened for his past actions is totally and utterly Bullshit.

    What happened to Innocent till proven guilty? Why was he driven off and hated and slandered in 24 hours when an actor like Kris Wu was given 50 days until he was cancelled? I say to ppl. who compare these two actors and say that zzh case was far worse since he wasn’t ‘patriotic’, congratulations. You have accepted and preferred a rapist that had SEVERAL CASE against him even way back in 2016 that made the public headlines.

    ALSO: Most fans stay silent and force others to keep it low cause there are some ignorant and blatantly disrespectful ‘fans’ that do the stupidest shit to show support for Zzh, like the Nazi salute which wasn’t even a Nazi salute, in the beginning, making everything worse and others seeing zzh fans as uncontrollable and easily influenced.

    Humans make dumb, accidental and cringiest decisions in their life. Owning up to it and repenting is the way to go. But creating false rumours and lies that could potentially harm a person intentionally is worse. (Lets be honest we have seen way too many artists/actors commit suicide driven by malicious comments and cyberbullying. Saying ur ignorant to that fact when it’s all over the news is hypocritical since ‘ignorance isn’t an excuse)

    • Let’s not bring up about him doing a lot for the country using the donations for Henan flood as it’s expected to all well known celebrities in China. All those looong list od their names. They got witch hunts if they don’t donate. Those who didn’t/late to donate got called out.

      I think fans on twitter should be educated as their super ignorant xenophobia tweets in defense to ZZH got translated to weibo and it’s really not helping him at all. No idea what those people are thinking.

    • There is a saying ‘The one who wears the crown bears the crown’. When you become top ‘liuliang’ your previous & current actions will come under scrutiny. It may seem like your bias ZZH has come under witch-hunt but if you look around, other liuliang has had the same experience. Everyone wants to be the next top ‘liuliang’.

  19. “Sitting on a historical grave site”. You mean behaving like a mindless pig like every other Chinese tourist the world over?
    I once visited the remains of the world trade centre. The only people happily posing for pictures and making the “v” sign were Chinese (mainland China, yes). Whenever I travel somewhere and there’s people being rude, pushing everyone aside to get closer to the monuments or being incredibly disrespectful, they’re either Chinese or American. Didn’t the CCP have to issue an etiquette book because of how terribly their tourists behave while abroad? Oh, the irony.

    And the fans and, apparently, China as a whole, are okay with this dude doing the nazi pose and even copy him doing so but then turn around and denounce him because he happened to pose in front of a shrine that houses some war criminals? The hypocrisy is so high around there that I’m not even sure how to compute it.

    • Those ‘some war criminals’ were the people who mass murdered and raped hundred of thousands Chinese in Nanjing and you want the Chinese to care more about the Nazi pose than this? It’s like you expect German to care more about ‘some (Japanese) war criminals’ than Nazi *shakes head*. People, if you want to defend the guy, the least you can do is to research and get the idea about the issue before writing comments that make yourself sounds ignorant

      • Barking at the wrong tree there, sweetcheeks. I couldn’t give two s**** about pretty boy over there, so I don’t think I need to tell you what you can do with that condescending tone (and are you really still using stuff like *insert cringe here* in the year of our lord 2021? Yikes).
        I just can’t help calling out the hypocrisy.

        Also, a quick google search would tell you that the Yasakuni Shrine was built in 1869, long before WWII and the atrocities that Japan committed in both China and Korea (not denying that, btw). Therefore, “some war criminals” is correct, since it’s the burial site for many soldiers who died in war for over a century, not only those who died in WWII. You’re welcome.

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