Both Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo’s Friends Continue to Insist They are Dating Despite His Agency’s Denial and Assertion the Two are Just Friends

Now this is what I call an even juicier development, it was already fun dating news that Lee Min Ho and newbie actress and former idol Yeonwoo are dating but now we have a he said-she said story, or maybe everyone says except for him. His agency denied the dating news immediately (like so fast, legit), saying the two are just friends, they did hang out but other friends were there too just not in the pictures taken by Dispatch. Yeonwoo’s agency has not released any confirmation, merely stating that they are checking with her. To date still not statement. But reportedly both Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo’s friends are telling news publications that the two are totally dating, that they bonded over their shared love of playing video games specifically League of Legends and Overwatch and they have dates at home playing games together. Lol, I think those Lee Min Ho “friends” are about to get ex-communicated since they are not toeing his official company line of just friends.


Both Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo’s Friends Continue to Insist They are Dating Despite His Agency’s Denial and Assertion the Two are Just Friends — 33 Comments

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  2. They/he have every right to keep it private. Butttttttt- I think I would lose affection for a guy I was dating if he gave me the Judas treatment and denied so aggressively.

    He’s 34- I doubt his fans would be super shitty about them dating.

    • Yeah because female celebrities TOTALLY don’t get their old relationships thrown in their face by a public that thinks it owns them sexually… but no, keeping it quiet is the guy’s fault! Good thing you’re probably in no danger of dating Lee Min Ho.

      • Did you read the actual article before commenting?

        His side came out with a swift denial while hers was “checking”.

        If she was so worried about her reputation, why didn’t her agency deny it too? Like being name linked with someone that famous wouldn’t help her career? Please.

  3. He should date atleast someone on his level not some d list flop group member who is in for money he is bringing. At same time i guess he doesnt need money from his partner anyways and less publicity hungry unlike that ex. This one must be nice. Congrats oppa?

  4. I always thought that it was a way to get simps horny, but are people really having dates playing games? Does Lee Min-ho have the Peter Pan-syndrome?

  5. Oh jeez girl, RUN. Run far away from him. It’s either they both have very shitty friends or it’s all true and he’d rather save his career then really want to date.

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  7. Of course they’re dating. I think it’s better for him to deny now than to swiftly admit only for them to break up later due to busy schedules. That’s the usual reason they give once they split up anyway.

    And yes it is really bad for the girl that the guy denies the relationship ASAP.

    At least now she knows what kind of a person she is dating. If she decides to stay with him despite this, then good luck to her.

      • You are so naive… Yeonwoo is a nugu. If she dates Lee Min-ho, she will get even more famous such as Lee Sun-bin did with Lee Kwang-soo

  8. What kind of woman date a playboy?Just look at his face full of botox injection.He look like kris jenner for me LOL. 1st he deny dating park min young and now yeon woo who next? Lee min ho just another song kang getting a lot of plastic surgery and botox/filler injection. I don’t now why k-celebrity like doing plastic surgery,they feel insecure or what???

  9. Oh this is juicier news than ZW fleeing China in private jet to France. Lol. Cue all LMH stans foaming at the mouth of their darling dating a nugu idol actress.

  10. Hmmm, some 87 liners like to go for young ones (8-9 year gap) don’t they? Romantic home dates & shared interest of playing video games. How original. Ok, I’m all in with this dating-deny-admit-deny-breakup joyride. LMAO. Next up, SIG, you better not deny it when caught dating by Dispatch. You’re another video game addict what with that Mech Arena ad. *cough* *cough* late night tteokbokki dinner IG posting. Must be the pandemic love fever. Happens every time in severe lockdowns.

    • Cue HB & SYJ missing each other after CLOY filming ended. Bonded over mutual love of golfing and errr grocery shopping together. Love these dating bombshells in the middle of lockdowns. So entertaining!

      • Lol who believes that story. Didn’t they already get caught in the US with pics way before cloy even existed. They denied the rumours using the same close frnds excuse.
        Their relationship probably started with their movie release back in 2018.

      • 87 liners on a roll. LSG dating news broke in May but is now rumoured to be over. LMH will be followed hotly by Dispatch. Bingo! Some LMH fans are already cursing Dispatch in Soompi. Lol.

      • @naughty, rumours only coz LDI posted a cryptic IG post & then deleted it. Said some stuff about live life to fullest, no one else live your life for you, blah, blah, blah, bear all bitterness & cherish all happiness in life. Lol. Days of our lives soap opera.

  11. First Daisy, Hyebin and now Yeonwoo , momoland girls are always denied fast by their men.
    Atleast in other cases say hyun bin son yejin,it was their mutual decision to deny . This is actually not looking good on lee minho because yeonwoo’s agency still hasn’t given out a proper statement. He did the same with park min young too 10 years ago.
    Both the companies should have thought well before releasing statements. Knetz are cursing him ,calling him a fuckboy saying he used her and then abandoned her later on. Yeonwoo is getting hate from his fans too who are labelling her as an opportunist. What a mess.

    • Nevermind, yeonwoo also denied. Still it’s fishy why a 9 year younger nugu idol with no prior connection was hanging out with him. They celebrated her birthday together and he invited her to his house too. Plus it took 1 day for her to issue a statement.

  12. Isn’t Lee Min Ho busy filming Pachinko somewhere in Canada? The gazillion dollar Apple miniseries soon to scoop up multiple Emmy awards? How the hell did he find time to date & play vid games for the past 5 months? Anyone with the correct timeline? Scratch my head.

    • You can check his IG posts. My guess is they probably met about 5-6 months ago. He had a few weeks break in Jan-Feb after completion of Pachinko filming at SK. He went over to Canada in late Feb or early March. Pachinko filming in Canada was over in 2nd half of April. Plenty of time to date after he came back, given both don’t have much projects for the past few months.

  13. All these celebrities were dating, are dating or will soon be dating. They are in their twenties and thirties and doing what most people do. They keep it on the down low because of crazy fans and people acting like having a few different girl or boyfriends over a span of time makes you promiscuous. I get why celebrities in Korea don’t want to release dating news until it is serious enough for an engagement.

    I will say that if friends are blabbing, I would want a new set of friends.

  14. If the king say they are not dating then they are not dating until he says otherwise… Tbh, I kinda get why she and her agency are not refuting it.. This opportunity only comes once.. I won’t even be surprised if she is the one that called dispatch .. Who doesn’t want to be associated with the most famous global Korea actor.. I don’t even know who the hell she is before this but now I am reading about her in the times of India… But I have to say, she is one stunning attractive babe.

  15. Remember that he also denied Park Min Young but her agency confirmed it so his agency had to change their statement LMAO…

    It was mess years ago esp with many City Hunter shippers, it was even reported that Park Min Young was heartbroken when he denied her before.

  16. Sounds like they were hooking up but it’s not serious enough for him to confirm and risk alienating fans for a nugu idol. It’s cruel but LMH takes his image very seriously and he isn’t going to want to be attached romantically to an unknown idol from a flop group he is seeing casually. It’s not like she is a Yoona, Suzy, Jennie, Irene (per-scandal) or a Twice member.

    In hierarchical South Korea, a 34-year old top Hallyu actor is not hanging out regularly with an unsuccessful former idol 9 years younger who he has no prior professional or social connection with just because she likes movies and video games lmao

    Her agency taking nearly 24 hours to check when she is only filming a minor role in a drama filming in the same city is comical. They were pretending like she was filming in the North Pole away from human civilisation. They knew what they were doing.

  17. Sounds like her agency wants to capitalize on his fame to boost her standing. Move seems to backfire. Quite possibly she’s just a consenting casual friend with benefits. Show’s over till the next victims of Dispatch. After LMH & LSG dating news combo, will the next targets be Jung Il Woo & Ji Chang Wook?

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