Shin Hyun Bin Already on the Rise in 2020 Opposite Won Bin in Maxim Coffee CF

Sometimes the ascendance of a star can be telegraphed even earlier and seeing Shin Hyun Bin currently in Hospital Playlist 2, about to be in Person Who Looks Like You soon to premiere, and cast in The Youngest Son of the Chaebol and Strange, I recall seeing her on a CF and took me awhile to place that she was the relative lesser known actress opposite Won Bin in last year’s 2020 Maxim coffee CF. It was a CF that I remember because Won Bin said “roasty” and I was like WTF is roasty? The canned coffee is described as smooth and roasty and lol isn’t all coffee beans roasted before it’s brewed. I guess her casting in the CF should have alerted me that she’s definitely an up-and-comer especially when CF casting agents take notice. I kinda concur with the recent critique of her acting range but she has a really soothing and natural face that I quite enjoy looking at onscreen.

Won Bin-Shin Hyun Bin Coffee Ad:


Shin Hyun Bin Already on the Rise in 2020 Opposite Won Bin in Maxim Coffee CF — 14 Comments

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  2. Cute. Brings back memories of the series of Maxim T.O.P CFs he did with Shin Min Ah. They were so good together. Those CFs seem like the closest will ever get to Won Bin being a romantic lead. If we get a miracle, and he finally decides to do a romantic drama, reuniting with Shin Min Ah as his female lead would be at the top of my drama couple wish list.

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  4. She was one of the main character in Beast Clawing at Straws next to Jung Woo-sung, Jeon Do-yeon and Youn Yuh-jung, where she even received a Blue Dragon-nomination for Best New Actress. She also played one of the main characters in Mistress and Confession. She is hardly an up-and-comer. She is rather someone that has been heavily pushed in the past, but never found fame… She like the actress-version of Brave Girls.

    • Shin Hyun-bin is certainly not an up-and-comer or a one show wonder. Her 10-year career splits between movies and dramas in a wide ranging supporting roles – winning a couple awards along the way including a Baeksang. Her sexy man-tamer role in Sunset in My Hometown is well done and probably gives all GY fan a heart attack.

      However, her character in HP is not well-written or the back story of her coming from an abusive family comes into the scene too late. Her quiet demeanor, eager to learn and improve as well as a degree of inferiority is what that character is about. Becoming the girlfriend of Yalji’s owner is a very BIG deal. The scene of her telling JW about her family is not a well-written / directed / acted scene despite how HP excell in those departments most of the time. I also find it odd that she did not cry with any ‘tears’ in that scene which is very unusual in kdrama.

      Nonetheless, this current criticism on her is unjustified.

  5. “telegraph the ascendance of a star”

    Is SHB really an ascending star? I don’t mean to be ageist, but she is 35 (36?) and has been acting for well over a decade. Yes she’s booking quite a few projects, but is that sufficient momentum to qualify as a rising star? This post makes her sound like Han So Hee 2.0.

    I could be wrong and she might indeed be getting pushed hard. Maybe the Korean commentators around here can shed more light.

      • Not an apples-to-apples comparison. KSH has not been working in dramas until recently, and I buy the argument that he’s an ascending star given the crazy fanbase he’s accumulated with Start-Up, and he has no acting controversies. SHB has neither of those things, and as a female she is more vulnerable to ageism.

  6. Dunno, I don’t find her appealing. Not sure if it’s her character in Hospital playlist or her acting style, but I thought she was kind of boring when I watched the series.

  7. She’s getting plum roles thanks to HP.

    Sure she is having her moment now but if she doesn’t improve in acting or the dramas she’s in tank in the ratings, her rise will immediately be stunted.

    Either that or a sudden increase of her talent fee could immediately make casting directors look for other actors with lower fees.

  8. not familiar with K advertisement industry but if she was on the rise since 20 should not have alot of cf by now? Did she get more cf offers then and even more this year?I am asking because I read articles about other actresses and their cfs but I dont recall reading anything for SHB.Btw I saw her in “Sunrise in my hometown ” with Go Eun as the FL and I also liked SHB .In “Confession” I did not notice her.Seemed as supporting role to me but I read I think above in one of the comments that she was a main role.Did not give me that impression.

  9. I only watched her in Hotel Playlist and her acting there is bland. I can’t even feel the chemistry there with daddy long legs. Maybe she fits other characters but I dont find her acting incredible in HP. She also lacks that appeal/charisma of a top star.

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