C-actress Zhao Wei Rumored to Have Taken Private Jet Overnight to France to Reunite with Her Singaporean Husband After Being Erased from All C-ent

The rumor is spreading wild and fast that formerly top C-actress and producer Zhao Wei (Vicki Zhao) has flown the coop, and cue all the Little Sparrow jokes. The tabloids and various online news portals are all saying that Zhao Wei was spotted landing in France on a private jet and she reportedly fled in the night from China. The same reports say her Singaporean husband has joined her there and the couple reunited. Zhao Wei has Singaporean citizenship as well so this may signal that she’s never/cannot return to China but will have another country to stay in. These are all rumors of course but her cancelling since late last week has now expanded from her videos being deleted, her name being removed from her dramas/movies, and even some dramas or movies also being taken down though not everything with her is removed. Now her name is removed from all award shows where she has won any award, for that year the award show listing just shows a strikethrough in the Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress category if she won that year. I actually think if she can escape with her freedom and whatever assets she has outside of China then it should be considered a win.


C-actress Zhao Wei Rumored to Have Taken Private Jet Overnight to France to Reunite with Her Singaporean Husband After Being Erased from All C-ent — 30 Comments

  1. We all have no idea why she is being banned. Seems like we’ll get to hear more on this soon.

    A suggestion to Koala

    Better to write an entry with confirmed news than reporting a melon that’s totally have no proof whatsoever. It’s your blog and you are free to write whatever but at least try to be a responsible blogger in writing up ‘news’

    • Your comment suggests that this is the wrong place for you!

      Every tabloid tells their storys like they are facts. Whereas Koala makes clear that, she is sharing rumors and speculations with people like me, who have no knowledge of any Asian language. We can’t get these kind of juicy news from the direct mandarin sources.

      If she and the rest of those gossip sites would wait for 100 percent confirmation about celebrities, there wouldn’t be much to report about.

      We are taking about entertainment news here, which are per se emotive and sensationalist. Not factual and straightforward currant news from the world of politics, economics or businesses.

    • Agree with eJc. No one will ever know the truth. Whatever might have been confirmed by one party can still be proven wrong especially in Entertainment regardless of the country. This is what true entertainment is… LOL. Even politics may have hidden agendas these days tbh.

    • eJc

      Welo, that’s just a suggestion for her to be a responsible blogger with many non-Chinese speaking readers (as she has been providing many unconfirmed rumors/speculations as facts many times).

      Media outlets of course can choose to reports melons as facts but doesn’t mean they won’t have problem with their journalism ethics. It’s up to us to choosw what to read. And obviously you are free to choose what to read but there is no need to come at me for suggesting a blogger to be responsible with the information she share. Unless, you like to read not credible information as facts 🙂

    • The first line reads rumor is spreading….that in itself tells you that thus isn’t fact but tabloid gossip with questionable origin/veracity. What are you in about?

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  3. I remained a Wei fan for 20 years now… Reading Vicki�s getting banned and all the nasty scandals the Chinese netizens claim Zhao to have. I still can’t find it in my heart to hate her. Sadden my that she’ll never have any more new movies in the future. I will have to buy her old works since she no longer in the entertainment. I’m keep hanging on a big fat hope that she will work with Nicky Wu, Louis Koo, and Nicholas Tse. I hope she was safe and best of luck my bias.

  4. Honestly this is becoming too much. Those things she’s accused of happened years ago. It’s like a witch hunt.
    Anyway she’s probably happier in France in her vineyards and Singapore. Good riddance

  5. Zhao Wei is so beautiful. Hopefully she’ll be safe and happy now. CCP is scary. Love her always and will miss seeing her.

  6. I’m glad to know she is in France with her family. Keep moving forward and never go back Zhao Wei.

    My only favorite always.

  7. Since she’s rich, she could start her own platform in Singapore and produce her dramas to air online. I won’t support any Chinese platforms anymore. I will just watch all Chinese dramas from pirate websites.

  8. So…did we ever find out why she was cancelled??

    At this point, all high-profile celebs in China are better off emptying their bank accounts and setting up funds overseas. Who knows who the Gov’t will go after next.
    Fan Bing Bing (check)
    Zhao Wei (check)
    Hopefully Ruby Lin isn’t next on that list.

    • FBB cheated the tax system, so you are suggesting her to run with the money that she cheated (I know she has paid a hefty penalty, but her action was still wrong). Ruby Lin is Taiwanese.

  9. Erased her?! That’s like 25 years of works to erase wtf. And we don’t even know what she’s accused of! But I’m glad she’s left the country and hopefully secured her assets or enough to live on from it.

    The more I think of it, the more wtf it is.

    • Probably stock tradings and some business dealings that might have repercussions. Most likely not related to acting. But it is too bad that all her acting works are affected…

  10. The reason to Vicki Zhao being banned and have her 25 years of works wipe out makes no sense. She had taxes problems but it’s not enough to erase her whole existing in the entertainment. Not just some rumors and accusations that are decades old. I will still watch Chinese dramas but it won’t be the same anymore. My favorite girl is gone. I adore Vicki so much since childhood. I was called Vicki for a reason. I wish Vicki Zhao the best. Hopefully she is happy ? and well.

  11. She must have made some powerful enemies but this is really nasty business. Basically disappearing someone. At least she has an out and probably plenty of money. If I were a celebrity in China, I’d be hunkering down for a while.

    • Zhao Wei’s husband better be careful not to get dumped. Gong Li is now married to a French musician after divorcing her Singaporean tycoon hubby and getting Singaporean citizenship. Moving to France or marrying French men seems de rigueur for Asian A-list actresses. Same thing happened to Maggie Cheung. Lol.

  12. She is very lucky she has the money to get out and continue her life elsewhere.

    What is the tea about her husband? I keep hearing negative things about him. What did he do? Is he a scammer? Does he have his own money?

    • @Sunny – He is one of those “self-made entrepreneurs” and yes, he is a scammer who has been dogged by lawsuits and bankruptcy. The couple was jointly sued for defrauding investors a few years back and temporarily banned from the stock market.

      It’s not confirmed that ZW has managed to flee. Gossip on the Chinese internet is all over the place.

      • Thanks, Ophelia. What a shame she married a guy like that but maybe she isn’t any better if she was involved in defrauding people too.

  13. Xiao Yan Zi, Lu Yi Ping, Lu Jian Ping, Yao Mu Lan, Bi Sheng Nam, Princess Phoenix, Ah Mooi, Chan Oi Kwan, Zhang Ning, Ah Xin, Sun Shiang Xiang, Lin Xin, Pei Rong, Hua Mulan, Qiao Hau, Jin Xiao Ye I love all Zhao Weis works i have seen. She is so beautiful and talented. I will miss her if she is really out of the entertainment. The only Chinese actress I never get bore of her works.

    Hopefully she is safe somewhere in the world.

  14. Aiyah, this is normal-lah. Malaysian action queen Michelle Yeoh divorced HK tycoon Dickson Poon & after several bfs, settled on old man French billionaire Jean Todt of Formula One.

    • Meant for my comment above to appear below @ohlala’s comment about Asian actresses marrying French men. Lol.

  15. It sadden me to acknowledge i won’t be seeing her future works no more. Still love Zhao Wei and wishing her good health. Her works always light up my bad days. Where ever she is, hope she is safe. I can never hate her because she is a part of my childhood to this days.

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