tvN Weekend Drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha Premieres to 6.821%, 6.666% First Two Episode Ratings as the Drama Delivers a Warm and Relaxing Watch But Lacking an Attention Grabbing Initial Setup

This is a first episode impression of tvN Sat-Sun drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha that consists of the Good, the Bad, and the Weird. First up the good is that the drama brought in ratings of 6.281%, 6.666% in the first two episodes, a good point above predecessor The Devil Judge, and the ratings went up between episodes so that’s a good trajectory. The good parts of the first episode were the beautiful seaside village scenery and real people going above their lives vibe of the denizens of Gongjin. Plus both leads are good upstanding people, as Shin Mina‘s Yoon Hye Jin quits her high powered dentist job because her boss wants her to prescribe more expensive dental treatments that will have harder consequences on the patient and Kim Sun Ho‘s Hong Du Shik is basically the town everything-man but seems to do it because he wants to aid others (for now, his motivation is not yet clear). The leads have a comfortable banter but no strong romantic (yet) chemistry in the first episode.

The bad aspects of this drama is that it’s just so……boring?!? I don’t know if it’s just me but I had to persevere to finish the first episode despite liking what I was seeing because I didn’t feel there was any energy or narrative momentum in the story. It is definitely slice-of-life and absolutely is the summer and less emo counterpart to When the Weather is Fine. I have episode 2 on standby and plan to keep watching, but wonder if I should marathon or live watch to better enjoy the drama. As for the weird, and probably I may be the small segment of K-drama bloggers who recognizes these bags on sight but Shin Mina was carrying Hermes purses in this drama and it’s just so out of place for both her profession and also in Gongjin. She started off with a Roulis 23 in Evercolor Taupe and then slung a Herbag 31 in Rouge Tomate wandering around all day, and apparently in episode 2 she busts out a Bolide 31 in Epsom Vert Criquet. Again, love those bags but it’s so distracting to be in this particular drama, fits in dramas like Mine and Sky Castle and all those rich people dramas but here it was actually the most entertaining aspect of episode 1 for me because I was worried she would get it wet or dirty. Clearly I was projecting lol. Anyhoo, so far the drama is a mix bag (pun intended) for me.


tvN Weekend Drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha Premieres to 6.821%, 6.666% First Two Episode Ratings as the Drama Delivers a Warm and Relaxing Watch But Lacking an Attention Grabbing Initial Setup — 59 Comments

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  2. Just like the song, this drama feels “easy like a Sunday morning” to me. No high or lows, just a steady and fun watch. I liked the first 2 eps so far, but agree with you that I didn’t feel strong chemistry yet between the 2 leads. I think the PD and writer missed the boat on that in the first scene between them in ep 1. There’s the childhood connection trope here too, not surprised. Nevertheless, I plan to continue watching, hopefully, this does not get boring.

  3. I am watching this because of the leads, for epi 1, I find it boring too. Maybe this slice of life genre is not for me. But I like both leads, so will keep trying.

    Hope there is some interesting back story of the ML.

  4. I did not realize until HCCC started airing just how devoted of a fandom Kim Sun Ho has amassed (I didn’t even know he existed before this year). I feel like KSH’s fanbase is so intense they can already go head-to-head with the fanbases of the established megastars: LMH, KSH, SJK, etc. His fans were anticipating HCCC with more enthusiasm than Kanye West fans were anticipating DONDA, lol.

    Look, good for the guy since amassing a following takes skill, charisma, whatever. But I am surprised at how he managed to break out THIS big from playing 2 ML in a show that had average ratings.

    I predict that no matter how HCCC fares in domestic ratings, it’s going to do well internationally because of how enthusiastic KSH’s fans are about it.

    And yes, @Koala, the amount of Cartier, Hermes, and Roger Vivier Shin Min Ah is rocking is so at odds with her job that it’s distracting me from the show.

    • Also, I know other posters have dragged KSH for his popularity previously, so I don’t want this to turn into another bash fest. I’m just confused how his inputs are producing such output. Maybe I need to go watch Start-Up.

      • If you do watch start up do yourself a favour and stop at episode 12. I’m saving you alot of time by telling you this.

      • The drama is great all the way as long as the viewer realizes that KSH’s character is a second lead and the drama doesn’t revolve around him.

  5. I enjoy HCC. It’s nice to watch a drama that didn’t make your blood boil and think too much. It’s not perfect, but then again I’m not looking for perfection.

    I see so many comments about KSH’s fans, so I want to chime in.

    I like KSH because of 2 Days 1 Night, though I’m not sure I can call myself an avid fan. I didn’t watch Start Up and didn’t want to (just not interested), I stopped midway Waikiki 2 (not my taste), I fast forwarded Strongest Deliveryman (also not my taste, but I like his character), I haven’t watched 100 Days My Prince (but I’m planning to, I love Kyungsoo). All of his other dramas (which are not many) I have watched and love them.

    I read some of his fans’ posts about him, and from what I gathered some of them has been following him from before he became famous. So I guess this is a “finally” moment from them, like there’s a sense of proudness. I also found that lots of his K-fans has became his fans since his theater days. And as a theater actor, he’s very famous, almost like an idol. Other than that, I don’t know, I guess the Han Ji Pyeong effect somehow last stronger? Or maybe it’s just that KSH has charms that overly attract some people. It’s the same situation as when I was a lot younger, I don’t understand why my friends went crazy over Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, or Leonardo DiCaprio, while I’m more into Ralph Fiennes or Christian Bale.

    However, even though indeed his fans can be way too over the top, and makes me cringe, I like him as an actor and entertainer, so I just ignore it and simply enjoy his works. I mean, I think we can mostly agree that despite his fans’ hullabaloo, he is a good actor.

    • I liked Start Up and his role in it fine but even I don’t know why Han Ji-pyeong was so popular lol. Right role at the right time, I guess. I’m happy for KSH though. It’s hard not to like the guy. He has an interesting story, is very endearing, and can act. I enjoy him on 2D1N. Yes, from the sound of it he was somewhat of an idol of the theater and had a devoted fanbase from then.

    • I watched both Start-Up and 100 Days My Prince before KSH became famous. I highly recommend 100DMP compared to Start-Up. KSH in my opinion stole scenes from Kyungsoo though I love Kyungsoo to bits since Hello Monster. I actually rooted for KSH’s 2nd ML to be with Nam Ji Hyun’s FL. His chemistry with NJH is way better than Kyungsoo’s chemistry with NJH but that’s just my opinion. I was very pleasantly surprised by KSH’s understated performance. I even like his interaction with a gisaeng minor character.

      • I got excited with your post just wanna to add, his dramas “two cops”, “you drive me crazy” and “catch the ghost” are really good. Glad he now got a bit of recognition.

  6. 10 minutes into the first episode and there’s already PPLs for Roger Vivier lmao I guess this is like a filler drama before Jirisan? Ratings off to a good start nonetheless

    • Koala you got the wrong info. First episode had 6.881 and second one got 6.666.
      I have seen many people saying it was boring..well that explains the ratings dip. It premiered with such high numbers because it is shin minah’s cb to dramaland plus ksh’s new found fame. If it goes on in this pace, i am afraid the ratings will plummet further.

      • This! The numbers were inversed.

        I found it cute but boring. Would rather binge then watch weekly. I also can’t get over how much younger KSH looks compared to SMA. I know their real age difference isn’t much but it’s distracting on screen.

      • I think that’s at least in part the result of Shin Min Ah’s styling as Hyejin

        that ‘very polished and expensively accessorised professional woman’ look definitely reads mature in both dramas and irl, because what normal young 20s person has the money or lifestyle to afford looking like that? It’s appropriate for SMA character but yeah KSH ends up looking younger because Dooshik is a character with a more casual style.

  7. I actually like the vibe of this drama! It just feels so relaxing to watch, and the scenery~ a feast for the eyes. After a hectic week I do love that HTCC provide somekind of oasis for me to unwind and just enjoy the ride 🙂 . And both the leads are soooo adorable with their dimples! I am looking forward how the story of the leads and gongjin’s residents!

  8. As the writer n director intended, dushik n hyejin did not like each other when they 1st met, they are direct opposite of each other yet they do have similarity which is exciting to see the drama unfold the layer how they begin to like each other. Their brickering is so fun. Great acting by both leads n the other casts. I enjoy so much i watch them twice. Looking forward to more heart warming stories n how the affected people got their healing n the beautiful scenery. Wish i could have a friend like mr hong – wise n capable.

    Now i know why Seon Ho says he has to learn languages russian n sign language also surfing and making coffee. Although he can’t swim he still able to surf that’s quite a risk in the ocean. Really impress how much he puts in the effort to do well.

  9. Idk if it’s just me but kim Seonho’s trajectory strangely reminds me that of Jung Hae In’s.
    Both used to do small roles in various dramas until one day they hit big as the goody goody second male lead whom fans preferred more.( Lol! Coincidentally both their breakout dramas had suzy as main actress?).
    Afterwards they got their first main lead role against 2 famous actresses whose cb to dramaland was long awaited.
    Pretty noona pushed jung hae in to stardom. Like he was one of the most buzziest actor that year. Even managed to enter gallup top 5 and earned quite some awards too. Sadly he couldn’t maintain that momentum for too long .Anyways atleast he is getting lots of praises for D.P now.

    Let’s see how this drama shapes up kim seonho’s profile.

    • Actually KSH already acted as male lead for 3 dramas before he finally hit it big in Start Up as second male lead! This is his the fourth time male lead role! His case is totally different from JHI who never acted as male lead before hit big.

  10. I’m not feeling it too and I normally love slow placed slice of life type of show like when the weather is fine (what a beautiful gem that show was).

    So far it seems so cliche, the male leads who’s unreasonably rude to the female lead. Then there’s the female lead who needs help at every turn ugh. I’ve only watched the first episode but that’s enough to put me off. It could also just be me and my lack of my patience since my fav romance shows this year (Mad for eachother and lovestruck) have been 30 mins an episode.

  11. First episode was boring but I think it improved towards the second one since the context and set up has been established. It’s not something you will get hooked onto immediately but hoping it will be a slow burn that gets better as each episode passes.

    The visuals are stunning to look at though. I’m curious what Lee Sang Yi’s character will add to this mix.

  12. Koala got it wrong. It premiered with 6.8% then dipped to 6.6%. But the high premiere ratings line up with Koala’s post about K-viewers anticipating the drama.

    Watched EP1 so far. It was great to see Shin Min-A onscreen again. And I kinda enjoyed her parts in Seoul which were beautifully shot, btw. But I started getting bored when the setting shifted to the seaside. Speaking of, who leaves expensive shoes at the beach, especially when they just impulsively quit their job and have bills to pay? And why was the ML so rude to her when he’s Mr. Do-Good to everyone else? That was a turnoff. The epilogue annoyed me even more.
    Gongjin, the seaside town, reminded me of the Seongjin-si vibes in IOTNBO. Even saw similar roads. Prolly the same location. Plus, one or two scenes between the leads reminded me of MM couple. There’s even a character named Ju-ri. I too didn’t feel any chemistry between the OTP which was disappointing. Right now, the drama doesn’t have the crack factor for me. Maybe I’ll give it a few more episodes to see if it’s a keeper or a dropper.

    • He could be rude to her cause he had a crush on her…
      It did show a glimpse in the cafe scene that he does like her.
      I’m also not feeling the chemistry, it’s all about the visuals so far and defo there’s that spark missing.

      As charming as shin min ah is I’m still picturing a spin off of han ji pyeong and won jin ah in a corporate setting being a power couple haha, I blame start up for making me thinking of what couldve/should’ve been haha. I should get over it, but man is Kim seon ho is more convincing as a cut throat venture capitalist than the modest jack of all trades kinda guy.

      • @Kailey B

        Yeah, I think he might have a crush on her. The epilogue showed how he noticed her first at the beach. Then he saw her kindly treating the kid with the lost tooth. And he was smiling when she was showing off the squid she gutted. It was supposed to be romantic but I found it annoying. It’s high schoolers who are rude to girls they like. Here they’re both adults. If she’d been snotty or rude to him first, then I would have understood his reaction. But she just needed a bit of help.

      • I keep seeing this narrative thrown around that he’s rude to her because he has a crush on her but I don’t think that is why.
        His line “Why would an outsider like you care about what I do?” pretty much sums up that he doesn’t really care for people who likely only came to their village on a trip and will likely leave soon. He’s only shown to be nice to people living in gongjin or people who wants to try to stay in gongjin (the foreigner he helped in the beginning)
        Might be spoiler but once she decided to stay in gongjin, he’s a lot more helpful towards her.

      • @Llll

        Yeah, when he said that line, I figured he probably didn’t like outsiders. But then the epilogue scenes I described above threw me off. Did you catch that part?

      • But whatever his misgivings towards outsiders, my point is that there was no need for him to be rude to her from the outset like he was. I saw comments on theqoo and some took issue with that as well.

    • @~

      I wasn’t trying to say he wasn’t rude? I do think he was unnecessarily rude to her in the beginning but I personally don’t think that was because he had a crush on her like I see a lot of people seem to think. Just my 2 cents on that theory and it was mostly directed @Kailey b rather than you.

      • @Llll

        Then you should have @ her username to be clear since @Kailey B replied to me and your comment was nested under mine to her hence the misunderstanding. But cool.

  13. Agree with Koala. It was so boring that I struggled to finish.

    By the way, the correct ratings are 6.821% and 6.666%. Please fix.

  14. I don’t know how I feel about this drama.I like seeing the actors, the place, the story is ok but … I did not go to watch second episode. Everything was just ok. I think it’s the kind of drama that I will watch when it’s completed… if I still remember it.

  15. I’m enjoying the drama thus far; 2nd epi more than first one. Beautiful cinematography, visually captivating leads with gorgeous smiles. I especially enjoy their back and forth banter.

    It did feel a little draggy in the initial episode when they introducing the premise of the drama, but picked up later in epi 2 . I also like the nosy but well meaning villagers and can’t wait to hear their stories.

    I didn’t feel too offended by du- shik’s rudeness. He is probably a tsundere who is esp brusque with complete strangers. He did soften up with her later. Also I don’t understand korean so maybe his lack of manners doesn’t affect me as much

    I’m definitely going to continue watching it . Soothing balm after a frazzled string of makjang / thriller/ dystopian dramas coming from Korea

    Just what my doctor ordered

  16. I liked it! It’s a typical rom-com with a strong cast, both of them were looking very good together, in a beautiful place, with good supporting roles.

    I’m excited to watch them to fall in love. I’m curious about his story too.

  17. I loved it but then I tend to love all of the slice of life types that others consider boring. It just feels like a nice, old-fashioned rom-com with nice, pretty leads. I like the village aspect too. I know both leads are popular, but I was surprised how high it premiered and how little it dropped between episodes. I hope the numbers at least stay in the 6% range because it’s nice seeing a rom-com do well. I’ve reached my full with makjangs and anti-heroes.

  18. Not in the least bored and didn’t even notice the pricey bags. Sincerely loving this drama as a free trip to the seaside, populated with people going about their daily lives. Having lived in two tourist hot spots, one near the sea and another in the mountains, I may have a different perspective regarding the alleged “rudeness” of the ML toward the FL. It’s often a love/hate relationship with tourists. Everyone knows many friends and family who rely on the tourist trade to make a living but honestly many visitors would try the patience of a saint. Picky, demanding, complaining and rude behavior from day trippers and short stay vacationers seems to get worse every year. The pandemic shutdown made many citizens in tourist meccas realize how stressful “the season” has become. Please be aware of that when next you travel?

    • Was the FL one of those tourists from hell you’re referring to? In their very first interaction at the beach, did she exhibit any of the negative behaviors you described? If she had, then his alleged “rudeness” would have been deserved. But she was polite and pleading which made him come off like a jerk.

  19. “Why would a stranger care what i do” – got the feeling that this is not the 1st time they had met as hyejin kind of said it’s her 3rd time visiting the village (she almost forgot she had visited the 2nd time).

    Haha..expensive bag were rejected as collatual, good props.

    My perspective as, if i am in dushik shoes, i would smile when i see the kids were care for n of course seeing the good side of hyejin. If i got someone work that person has never done before, yeap, like dushik, i will go have a look if the hyejin who has never clear squid before whether she is doing ok or fainted. Dushik had done the same thing for the russian guy, nothing creepy about that. And he smile when making coffee cos he knows at least hyejin is not a con woman.

    I don’t find the “rudeness” rather things said are being factual. If a stranger kept telling me go into the ocean find the other side of shoe cos you found it once, i will also flatlly reject cos i will have to dive in even divers take many hours even days to find dead body in the sea what more a shoe.

    2nd episode hyejin makes a booboo n causes villages to avoid her n her dental clinic. Dushik wise words enlighten her n he helps her to patch up with the villages n got her patients for her clinic. This is why he is chief hong.

    Really enjoy the 2 episodes not boring at all seeing all the characters come to life and the 3rd episode is going to be more fun n entertaining. Am so interested in dushik story, the suit had something to it i think.

    • “nothing creepy about that”. Did anyone say he was creepy? And no one said he should have gone into the water. For those of you who love everything about the drama, good for y’all, keep loving it and expressing it. But what’s this not-so subtle dig at other people’s different opinions and perspectives about the flaws or dislikes about the drama? This is to you and that @cheryl whoever above you.

      • Haha…why so angry? Yes, i really enjoy the drama n likes my perceptions n not interested in your so call “digging”.

      • Really weird you somehow took @Ethic’s comment as a personal attack.
        It’s like someone saying outloud to themselves “Wow, this candy is so good, kind of weird some people don’t like it” and you coming out of a bush screaming “How dare you insult me for not liking that candy”

        Just like you and others saying this drama is boring, these people are saying their piece in thinking the drama is not boring and they don’t find certain actions rude in their perspective. And what, is saying positive things about the drama a “dig” at people saying negative things? Lmao.

  20. I’m neutral towards the leads but I like slice of drama anything so I’ll definitely check it out for now. Now if it stays watchable for even 14 episodes and doesn’t get painfully boring, I’d be so happy.

  21. I kinda expected this drama to be boring.. but surprisingly the chemistry of the 2 main lead is good.. hopefully the story will become better not stagnant
    I dont find kimseonho that good looking bt he is charming..

  22. I’m liking it so far. I agree that the 1st episode was calm; more like a set up, where nothing really exciting happens so much as just introducing the characters and setting.

    The first major shift happens about 20 mins into ep 2, so I would at least try to finish that episode. This story seems like it’s going to be more about the relationships between characters and finding acceptance than it is about heavy drama.

    I do think there’s chemistry, but it’s only been planted at this point. There’s a clear childhood backstory building between the two and I can spot the slightest differences in how our two leads interact with each other vs those around them. They both wear masks that have slipped in each other’s company, like they don’t really have to pretend around each other. Min Ah’s character comes across very independent and self-assured and yet seeks Sun Ho’s advice / counsel. Whereas Sun Ho struggles to say no, perhaps not liking the idea of letting others down. He’s shown that he feels indebted “grandma”, and may be internally conflicted about his responsibilities and dreams.

    I feel like this is meant to be a breezy watch which may not be for most people, but it’s going to also be sentimental, relatable, and probably endearing.

  23. @Whatever

    This site is not built for logical drama discussions. Here, stans get defensive over a drama like it’s their personal property and anyone who has a contrary opinion is trespassing. Go to DB for more rational and real discussions. It’s a bit better there. Aside the positive comments, I see some comments echoing the unnecessary rudeness of the ML and other criticisms. Yet there’s no oversensitive stan defensiveness.

  24. I haven’t watched yet but isn’t Shin Min Ah’s character a dentist? Maybe it’s different in Korea but in my country dentists are very high earners so it’s not jarring to see them with luxury bags. I would think some Hermes is definitely in the price bracket of a mid-30s specialist dentist in a large city who doesn’t have other financial obligations like kids or schooling

    • @Sunny – Yeah, I get what you’re saying that dentists are high earners in some places (esp if you own your practice), but the lineup of Hermes and Cartier looks out of place with HCCC’s setting (to me).

      Reminds me of when I saw a nun was rocking a Hermes Birkin in a recent kdrama (forgot which one).

      • Yeah but isn’t the character from Seoul to start with? Expensive bags on high earning 30s professional women with no other expenses…are not exactly rare there. Especially since she’s carrying day purses and not like some dinky little evening clutch. The only other place I’ve seen as many designer bags on the metro, is Tokyo.

        (And I think the point is that it’s out of place for Gongjin. Because she’s an outsider. imo the bigger problem is that it looks like her red bag is empty or contains hardly anything even though you see her taking things out if it during the episode – like her wallet etc)

      • @Jushi & Royal We – Fair points.

        @Royal We – I actually didn’t see that many designer bags when I was in Tokyo. Hong Kong and Singapore on the other hand…

    • I actually am not into hand bags so had no clue. But I thought when they had her buy the expensive shoes, they were making a point that she perhaps overspent on pretty things.

    • She complained to her friend about not having enough money to open her own practice in Seoul and being forced to work for others. That’s not in line with owning a collection of luxury bags and shoes that cost thousands dollars each. It’s inconsistent. Same as throwing on the beach and losing shoes worth $2.000, when she was recently fired. You have to be very rich not to care about shoes that you just bought and cost thousands dollars…I found distracting all the super expensive product placement.

  25. Well she gifted herself with luxury goods . Her character likes beautiful things . So i don’t see the problem . The fact that she wore it when she visited the village can be seen as an opposition between citizens from Seoul and people living a simple life in the countryside . What amazes me the most is that asians seem to know better about luxury brands than French people .

  26. I’ve always liked slice-of-life so I did not find this boring at all. lol. Although it was marketed as a rom-com but I feel that slice-of-life would be a better description with a side of romance. At least that’s what I got from the first 2 eps.

    As an avid slice-of-life genre lover and watcher, I’m very much used to this type of pacing. 1st episode was so so because it’s more of an introductory episode with nothing much going on except to introduce the characters and the setting. but episode 2 is when the story begins for me. I enjoyed stories that teaches relevant and relatable life lessons (which literally what slice-of-life is all about). So I absolutely loved episode 2 because it’s just so heartwarming and relatable.

    From episode 3 preview, I would assume that the rom-com part would officially kick start then. Can’t wait.

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