Hometown Cha Cha Cha Shimmies Up 8.733% Ratings in Episode 3 as a Sign that the Romance Slice-of-life Drama Can Still Get Audience Interest

Congrats are in order for tvN Sat-Sun drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha, arriving late into the summer but has become the winner of the season in ratings for the network. Episode 3 rose 2% in ratings from episode 2 to garner 8.733%, and it’s predecessor The Devil Judge never got past 8% while earlier Mine got over 8% in the 6th episode. That Hometown did this being a slower paced slice-of-life romance is even more impressive, and bodes real well that domestic audiences are praising and enjoying the drama. I’m just glad this is no ship war here like Kim Sun Ho‘s last drama, and can dive back in now knowing the story will pick up and the two leads are doing a swell job of bringing that necessary bantering charm with additional layers as the two get to know each other more. On an accessorizing note, this episode Hye Jin whipped out from her stable of Hermes (hur hur pun intended) the Della Cavalleria Mini in Epsom Gold, which I felt actually a Seoul dentist would buy with both functional and flirty touches.


Hometown Cha Cha Cha Shimmies Up 8.733% Ratings in Episode 3 as a Sign that the Romance Slice-of-life Drama Can Still Get Audience Interest — 58 Comments

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    • Funnily this is the one ppl I can buy because she has enough money to start a dental practice even if it’s in a small town, and ep 1 suggested she’s in the habit of buying expensive things even if they squeeze her budget (the shoes). And at least Hermes bags have good resale value, more than other luxury brands’ trendy bags.

    • Koreans have this habit of buying luxury items to show off even if they bought in on credit/debt so I’d say it’s not far from their reality haha they’re too image conscious, and not sure in SK but from where I live the people who can afford to study dentistry and eventually open their clinics are from at least upper middle class

  3. I dropped it already. It’s giving me Hallmark movie and Sweet Home Alabama vibes, and the drama seems like it has a checklist of all the kdrama tropes to check off.

    The Kim Seon Ho fans are in 7th heaven right now, so good for them. At this rate, given how MASSIVELY beloved he is, it feels like KSH is on fast track to joining that exclusive Hallyu male stars club. It’s a bit shocking to me, really.

    • It has a checklist of all the kdramas trope to check off. And that’s what turn me off. Kdramas will not be able to leave all their usual trope but too much of them only tire me out. I can’t take the drama seriously. The drama is nice for an escapism. Light, fun, with exceptionally beautiful people on screen. But for me it lacks the contemplative quality that makes slice of life drama stand out from other genre.

      • “Light, fun, with exceptionally beautiful people on screen. But for me it lacks the contemplative quality that makes slice of life drama stand out from other genre.”

        Ding, ding, ding! Yep, this right here. The drama right now is like cotton candy – fluffy, pretty, and sugary, but bearing no nutritional substance whatsoever.

  4. Jokes about the Hermes aside, I actually think it makes sense for Hyejin? Those designs are classic, not likely to date soon (unlike recent years’ trendy designs like that Dior saddle bag, Fendi baguette, Bottega Veneta puffy clutches etc)…the kind of thing a professional woman with years of experience, no kids and a love of luxury goods might splurge on with an eye on reselling them someday because Hermes is known to fetch good prices on the resale market, sometimes higher than retail.

    • I am in the “makes no sense” camp. Dentists make a good amount, enough to afford a Birkin (or two), not the entire Hermes line-up. Hermes also constrains inventory so unless you’re a celebrity or chaebol heiress, you cant buy whatever and however much you want. This is pure PPL, unrealistic but nice to look at.

      If she whips out a Himalayan croc Birkin in a future episode, I will laugh so hard.

      • This is not true. Hermès limits accessibility to the big 3: Birkin, Kelly and Constance. Lindy also limited but not as much as the other three. The rest of their bags are easy to get in store (including the red Herbag Hye Jin always carries).

      • @Melone – that’s true, if someone wants an Hermes bag that’s not a custom order or in a very in-demand colourway they can buy it in-store without waiting…if they go for whatever colour/size the store has available. Like Hyejin’s red bag, it’s not a ‘classic’ colour but I’ve heard irl stories of first-time customers being given the chance to buy weird-coloured bags in-store instead of, say, a black Birkin. The catch is that they won’t let you buy more than a few per year, to prevent flooding the resale market.

        The ones who are pickier about their bag or want a colour/skin that’s not available in-store often talk about spending time ‘developing a relationship’ with the Hermes SAs ie spending a lot of money buying scarves and small leather goods first before being put on the list to get the bag with the specs they want.

    • I thought that was a fake or secondhand. Many people bought birkin that way when they can’t afford the real deal. Second hand stuff has good quality these day as many websites vouch for their originality

    • How do you know whether she can afford or not? Dentists are paid different, depending on whether they work privately or hired in a public health sector. Plus, it is South Korea, where people live and breathe for luxury stuffs as @Q mentioned. It is not like they use a mask and whatever nonsense stuffs as PPL like they did in TKEM.

  5. Loving n enjoying this fun n sweet drama development so much. The leads are cute n their chemistry with each other n all the casts is amazingly good. Looking forward to more fun adventure yay.

  6. Wow, that rating is impressive. I guess both are loved in Korea and it shows in the rating.

    Also local audience seem to like it when the story is set in a local town. Just like When the Camellia blooms.

    • When the Weather is Fine was set in a countryside but the ratings were only around 2%. Sad because I thought it was a beautiful drama but I guess it also depends on the star power of the leads especially on the GP. Camellia had GHJ and HomCha has current IT boy KSH.

      • When the weather is fine was such a nice surprise, I love everything about it. Home cha is in the similar vein but in a sea side setting but for some reason I’m not feeling it. Could be that I have a bias for the winter cozy vibes. But also home cha feels like something I’ve seen before.

        But atleast it’s still doing well you can’t underestimate the crazy star power Kim seon ho has these days, it’s a bit of a turn off tbh but I’m trying to separate the actor from his fandom.

  7. EP4 went up to 8.742%. It’ll hit double digits soon at this rate. Love me some Shin Mina and Han Ji-pyeong was bae so I had to check this out. But I was astonished to find myself not caring all that much about the leads or their upcoming romance. Perhaps it’s their bland chemistry. I find myself more invested in the side characters like the halmoni squad, the one-hit wonder who makes bad coffee, his feisty daughter Ju-Ri, Hwa-jung ajumma and so on. The writer is smart to give attention to the townsfolk because they’re the MVPs carrying the show (and its high ratings).

    • If you look at the reactions of korean forums you’d realize you are in the minority for thinking that lol. Not that your taste or opinion is inferior since its objective but many are saying the leads chemistry and acting are the main draw point that contributes to the ratings.

  8. After Nevertheless, Marriage or Divorce, Mine, Penthouse, and Devil Judge, I think the Korean audience is all tired with toxic/heavy/mind-twisting dramas and settle for a comfort drama like this one. Plus, the main actor and actress are much beloved there. Thus, the uptick in rating is not a surprise. Kudos TvN!

    • ^good point. Lots of heavy dark dramas on air for months, a drama that isn’t like that seems quite refreshing in comparison.

  9. I really liked the 4 episodes and how they relationship is evolving! They look so good together. I like the ambiance in the town and its habitants.

    I don’t think it’s surprising she’s rich. She worked in a clinic for years and was the one with the lot of patients. Clearly, she did a lot of esthetic jobs that pay more than just cavities. She had famous patient like the idol. Her dentist friends were the same, the Gangnam one paid a lot of taxes…

  10. Curious. Does this drama have any competition? I know Lost is also airing but Cha Cha had high ratings even before that drama premiered. Plus it airs at 10:30 to Cha Cha’s 9:00. Are any other dramas airing in the Sat-Sun 9:00 timeslot?

    (Where’s @Dakchigo when you need them?)

  11. Don’t get why people are focusing on luxury bags . How many times did i see in dramas , poor people having the last smartphone, or wearing less pricey brands but not affordable for cinderella’s character… , I remember Doctors drama with PSH always wearing high heels a la Louboutin. I’m enjoying this feel good drama with 2 charming actors and a beautiful scenery . A fresh breeze after all the “heavy dramas”

    • Even PSH’s character who worked her ass off with 3 part time jobs still managed to use a new Samsung phone. Lol

      And this FL is a dentist. It’s moreeeee ‘make sense’ than a girl with no work and just started in a start up wearing Dior attributes lol.

      • At least in that one drama PSH character explains her fancy phone by saying she’s on a payment plan for it. And in this one the heroine is in a profession that pays her decently+ clearly lives a comfortable, slightly spendthrift life.

        Both of these >>>>>>>>> all those dramas where supposedly poor heroines are covered in designer clothes and carrying the latest expensive bags and phones with no explanation.

    • THIS! I seriously don’t get why people are so hung up over her bags. Haven’t we all see similar scenarios before? How is this any different than the poor working girl with all the latest gadgets and neverending closet who never repeats an outfit? Like, girl, I thought you were poor? How can you afford all this? At least Hye-Jin is a dentist and we know she’s not poor. Yes, she no chabeol, but she makes a decent living for herself. It’s more believable than the poor girl scenario. Since when are kdramas supposed to be that realistic anyway. It’s obvious PPL.

      Also, on a tangent, but does anyone else find the “la la la” ost annoying? Whenever it comes on, I always want to fast forward.

      • They just want to find fault with the drama. I mean, this is the IT drama now, since it is doing really well.

      • Melone: Suzy and her Dior bags in Start Up were even more annoying.

        She couldn’t even buy new shoes and she can afford all the Dior? Big LOL

  12. I’m gonna binge watch HCCC after more episodes come out. I like both adorable leads Dimple Couple. Also looking forward to se how Kim Tae Ri-Nam Joo Hyuk & Choi Tae Joon-Song Ji Eun fare in new romance dramas for 1st half of 2022. Casting news are coming out fast and furious. Can just imagine the comment sections will be heated up again as Nam Joo Hyuk is a really divisive figure in this blog. Lol.

    • Woah, NJH is really lucky to be paired up with latest IT girls after veteran actresses pairing. He must either be beloved by powerful sponsors or SOOP is doing a damn good job in getting him A-list female leads lately. Wanna see him paired up with another fellow SOOP actress same initials Nam Ji Hyun. Are they cousins by any chance? I also wanted Kim Seon Ho paired up with Nam Ji Hyun again in a non sageuk drama.

    • Sorry to go off topic but talking about casting news for 2022, another divisive figure Seo Ye Ji has been offered FL role in tvN’s Eve’s Scandal. That’s another potential 2022 drama that fans either love or hate with koala’s comments section going bonkers. Drama is rumoured to be hot topic amongst industry insiders for having a solid script. Dang, no gigantic scandals can keep this girl down. Lol.

      • How I wish Lydia1 is back here again with any insider news about SYJ. Her views are always very entertaining & illuminating. I expect her drama to be fully brimstone & fire comment wars compared to the very sedate, prim & proper Hometown comments.

      • @drama addict – If/when Koala puts a post on SYJ up, I’m going to holler at Lydia1 to help us make sense of all this.

      • Ophelia, from Soompi’s article. I copied word by word aka stealing quotes. Lol. Title – Seo Ye Ji and Park Byung Eun In Talks To Lead New TVN Drama.

      • @ophelia, so do I, so do I. A million questions to ask Lydia1. How the hell does SYJ make a comeback this fast and thru TVN network, no less. Studio Dragon maybe producing it. SYJ is like Cersei Lannister. Lol. Arise the Queen is back.

  13. Haha! I’m glad I know nothing about fashion. I can’t tell what’s designer and what’s not or how much these things are supposed to cost, so it doesn’t bother me at all.

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