Lovers of the Red Sky Rises to 8.8% Rating in Episode 2 as the Story Transitions to Classic Sageuk with a Jolt of Fantasy in the Beating Heart

I love when the majority of viewers, it appears, seem to enjoy the drama, and even better with a great sense of humor. The general consensus is that Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi) is an entertaining watch so far, the first episode was solely fantasy but now the second episode has transitioned to more traditional sageuk beats of palace intrigue and squabbles among the towns folk. The sense of humor comes from the agreement that the CGI is pretty uninspired and now at the end of episode 2 we have a smoke demon/goth yangban male lead and holy is it silly and awesome at the same time. Like, I cannot even when the joke is that Ha Ram fits better in a German club than on a Joseon treetop but we don’t care because demon him wants her eyes and human him is going to fall in love with her so hard they will rewrite destiny. The second episode showed that Kim Yoo Jung is seamless as painter Chun Gi, so plucky and all heart in taking care of her father. Ahn Hyo Seob is decent as Ha Ram but his character is wonderfully layered, there for the REVENGE in all caps against the royal family and despite being blind he’s running a major intrigue organization and has time to learn sword fighting to get abs of steel. NOT COMPLAINING. Gong Myung is a non-entity so far as the playboy prince while no surprise Kwak Si Yang is fo sho in his own one-man Macbeth and I love it. This drama is hitting all my nnnnnggggg beats so far and I’m glad it doesn’t disappoint off the bat and has so much potential.


Lovers of the Red Sky Rises to 8.8% Rating in Episode 2 as the Story Transitions to Classic Sageuk with a Jolt of Fantasy in the Beating Heart — 20 Comments

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  2. Ha ram has a demon legend inside of him, that makes him being a super human even if when he is blind more believability.
    I remember seeing the last scene in ep 2 when his vision is like red-ish and I was like, “that’s the demon’s vision”.

    I enjoy the drama so far, Cheon Gi and her father scenes also really good.

  3. ????, one man Macbeth!!! Yes, he is so dramatic!

    I just hope that the second half of the drama won’t turn into total angst fest and they keep some humor in it….

  4. Watched it. Loved it. The CGI had me in stitches. By the time we got to the palanquin scene with the two leads and their heart-fluttering chemistry, I was caught hook, line and sinker. And that ending? Can’t wait for the next episodes!

    • Yeah, the CGI makes me tilted my head but when that carriage scene happen,I was like “prepare my dress, I am about to attend a wedding”
      They look really good together

      • Hi empyrean,

        I have. It was dark and depressing. But I liked it enough to continue. RJY’s hair might have something to do with it. Lol.

      • Ryu Jun-Yeol’s hair is a valid reason to watch. Hahaha. I’ll give it a go and see how it goes. Thanks!

      • I’m watching
        – Hometown Cha Cha Cha, a pretty good rom-com ;
        – I started Lost (Human Disqualification) that is hard to judge for now, I forgot that Son Na-Eun was in, the only bĂ©mol for now ;
        – The Great Shaman GDS is nice, it deserves longer episodes! ;
        – Check Out the Event was meh but fortunately there were 4 episodes only ;
        – You Raise Me Up had an interesting setting : impotency, but the characters and story were pretty disapointing ;
        – Police University : the students are funny and nice to watch. The real policeman acted by Cha Tae-Hyun is bad at his job… it’s pretty frustrating to watch ;
        – HP 2 is not good as HP 1, but there are still fun scenes.

      • Sayaris, wow, you’re watching a lot!

        ~ HomeCha wasn’t working for me so I dropped it. But good you’re enjoying it.

        ~ Son Na-Eun is indeed a turnoff. Lol. But I will focus hard on the combined acting prowess of JDY and RJY to overcome her for now.

        ~ J’adore Shaman Girl! KSR and NDR make a fantastic team. The drama is kinda like a high school version of Sell Your Haunted House. Too bad the episodes are bite-sized.

        ~ I liked HP1 but most reviews for the second season aren’t enthusiastic.

        The other dramas on your list didn’t appeal to me so I didn’t bother. I’ve heard good things about On The Verge of Insanity so I might try it. Did you watch it?

      • ~on > On the Verge of Insanity was really great! I didn’t know that vacuum cleaner manufacturing could be interesting :p

        The characters are interesting and well acted.

  5. Not sure what some people means by “mess” but I think it was pretty good. Yes, the CGI was meh but guys this is a drama not a hollywood movie with 100+ million budget. And for that it looked okay.

    I loved the music, the acting and I think there is a lot potential for the plot.

    • I really liked both episodes. I always wanted to see them work together after the Clean with Passion casting didn’t work out.

      I knew they would look great together. Their chemistry is the kind that I’ve been looking for nowadays.

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