Hometown Cha Cha Cha Breaks 10% Ratings by Episode 6 as Drama Cruises on Sweet Country Vibe

I hear a lot of dramas calling itself a “healing drama” but it seems tvN Sat-Sun series Hometown Cha Cha Cha really has delivered on that promise. This weekend’s episodes 5 and 6 went up in ratings from the prior week to 9.996% and 10.270% respectively, and wherever this drama may go it’s a certified hit already. The ratings are made even more impressive by the genre since romance and healing dramas and slice-of-life series rarely harness the same viewership as thrillers and makjang. The ingredients for its success from feedback run the gamut from lovely story, a warm vibe that viewers are in the mood for, solid leads in Kim Sun Ho and Shin Mina, and a general embrace for a story that brings viewers to a happy place.


Hometown Cha Cha Cha Breaks 10% Ratings by Episode 6 as Drama Cruises on Sweet Country Vibe — 92 Comments

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    • @Lai Pei Yee – so true on both points. Get a good cast who can actually act and give them something to do – I’m sure it makes a writer’s job much easier when they don’t have to be adjusting fir hype+no skills acting.

      I’m personally very happy for Shin Min Ah that it’s doing so well, she’s a good actress whose acting skills were often overshadowed by her looks but it’s good to see the drama and Hyejin getting lots of love.

  2. Well done Homecha. Both leads and supporting casts are awesome and their chemistry is so good. Fun to watch the layers get peel off every episodes. Look forward to ep 7 and unfold the mysteries. Cheers Homecha team cheers Shikhye couple.

  3. Question – given his popularity and now having a hit drama (Hometown) under his belt, does this mean that Kim Sun Ho is now pretty much an A-lister?

      • um no. it’s doing well bc of the synergy of good writing, directing, and acting. ksh is playing a part yes, but he isn’t to be credited alone.

      • @mimi

        Exactly! If he and his ‘rabid’ fanbase are so almighty, why did Start Up flop spectacularly in ratings like it did? Why didn’t his other dramas where he was ML hit it big? Why did it take a SML role opposite a bland ML before he could blow up? This drama is doing well because of all you said + it has no competition in its timeslot to give it a run for its money. All that overhype and discrediting others to inflate him and make him seem bigger than he is just invites hate against the guy.

    • Maybe not quite but getting close??? I’m sure he’s at the top of a lot of casting lists now, at least for rom-coms. I’d like to see him do another genre because he has the acting chops. He’s doing a rom-com movie with Yoona next and seems to be working out the scheduling for another film. Let’s see how they do. Anyway, he’s a world away from where he was before Start Up. It’s pretty amazing, but he’s charming and talented.

      • They need to make it big in the country before the hallyu status. It is the local audience who make or break them. So, what if the fans hype up the dramas? Do they actually watch the drama itself? Just a do proper survey of the audience and you will find out. Stop picking on this poor guy, who earned his achievement and success legally.

    • Hmmmm…how do you know that the drama is only watched by his fans, and not Shin Min Na’s fans as well. Just because, he is not your fav actor or the ratings have now hit the 10% mark.

      • Not to be rude but SMA does not have much of a fanbase. She is a good actress and has had a stable career but she is not the reason people were anticipating this drama. Its all KSH. Any other male lead and this drama would be in the single digits.

      • Agree with @Anon here. I remember one poster here made the distinction between fans and fanatics. SMA has fans, but KSH has fanatics. Rabid is the right word to describe them.

        I am enjoying Hometown (it’s cute and warm), but the level of buzz around KSH shocks me. This guy has had a one-of-a-kind, stratospheric rise-to-fame. Never seen anything like it.

      • It is unfair to say that her fanbase is not that strong, unless you have the numbers to prove it. Shin Min Na has been in the industry for a long time, plus KSH has started as a second lead for a long time. So, i don’t see the problem. If that is the case, most of the popular and highly rated dramas with popular actors will be judged because of the popularity male lead, right?

      • @Lai Pei Yee Actually, you can prove this quantitatively. Write a script analyzing frequency of name mentions for SMH vs KSH on key social media platforms in the lead up to Hometown airing. That’ll be your proxy for fanbase.

      • @LaiPeiYee her last drama also on TVN (Tomorrow with You) had awful ratings. Ended up under 2%. And the one before that (Chief of Staff) averaged around 4%. Where was her fanbase then?

      • Even if it is true,will KSH fanbase be enough to sustain the ratings or popularity of the drama till now. It should slip or fall by now to 5%. One example is LMH’s TKEM.Why did you think it went downhill despite the strong LMH’s fanbase? And why is everyone hitting on him alone, when he is on the rise.

      • Because LMH’s fan base is mostly outside Korea, particularly SEA, who do not contribute domestic ratings. He is more a hallyu star and not as popular in his home country.

      • @Hello, bingo. People need to stop confusing international popularity with domestic popularity. LMH is a good example.

      • Wut, I’m confused now. I thought you needed to be domestically popular first in order to be a Hallyu star, since the latter is seen as the ultimate fame achievement or something.

      • @Anon

        His rabid fanbase are mostly I-fans whom we all know don’t contribute a lick to ratings. All they do is hype. And reviews from K-viewers have praised the story and acting from the cast. So how is his rabid fanbase (mostly I-fans) responsible for the drama’s domestic ratings success? Y’all hype him so much that soon you’ll even say he’s more popular than BTS.

      • @Ophelia – he does attract fanatic levels of attention, if the comments from Strongest Deliveryman era are anything to go by (he was 2ML there but playing the ‘jerk chaebol’ type who’s usually the ML).

        But that doesn’t always translate to ratings success, look at Catch the Ghost where he was the lead opposite Moon Geun Young (a major star).

      • @Anon – Shin Min Ah’s “last drama” was Chief of Staff (2019) which had similar ratings to Startup despite not being a hyped project with a big name writer.

        Tomorrow with You was from 2017. (And if you want to talk ratings, go see the ones from Catch the Ghost).

        Please stop presenting misleading info as facts, thanks.

      • @Royal We – Gotcha. Again, didn’t know this guy existed until a month ago, and never heard of Startup prior, so am not familiar with KSH’s work history.

        Suddenly seeing the enormous buzz around him due to Hometown felt like suddenly finding out I’ve been sleeping on Olivia Rodrigo.

      • @Ophelia – yeah I can certainly see how it comes as a surprise cause it’s not common even if it has happened before with other actors. Even I was surprised in 2017, now less so (and he deserves the fanbase, he’s a good actor).

        As for Olivia Rodrigo…I think I’m just too old to get the appeal? I tried listening to that Drovers License song back in I think January? and it’s so meh to me. Tbf I didn’t even like the pop punk thing in the 00s when I was a teenager so it’s just not my cup of tea and that’s OK.

      • @Royal We – in general, I think the recent big breakouts – SYJ (though she’s crazy), KSH, and JYB all deserve hype (just maybe not stratospheric levels). They’re all super solid actors with an it-factor (though I can’t tell if SYJ was just playing herself).

        For Olivia Rodrigo, try good4u. She’s totally Gen Z’s Taylor Swift.

    • You forget there is something called promotion by TvN and Netflix on the social media. They have promoted non-stop since last year itself. Plus, Koreans are for once, sick of Penthouse and those crazy dramas that drive them up the wall. And if they want to seek for something light and easy to watch, why pin it on his fans only? He is not GOD!

    • @Ophelia – not yet but he’s on the way there, one more hit drama or movie should do it.

      And @Lai Pei Yee is correct that he’s not the sole reason people are watching.

      If people are dragging drama ratings of Shin Min Ah then maybe they should check ratings for Catch the Ghost (2019) before opening their mouths. Chief of Staff had 4-5 percent ratings which, uh, is in the same range as startup and that’s for a political drama and not a hyped youth drama from a big name writer.

      • They forget about that cause it isnt their kind of tea. Or she isnt their typical actress that started as an idol.

  4. Homecha is my favourite drama airing right now after Hospital Playlist 2, it’s light and fun with some touching moments that doesn’t drag the story to makjang territory.

    • I-fans and their know-it-all-ism. Lol. First, they said this would flop. It didn’t. Another swore Devil Judge would hit 20%. Didn’t even touch 8%.

      Mr. Queen outpaced CLOY too. People thought it was gonna take its title as tvN’s highest rated drama. And maybe that jinxed it. But in the end, it didn’t. Ratings could go anyway. We just watch and hope for the best.

    • Vincenzo and Mr Queen also outpaced CLOY on a weekly basis but neither topped CLOY in the end. So it’s hard to say. CLOYs run was pretty epic. It didn’t even debut with huge numbers like any of these dramas but just steadily climbed up.

  5. Good lord, every topic about KSH/ HCCC here has mention of his fandom. Rabid? Fanatics? “Cult” was bandied here and there too. How exactly did people come to this conclusion anyway? Care to enlighten what his fandom actually did to get such a terrible reputation? Really, I’m just genuinely curious. Aside from hyping up their fave (pretty much standard amongst Kpop stans, except he’s not an idol), what did they do exactly?

    If he had such a loyal following, then SU should have done better in the ratings game given that his Jipyeong shot to fame in that drama. But nope, SU flopped spectacularly.

    I don’t buy this BS that it’s only because of his “rabid” fans that this drama is doing well.

    • You clearly haven’t visited Twitter or other platforms to see the response he gets. Rabid doesn’t = bad by the way. Just persistent and large in numbers. They hyped up this drama before it aired based on his name alone. It is pretty impressive.

      • Now, they disguise it is not bad. Just because he was promoted to being first lead, instead of being in the second actor again. Have you any idea why the ratings continue to go up instead of being struck in the 3-4% category? It is as if these people think that this drama cannot survive without him or he is chosen to head the drama, because of his so-called rabid fans. These people also tend to forget that TvN and Netflix promote this drama like crazy in Korea and overseas. And not forgetting a decent storyline and even a different kind of drama that is not crazy, makjang or got forbid about killing people.

    • @Sheila – Have you been on Twitter/Reddit/IG/TT? I thought people were exaggerating about his “cult-following” in previous posts, but I saw it first-hand this time and it is not an exaggeration.

      I’m not saying this as a dig to KSH in any way, but objectively he has an extremely fervent following, and all from being a 2ML in a non-hit drama no less – it breaks precedent. I will go out on a limb and say that not even KSH/SJK/LMH/PSJ has such a devoted fanbase. This guy is BELOVED.

      Hometown is legitimately decent and should be doing well, but KSH definitely drove that high initial debut.

      • He’s now at the start of his popularity whereas the Hallyu actors you mentioned have already been there, done that. And they did it in an era where there was no Netflix to easily make you famous. So not sure why you had to go mention them (which could trigger a fanwar, knowing this site) in some bid to prove how popular Seon-ho is.

      • Then why him instead of someone else? Are you keen on destroying his career alone. So, what if he is beloved? Even with him or any other hallayu actor, and the other actors, you mention they have their fanbase, try to type in k-actors with a large number of fans. It is not just the fan who watch him, basically do a research on who is watching. Mere words on social media does not just work. Why not another actor is famous and has more than 10% rating?

      • Simple..a drama that is projected to be low-key or poorly performed previously (a romance, rom-com, slice-of-life) turn out to be well-received at the first episode itself. And it has not slide/or regress in ratings at all. They can’t find fault with the song, story, female lead and the supporting case; so what else can do? Blame it on the fan and say that they drove the ratings, not the Korean viewers, who might or not be a fan of the male/female or even just the story.

      • @Lai Pei Yee – who is trying to destroy his career? I didn’t know who this guy was till a month ago. His rapid rise in fame breaks precedent, and it makes for a very interesting case study (to me).

        There is nothing wrong with him being beloved and I already said the drama was good and it makes sense it’s doing well. Jeez louise.

      • @Lai Pei Yee – come on, that’s exaggerated. “Destroy his career”? By noting his fans are very fervent?

        @Ophelia – it’s absolutely happened before that a drama with kinda-average ratings but a lot of fans led to the rise of its second lead. That’s how Song Joong Ki himself got started in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and he wasn’t even the actual second lead, just a supporting character. Same with Yoo Ah In who was the 2ML there, SJK references that role to this day. Similarly with Jung Yong Hwa in You’re Beautiful (his next drama had him playing ML opposite Park Shin Hye after being her 2ML)

  6. Interesting. The same people who blow a gasket over the pay gap between K-actors and K-actresses are also the first ones to discredit an actress’s contribution to a drama’s success just to hype up the actor. Very interesting.

    • Interesting, just because he has so on number of followers and so on of fans on social media. The actor can only do so much to draw in the followers, then it is the drama and the whole cast itself in order to increase to 10%. It is called super jealously of the actor and a shallow regards towards the audience at large

  7. Bla bla bla … what matters is that the drama is just so relaxing to watch , with all actors doing a good job at creating a village where people gossip but at the same time care for the well being of each other . As i said in a previous Koala’s post, it’s a fresh breeze that’s so well coming in this Covid period . I didn’t see it coming, so thanks Hometown Cha cha cha !

    • IKR?? It’s like we couldn’t talk about anything with KSH in it without mentioning his fans. Let’s celebrate this drama. Every single thing and person involved in this drama, no matter how small, contribute to this drama’s success. But most of all, like Koala said, it really is a healing drama like its premise. I couldn’t stop smiling while watching it. And the cinematography just WOW. It’s beautiful. I haven’t been able to travel since COVID. I missed it so much 🙁

  8. It’s not fully wrong that it’s KSH who brings out most of that double digit number. Though i agree writing also plays huge part in giving KSH that power.

    I said that this drama lacks contemplative quality but i still continue to watch it for sole reason that there’s no ongoing drama that caught my attention and Hong banjang is fun to watch. I like his character, his mannerism, his banter with Hyejin, and he has mysterious past that makes viewers eager to find out.

    Now that he caught my attention i get to watch some of his variety show clip and he gives off fun boy next door vibe. So it’s a combination of perfect role in a perfect current it boy. You can’t go wrong with that.

    Let’s admit it. Those who contribute to the rating will be mostly female and female love swoony male lead. Shin Min Ah, the classic romcom story, and the supporting cast are good and they complete the formula to make buzzworthy drama, but it’s not an exaggeration that KSH plays big part in its success

    • Hong banjang jjang!!! I am dying to know about his past, especially on the last episode, there is a photo of a lady and a baby that makes him shed tears and someone on youtube’s comment section mentioned about his wife and his baby.

      • Me too, want to know who is the lady but her dressing n hairstyle looks more like 20+ years ago, got the feeling it might be his parent. Excited to watch next episode n i crack up laughing, he put a bib on sang yi character…more fun adventure yay.
        In the meantime, i am enjoying their behind the scene, interviews n the fun games n quiz. Their off camera chemistry is so good n so good to hear Seon Ho calling noona noona, they are so cute showing how much they wanted to act together acknowledging each other as good actor.

  9. I’m laughing at @koala and other posters saying that romance and slice of life don’t garner the same audience love as thrillers and makjangs. ?????. Some of the highest viewed dramas are those 2 genres. Reply? HP? CLOY?

    • Hello, if you see the ratings lately and not overall , the thrillers and makjang tend to dominate. Plus, the show is not exactly ended yet

  10. I think aside from both leads contributing to the ratings rise, the supporting cast and the flow of the story helps in keeping it’s original audience from switching to another channel.

    And the positive feedback entices even more viewers to watch the drama.

    I haven’t checked it out but glad that another new drama is a certified hit. I also think it’s the double combination of Shin Mina’s drama comeback and Kim Sun Ho’s sudden rise to male lead status that helped boost this drama’s ratings right from the first episode.

    Otherwise most TVN and JTBC dramas are having a hard time in getting above 3-5% ratings and keeping it from sliding lower.

  11. his fanbase is rabid and annoying, especially with the way they claim all of the drama’s success is due to him while simultaneously putting down a veteran like shin minah. however, at least he is talented and deserving of such a fanbase. much better than some of the so-called hallyu actors.

    • Some of them do praise Shin Minah tho. Well, those whose been watching K-dramas for a long time and knew Shin Minah since My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (including myself). The rabid fans are mostly younger ones who are not familiar with Shin Minah. But yeah, no excuse of discrediting others involved in this drama. This is why I decided not to follow Kim Seon Ho topic on Twitter so I wouldn’t see them on my TL. The only KSH account I follow is a fansub who subbed his interview, clips of his theatre days, etc. I prefer to enjoy his works in peace.

      • @sheri Are you able to tell me who this fansub is so I can also enjoy KSH’s works in peace too?

    • As far as I see, Kim Seonho fans hype Shin Min Ah as well and it goes both ways. I’ve been following this series on twitter and there’s nothing toxic out there. It’s fun, to be honest, I can see Seonho fans even using Shin Min Ah’s tags as well and vice versa. I’m doing some thread in twitter regarding this drama and fairly, all the discussions are nice.

      I don’t think using “rabid” to a fandom is a compliment. So people discrediting Minah is actually from this platform alone and I don’t think they are fans of Kim Seonho as well. Same know-it-all people who think their opinion is always right.

      This drama is good, healing, and all the casts contributed to its success. Give the man and his fans some slack, they are not the ones pinning this drama to him solely, just read the discussion here and you’ll understand that’s those aren’t his fans but misogynistic people who thinks men are better than the women.

      Shin Min Ah is doing great in this drama, I love her character more than the male lead but then, Kim Seonho is also doing his part and the chemistry is on point!

      • As you can see, some bring up her dramas without good ratings only. They forget that she did well in other dramas that they did not even know/watched themselves. And she is an established actress!

      • Thank you Joseph for your balanced view point. Hccc is a lovely drama that is currently well loved in Korea and internationally. KSH and SMA are getting good buzz in Korea from HCCC.

        Both leads have good chemistry and the wonderful supporting cast and beautiful cinematography makes HCCC my fave kdrama this year.

        Like Joseph, I don’t see KSH’s fandom discrediting the other fandoms on twitter .. in fact the fans tag all 3 main leads, including sang yi. I wish people would stop spreading untruths to mislead casual viewers.

        It’s truly unnecessary and makes one wonder about the motive of such commenters bringing up KSH’s ‘rabid’ fans every single time anyone mentions KSH.

      • Thank you.
        I’ve only seen 1 person discredit SMA and that is on this article alone, I don’t even know if that person can be considered a KSH fan since they called his fans “rabid”. Otherwise the fans on twitter and other platforms have been equally receptive to all the casts, even helping to trend their tags alongside Seonho.
        Having a huge fanbase alone won’t bring in the ratings and viewers if the writing, directing, or even the acting is bad. I love Seonho but even I wouldn’t watch his drama if the writing is unbearable. HCCC’s success is the result of the entire HCCC team’s contribution and hard work.

      • Because they know nothing about the poor guy’s previous projects, not even START-UP! All they know that fans of this guy plays a big role in driving the ratings, when there are plenty of reasons that lead to the big success of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

      • Like all the level headed comments n yes i do come across Seon Ho fans support mina n sang yi like how seon ho supports n praise both of them.

        Believe that writer, pd, production crew, leads n supporting cast n promotion contribute to ratings. Homecha just got all these factors (good script directing n acting) that contribute to the buzz rating, its a teamwork effort.

        Really happy for homecha for the achievement n thankful but fearful for them risking their lives in this pandemic to give us a fun healing drama.

  12. Beside this drama, what other dramas of 2021 that got 10%? Hospital Playlist? Mine? What else? Im curious.

    The rating is based on korean viewers, so it has nothing to do with the actor fanbase whatsoever. It’s pretty simple, koreans love it then continue watching it.

    For Netflix, their fanbase probably help a little but as a casual viewer and didnt idolize any actor, i’ve watched it bcuz of the storyline itself. I thought, this drama would be so boring but then, i’ve enjoyed every scene of it.

    Goodjob cast and crew!!!

      • You can’t lump cable and non cable dramas together. X% on cable doesn’t mean the same thing as X% on non cable.

  13. I dropped HometownCha after first episode because I found it lukewarm but seeing that rates get higher with each episode I think I ll try to watch it when its completed.Both leads male and female are ok for me but nothing extraordinary.

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      • Romantic slice of life is not the same as regular “romance” drama…when every other kdrama is a romance of some kind and CLOY is like an old-school romance of exactly the type that used to be a smash hit in the 00s.

  15. @Ophelia – I agree, SYJ/KSH/JYB worked their way up to their breakout even if SYJ is crazy and was only playing herself, she had proved she could do other roles – it was a 180 departure from Save Me, for instance.

    And I did listen to it! It’s still not for me (wasn’t an early Tswift fan at all either haha). I did like Billie Eilish though. The young ones are welcome to their generation of pop stars, it’s just how time moves.

  16. Tbh, I think it’s the small town sea side setting, charming leads, and the multi-generational townsfolk that contribute to the shows high ratings. Feel good family dramas (especially KBS weekend ones) tend to appeal to a demographic that have given those shows consistently high ratings for years now. This show is right up their alley. HCCC also gives me the same kind of vibes as ‘When The Camelia Blooms’. Both have that woman moving to a small town and getting to know the townsfolk and the towns plucky hero formula. Got total flashbacks of Kang Ha Neul with the recent scenes of people recalling KSH’s character being the town hero. Given the success of family dramas, I think there have been more attempts to bring those elements to regular shows for mass appeal. Reply 1988 is another example of this.

  17. Kim Seon Ho is a popular theater idol in South Korea. He has a solid and loyal fan base in SK before he debuted in the small screen in 2017. His talent was finally recognized by many people domestically as well as internationally after he successfully portraited the heart-broken character HJP in Startup because many viewers experienced major second lead syndromes. His IG followers increased x10 times from less than 500k to 5M in three months after Startup was aired in October 2020.

    Many fans are in 20s and 30s. They fell in love with KSH not only because his is handsome, but also because of his personality and excellent acting skills. A lot of fans in Twitter talking about how KSH inspired them as a role model to be humble, hard-working, persistent in pursuing the dream. I am a Kdrama fan and have been watching Kdrama for more than 10 years. I never stan any actors or actresses before. I watched only those dramas that have interesting storylines. I never imagine I will become a fan of a Korean actor one day. I started to follow him after watching 2D1N. Because of KSH, I activated my IG, Twitter, FB. I downloaded many kpop apps to help with the voting. I Googled him and really enjoyed reading all his interviews. I was touched by his passion in acting and his pure love for his friends, family and fans. There are reasons why his actings are so natural. Despite of his top tier acting skills praised by many directors, co-workers, he is very humble that he always gives credits to his co-stars. He works hard in pursuing his goal to become an actor that everyone wants to work with again. He definitely achieved the goal since everyone he’ve worked with always praise him.

    If you want to see real KSH, suggest to watch weekly korean variety show Two days one night season 4. KSH is one of members. You will see a completely different but cute and clumsy KSH in the show.

    If you have time, I recommend to read his interviews from magazines in the attached link below. Hopefully it will help you understand why his fans are crazy about him and HTCCC. Many fans have been waiting for this drama since late 2020 (he went back to act in the theater right after his skyrocketing popularity which surprised a lot of people). He is indeed a talented actor and deserved to be recognized and loved.

    • I want to add that his fans like Shi min er and SML and the rest of the casts as well. They even ship KSH with SML. Tbh, KSH can have chemistry with anything. In startup, he even had great chemistry with the plant and AI. It demonstrates how good an actor he is.

      • Absolutely agreed with you.

        Happy for Seon Ho for the recognition of his talent n skill n love he receives from fans n those who had worked with him n those who wants to work with him, truly well deserved.

        Adorable Seon Ho never fails to make me smile, love him.

      • I am happy that so many viewers like HTCCC and rating gets better and better. It is definitely the results of the combination of directing , beautiful cinematography, excellent actings from both leads and supporting actors/actresses, interesting storylines. Everything seems perfect in this drama.

        I have faith in KSH in selecting the good project and the ability to bring the character he portraits to life. In one of the interviews, KSH mentioned that the character of HJP in Startup was originally written as an annoying and cold-hearted character that no one would like. However, KSH would be able to relate himself to the character and portraited HJP as a multi-dimensional character that stole the hearts of millions of the viewers. The same happened in the Strong delivery man where people found SML character he played was more interesting than the main character. I am looking forward to hearing him talking about HDS.

      • @L

        Hate to break it to you and your fellow idiots…but kim sun-ho is NOT gonna bone any of you. If you lemmings have come here to type nonsensical essays worshipping him and defending him in the hopes that he’ll pass by this site and see it and screw y’all… it is NEVER gonna happen. ?????? So you fools go screw yourselves.

  18. I don’t care. I like him because he’s in 1n2d although prior to that I’ve seen and liked him in 2 cops and good manager already. I’ve never even seen start up yet – don’t like the main leads. He’s a good actor and serious with his craft. Also he’s adorable in variety. It’s about time he got the attention he deserves.

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