Yoona on a Roll with Drama Big Mouth, Movies Miracle, Happy New Year and Confidential Assignment 2, and New Film Casting in 2 O’clock Date with Kim Sun Ho

K-netizens are calling the upcoming period the Era of Yoona. I don’t disagree because it’s rare to see a star with so many big projects on her plate. Yoona is currently filming the upcoming tvN drama Big Mouth (also referred to as Big Mouse) with Lee Jong Seok, she also has the ensemble movie Happy New Year that sounds like the K-version of Love, Actually mixed with Hotel Del Luna minus the fantasy elements, and also the releasing this week the 1980’s heartwarming period movie Miracle: Letters to the President with Park Jung Min and Lee Sung Min. On top of all that she just got cast yesterday in a rom-com movie slated for 2022 called 2 O’clock Date with Kim Sun Ho. To say she’s having a best year in life as an actress is an understatement but honestly she picked so well in the box office hit movie Exit and delivered a really solid action and comedic performance I’m so pleased with how far she’s improved and succeeded since her rather shaky acting debut back in 2007.


Yoona on a Roll with Drama Big Mouth, Movies Miracle, Happy New Year and Confidential Assignment 2, and New Film Casting in 2 O’clock Date with Kim Sun Ho — 26 Comments

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  2. She deserves it after the destruction of Prime Minister and I – she did well in that Drama only to have the writer lose their nerve and botch the landing

    • I remember being surprised by how charming she was there, everyone thought she was going to look terrible next to Lee Beom Soo who’s way more senior and skilled but she held her own!

      Her idol popularity was always going to help with landing roles….but at least she seems to have actively worked on improving her acting to the point where she’s decent, instead of throwing pity parties about getting “hate” for bad acting (criticism is only normal when a job isn’t done well, dunno why celebs and their fans think they should be the exception). Like, if they hire people for popularity then it’s better if those people can act/work at developing the skills needed.

  3. The movie Miracle gets great reviews from the pre-screening, both in story and acting. It’s also #1 on pre-sale ticket reservations list now.

    Although the competition is tough with Marvel’s Sang-Chi, but it seems like Yoona might gets her third consecutive box office hits with Miracle. If so, she really picks her movie projects well.

  4. suzy gets the most hate among idol actresses, but I find yoona the most bland on-screen. at least suzy exudes charm in certain roles, but yoona is just plain boring in almost every role i’ve see her in except for exit.

    • Yoona could come across bland in some roles (that damsel in distress act in K2 did not suit her at all) but she was decent in comedic/romcom roles even early on, as in she could act even if she wasn’t perfect, and I say that based on Love Rain and PM&I (where she had a much older and more experienced costar and still made it work). She doesn’t deserve to be dragged by being compared negatively to someone who is, uh, not on her level as far as acting goes and is also not the subject of this thread so please get back on topic before the psycho stans show up to derail this thread completely.

      • @Royal We – That is fair. Yoona was decent in PM&I, but godawful in K2. It didn’t help that her character was one of the biggest Mary Sue damsel-in-distress FLs ever.

        That being said, despite her improvements, I think she has a low ceiling. She doesn’t have the potential for acting range or commanding screen presence that great actors have (strictly IMO). But perhaps she has her niche which she’ll stick to and deliver in.

      • @peanut gallery – that’s a fair assessment and one I agree with – she has things she does quite well, but probably not ever going to be on the level of certain other actresses in her age range.

        That said, I’ll be open to surprises, and I think she can actually do better.

      • I keep thinking SM wants her in a fairy like positive role, that’s why they keep finding these bland roles for her. And Yoona does NOT suit these roles at all despite her beauty. Her personality clashes too much. For someone who is a prankster at heart and loves to bro out, continuously giving her these pure roles would be the death of her acting career. But I guess they don’t mind, she is already worth millions.

      • Both are bad I agree despite my love for both, it is just painful to watch them in dramas. Suzy’s dramas have been such a snoozefest because of her acting, despite the interesting storylines. I enjoyed Dream High but realised it wasn’t because of her. And I dread whenever Yoona has a drama, but l will admit EXIT was quite funny and amusing. That’s just one though. I might have to rewatch PM&I since I was only a kid and that might be why I was so bored then.

  5. I haven’t watched Exit. I heard it’s really good, and also I love Jo Jung Suk. I wish it’s on Netflix 🙁

    Also I love Yoona. I’m not her biggest fan, but I always like her in any of her works that I watched. Plus Kim Seon Ho will be her male lead, so double yeay!!

  6. Yay a pairing that i was hoping for since i saw Seon Ho n Yoona on MBC show last year. Happy for them to act together. Looking forward to watch big mouth.

      • you do know you’re not helping suzy by comparing her to yoona and you’re not even as pretty as either one of them

  7. Actress enjoying success:

    Han So Hee: overexposed, outstaying her welcome, bitch know your place

    Yoona: best year ever, so improved, so pleased to see her succeed

  8. Life is so unfair eh. She was always the center of attention for snsd and been the most popular. I always felt bad for Sunny as she was the least popular. Guess some people are just born lucky and their whole life is too.

    Yoona seems to be down-to-earth and a good cook too. Plus to be named one of the most beautiful people of Korea must be awesome. She is truly blessed.

    • I agree that yoona is really lucky, despite of her lack of talent, she is really famous

      But I disagree about her being named as one of beautiful people in korea. .lol who said that? Most of beautiful celebs are actress who are natural like kim tae hee/song hye kyo/han ga in/jun ji hyun, knetz knows yoona had a lot of work done, her face is far from natural

      • Let’s be real, every celeb has probably had surgical work done, including those “au natural” ones you named. The only difference is quality of work and degree of change.

      • I thought I remember that she was named as Korea ideal standard of beauty. Not up there with goddesses like Kim Tae Hee but not too shabby. They found her beautiful for her small face and tall physique. People said that she was the most beautiful in snsd. I beg to differ but beauty is subjective.

        I found Yoona cute but not like stunning beauty. She is good her craft. She was a great dancer. Voice not so great but she is kind of the whole package.

        I think her face is all natural though. Her pics from childhood proved it.

      • @alyssia : lol yoona is far from natural, google it especially during her predebut. her nose is way obvious, she redone it few times. And of course her jaw and her forehead too.

        @yzma : not all people want surgery on their face even for celeb. You know surgery isnt easy, is not simple as you think, the recovery take months. Probably most of them getting skin treatment but that is NOT plastic surgery, you need to tell the difference first

      • but it was beautiful celebs not beautiful actresses and probably most of the actresses have had work done . but i’ve seen yoona’s baby pictures she looks exactly the same and i don’t think she has had work done

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