Lovers of the Red Sky Continues to be Lyrical Sageuk Drama Crack as Episode 5 Stays Solid at 9.7% Ratings

Oh god, how can this drama be soooooo addicting. Like, someone just found a recipe of Koala sageuk nip and bibimbap-ed it into Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi) and I seriously am toast for every scene. Episode 5 was basically a one-scene episode so credits to the drama narrative for making the painting contest so fascinating, beautiful, and substantively meaningful. We start with OTP cuteness as Ha Ram rescues Chun Gi and lets her “take care of him” into the competition site and then it’s off to the races. The painting scenes are just lovely and I was really curious to see what some of the major competitor painters would draw from the same poem about the cherry blossoms under the moonlight. That Chun Gi would get disqualified is no surprise, that she would argue back also no surprise, and it helped make Prince Yangmyung more interesting in my eyes and also introduce us to more folks who know Chun Gi’s dad and likely will help her down the road. I also loved how Prince Juhyang just lounged there like the fucking HOT sociopath he is and continue to make my ovaries do weird things from his baddie smirkiness. The episode then ends on our OTP now mutually recognizing each other as Ha Ram reads a poem as the second competition which is basically his swoomy cute day date with Chun Gi in the peach blossom forest when they were teens. Way to remind the girl, who you claim you no longer care about because Revenge > Romance, that you are totally grown up and hot and super nice to her still. Dang, if Chun Gi can focus enough to draw the next painting then she deserves to win on the spot. Folks who were turned off by the major fantasy elements should check back in because it’s settled nicely into a less Smoke Monster turns my OTP cutie into a Joseon Goth Yangban and more fated lovers find their way into a new adult normal.


Lovers of the Red Sky Continues to be Lyrical Sageuk Drama Crack as Episode 5 Stays Solid at 9.7% Ratings — 19 Comments

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    • Definitely not. What I’ve noticed with the younger actresses, even though I like some of them, is that none of them have the level of star power (yet) that will make people watch even a terrible drama just because they’re in it. KYJ is not an exception, her badly written dramas didn’t do well either, case in point the 1% ratings of CWPFN, and Backstreet Rookie wasn’t exactly a hit either. Red sky is doing well because it’s a well written drama and because the leads have good chemistry, not because KYJ is a “ratings magnet” lol

    • It is hard to find a rating magnet on their batch. I think high ratings of today is largely contributed by script. Kim Yoo Jung is kind of lucky to find a drama with solid script. So Hyun is also lucky because she is reaping awards for her River role.

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  3. Crap, I haven’t gotten the chance to watch it yet! But good thing is, now I’ll hold out and have two new episodes to look forward to. ?

  4. This drama is really somerhing! It’s so magical! The painting competition is so grand and excellent! This sageuk really makes you crave for longer episodes.

  5. I never thought that a painting competition will be truly intense. The execution was superb! The artistic details are really fantastic! Proud of Red Sky team!

  6. I also love her interaction with her buddies. Seems that they themselves can’t resist her charms. Even the head of the painter society may appear strict towards her but really just care about her a lot. Love love love how good people surround HCG as she’ll need all the strength she can muster to battle with the demon inside her true love

  7. I watched this episode like 5 times already and still couldn’t get enough.
    What a beautiful episode (specially the B&W scene).
    I was totally unaware of the time ,like wow and yeah super excited for today’s episode.
    Hope my heart will stay steady till then

  8. I really like the painting scenes! It was interesting to see so many characters at the same event.

    Kwak Si-Yang looks great, sadly he’s the villain 🙁 I love his little wringles at the ends of the eyes.

  9. I think the recipe for ratings is have a cute younger version of the OTPs with a good backstory, and make the audience become invested in what happens to their adult versions. It helps that KYJ and AYS are pleasing on the eyes. I’m enjoying the drama so far, I think no one stands out in terms of acting just yet, no spectacular scenes yet, it’s just fun to watch. Agree, the painting competition scene was interesting especially how the judges interpreted the paintings- it’s cool. I thought I was going to pass on this one but glad I didn’t.

  10. I don’t mind it when Ma Wang takes control, the scenes in the forest with the mountain tiger girl was cool. It felt magical whenever Samshin appears. I’m still waiting for an explanation about the man with green eyes.

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