First Teaser for tvN Mountain Climbing Drama Cliffhanger with Jeon Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon

My first thought is that someone took the definition of teaser way too literally and decided less is more. How else to explain that even in a short teaser of Cliffhanger (Mount Jiri) half of it was black screen names that no one cares about because we are all there for Jeon Ji Hyun and/or Joo Ji Hoon doing their best looking gorgeous even when disheveled on a mountain rescue impression. To be fair, they definitely seem to be pulling it off in the brief snippets of them looking concerned, perturbed, fearful, and worried in the blink or you’ll miss it moments shown in the teaser. The drama is premiering next month in October on tvN but it’s not getting the usual Netflix treatment and will instead air streaming in iQiyi. That’s a bummer because Joo Ji Hoon has Netflix visibility through Kingdom seasons 1 and 2 and Jeon Ji Hyun also got a big boost this past summer with Kingdom: Ashin of the North.

Teaser for Cliffhanger (Mount Jiri):


First Teaser for tvN Mountain Climbing Drama Cliffhanger with Jeon Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon — 18 Comments

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    • People already wait for years for ju ji hyun comeback drama, including me. I dont really watch drama these days, but for her I will watch this

      Plus the combination of great director and writer + Joo ji hoon is good actor, this drama will be bomb

  2. Is the streaming on iQiYi for Jirisan the same as the way they are doing with Lost? Simultaneous broadcast and no need to be VIP to access latest episodes

  3. Jun ji hyun another blockbuster drama. Which will krep her cf demand activated for atleast another 5 years lol. Queen
    Moreover she has acclaim, awards and success to back her up along with cf queen title

  4. The music didn’t suit the teaser, it was super weird. I would have prefer they focused on the nature, mountain, water than the danger, the action…

    • you’re so exaggerating. nothing is super weird in the teaser. it suits the theme. and it’s not like they are shooting a documentary lol

      • I find it weird. It’s my opinion. If you don’t, good for you.

        No it’s not a documentery but it’s not an action movie neither, they could focus on the mountain and its mysteries.

  5. The first episode ratings are gonna be sky high, not just because of the cast & crew, but this also seems genuinely interesting (although this ‘teaser’ shows literally nothing). I don’t think I’ve seen such a setting in any drama. I will watch it out of curiosity. The subsequent performance depends on how well it is made.

    I’m not sure if this can become a major hit though, it’s not on Netflix and there’s no romance. Also seems like it’s not for everyone.

  6. This looks big budget. It looks like one of those end-of-the-world natural disaster action films that got compressed to the small screen.

  7. This teaser isn’t really well made. They somehow made a thriller drama look like a hiking documentary, which sounds boring as hell. That little footage isn’t gonna attract people’s attention! Though I trust that with a crew and cast this stacked, the show will be at least above average.

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