Joo Won and Lee Sung Jae Start Filming for Netflix Movie Carter Based on a Special Agent with Memory Loss Going on the Run

I wonder if I lived too long to see a concept and immediate associate with it something very similar. Netflix has started filming for its original programming K-movie Carter starring Joo Won and Lee Sung Jae. The story is about a special agent who awakens from a slumber with all his memories lost, and get thrown into a suspicious mission and the ensuing chase and kill action thriller that ensues. If I may suggest everyone watch the still watchable original The Bourne Identity, cuz maybe it’s been done already. Of course I’m sure there are differences and this drama is specifically set in the Korean peninsula, i.e. involves North and South Korea politics. Not to mention Joo Woo is oh so perfect as an action star, combining ability to act with great physical believability in the fight scenes. Directing is the PD behind the movies The Villainess and Afterburn and the movie is slated for a 2022 release.


Joo Won and Lee Sung Jae Start Filming for Netflix Movie Carter Based on a Special Agent with Memory Loss Going on the Run — 12 Comments

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  2. I am quite surprised with the trajectory of Joo Won’s career popularity, as he is one that I thought will be more establish at this point. I guess his last drama before enlisting was not really a hit and Alice was good at the start but faded towards the end, hence affecting his visibility. But good that he is establishing his career in films.

    • Same thoughts. I really thought that based on his track record, among the actors born in the late 80s, that he would be the second most established and popular (domestically) after Kim Soo Hyun. I guess having a flop project before and after military affected his popularity because I remember his company media played about having received like 50+ scripts before army discharge.

      • Hey, it´s not his company media play. It´s the PD of Alice said he was very grateful to JW to choose Alice as his comack drama project after recieving nearly 50 scripts. And it´s true that JW recieved a lots of offers after his military discharge. But he refused, and choose to go back to musical for almost 6 months after finishing Alice, his background. That´s why you havent seen him in any film or drama this year. Carter is going to finish this month. And he will comeback with 2 movies next year. I think if you want to make a judgement, you should check info before. JW is one kind of actor doesn´t pursuit for fame, he’s just doing what he loves.

      • His company’s media play? Sorry but if Joo Won’s company could play media better we would have seen him everywhere for getting the title role of Netflix Korea’s first action blockbuster film.

        But no.. many people doesn’t even know Joo Won has done filming a major Netflix original because him and his agency haven’t really started showing off yet.

        50 scripts isn’t a media play, it’s a fact shared by Alice Producer. He was thankful that Joo Won picked Alice as his comeback project among so many scripts.Joo Won has good reputation in industry for his spectacular acting ability regardless of not having hallyu status. So it’s not a surprise that he got that many script before come back.

        About Joo won having flop projects.. Joo Won’s comeback project Alice is not the perfect drama but it did started and ended as top of time slot. And rating was comparatively lower at that time for few months. Alice did got him PD award which is second to Daesang award. It’s interesting that Joo Won flop rating is many of his peer and rising hallyu stars’ average rating.

  3. Joo Won really went from ratings magnet to washed up overnight. It wasn’t just the military enlistment that killed his popularity his saeguk drama before enlistment was a complete flop. He’s career trajectory is similar to Kim Rae Won; good actors with diminished star power.

    • Korean actors’ polpularity subsides quite fast as the entertainment industries are too complicated and too many new acyors on the way. Most importantly the actors have good reputation and acknowledged by the industries. Hope a good future for all dedicated actors and hopefully everyone will not put up words battle as it may hurt people unintentionally. Peace, peace, peace. The world will be better. ✌?

  4. The movie has been filming more than 3 years, and it´s going to be finished at the end of this month. It´s a project using new technology with big budget. So until now the security is very strich and no news or info has been leaked. Just wait for it.

    • oh. Mistake, The movie has been filming for 3 months since June. It´s going to be wrapped up this month. So soon you will see more info about this project.

  5. Joo Won is not as popular as before because it’s the trend of Korea entertainment being too competitive with newbies. Still, he is one of the best acknowledged trusted actors by the industries. This was not judge by fans but words of mouth from film and drama pruducers and other actors that worked with him. Joo Won is still a humble and dedicated actors that has high passion and will go all out if comes to acting. He is an actor that truly love acting. Fighting Joo Won. ????????????

    From : Malaysia

  6. I am a fan of Korean series and in my opinion Joo Won is the best Korean actor and I know that with this film he shows his acting power more than ever because his experience has increased over time and he always does his best for his work and today came first picture of his film. It was realy stunning

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