SBS Fri-Sat Drama One the Woman Jumps in Episode 3 Ratings by 4.5% Ratings to Hit a High of 12.7%

I love me a black horse and the breakout in the second weekend of a jam packed premiere slot last week is none other than SBS Fri-Sat drama One the Woman. Starring Honey Lee and Lee Sang Yoon, the drama was lagging behind MBC action powerhouse The Veil (Black Sun) in pre-premiere anticipation but has broken out in the ratings battle. The Veil has increased in ratings in episode 3 to 9.8% but it’s the jump to double digits by One the Woman to 12.7% and the accompanying buzz that has shifted the spotlight to this drama. Naysayers say it’s Honey Lee reprising her The Fiery Priest performance but she’s definitely carved a niche out for herself as the super gorgeous visual woman with a hotblooded personality, not just in Priest but also in hit movie Extreme Jobs (awesome fun, BTW). I’m always open to a drama surprising me with its watchability which seems to be the consensus for One the Woman, it’s entertaining and delivers on all three fronts – acting, directing, and script.


SBS Fri-Sat Drama One the Woman Jumps in Episode 3 Ratings by 4.5% Ratings to Hit a High of 12.7% — 20 Comments

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  2. After seeing the rating and the buzz, I watched the first 3 episodes of this today and I dont find it that good. Something about this drama feels very dated and it does not compel me to watch the next episode.

    • I honestly really enjoy this show, it has the right sort of makjang without going overboard. I’m excited to see how the revenge will work out, especially with Honey Lee at the front line

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  4. I’ve watched the first two episodes and her acting seemed too extra. But will continue watching ep 3 to know, the reason it gets high rating tho

  5. I’m honestly puzzled by the ratings for this one. There have been better dramas with similar storylines that have tanked. Is it the Honey Lee factor? I didn’t even find it fun or easily watchable because the chaebol family is so horrible. Not even Penthouse campy horrible. I had to turn it off.

    I also have to say Lee Sang-yoon is the most boring actor.

    • Lee Sang Yoon is coming across like a wet mop next to HL’s crackling energy. She has better chemistry with the guy playing her @sshole husband.

  6. I’ve watched all the episodes and can tell why it got popular. There is something superficially enjoyable and cathartic about watching HL’s character “fighting back” and handing it to her horrible chaebol in-laws, especially after being a mistreated doormat.

    I say superficially because there isn’t alot of substance to the show otherwise. I fast forwarded through all the scenes to watch HL yell at her in-laws.

    The role is 100% a reprisal of Fiery Priest, maybe even more OTT than FP.

    • I’ve seen the episodes and it is an easy watch, since you get that gratification easily as HL’s character fights back. And since I haven’t seen Fiery Priest, hence making this an easy watch for me with less of the comparing lens.

  7. I can’t tell why this is popular neither. It seems outdated with all the overplayed tropes (first love, amnesia, mistreated in law). And it’s 2021, I hate seeing woman slapping another woman on screen. It’s toxic and stupid.

  8. That’s great about the ratings. It is like seeing Honey Lee’s character from Fiery Priest go on the rampage again, but who cares? She kills it. I’ve seen so many victimized daughters-in-law in K-drama I’d like to kiss this writer for setting up a reprisal situation.

  9. I enjoy watching this romcom series despite of the pandemic we are experiencing now and lots of problems arises and no face to face in aerobic exercises. Laughter is a good medicine. I’m excited to see more of the coming episodes. Fighting!❤

  10. It’s the Honey Lee factor I’d say. I’m watching both this and the Veil. It’s really the leads pulling me in to watch both shows.

    Happy both are doing very well. Proves star power still helps boost ratings.

  11. ‘Carved a niche out for herself’? Is that the new and charitable way of saying an actor is limited and typecast? Then why was JJH catching flak from ‘naysayers’ for her Sassy Song Yi in the Blue Sea acting in the Jirisan teaser? Hasn’t she ‘carved a niche out for herself’ too?

    • “Sassy Song Yi in the Blue Sea” this is hilarious and spot on! But you’re right, if JJH is going to catch flak for being limited, then so should Honey Lee. But I’m not dragging them. At least both excel in a certain type of role unlike some who are not good in anything lol.

      • Yeah, hahaha. I’m not dragging them either. I enjoy both of them. It’s just weird to me how one K-star can get praised for something on this site while another gets dragged for the same thing.

    • Not really – Lee Honey has been having a great run these last few years ever since Shine or Go Crazy and in multiple projects across movie and dramaland, honestly if you compare her role in Rebel:Thief Who Stole the People (2017), it’s nothing at all like her in the Fiery Priest etc.

      Honestly the talk about Jun Ji Hyun only doing the Sassy Song Yi type of roles is also selectively ignoring her work in movies like The Berlin File and Assassination (which were mega hits so they can’t pretend they never heard of it).

  12. I am liking this, probably because I got used to HL’s over the top acting in Extreme Job and Fiery Priest lol. I’m surprised it got 12.7% though.

    The Veil was promoted well so I was expecting more from it but only Namkoong Min’s acting keeps me watching (he’s 200% more intense than the rest of the cast) The script has loopholes, directing not so great, some scenes execution were meh, so I’m kinda disappointed, but happy for Min that it seems to be doing well.

  13. This is actually not a surprise. Comedy + being in the best timeslot works well. I expected ratings to be decent after seeing the trailer. Still, I’m curious how SBS decides the timeslots of their dramas, because Honey Lee is… a relative late bloomer so I didn’t think that they’d give her the weekend timeslot.

  14. Hmm. Yeah it was definitely not my cup of tea. It’s just too over the top for my taste. I realised that it was directed by the same director as Good Casting and yeah I didn’t enjoy that one either. lol

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