K-actor Kim Jung Hyun Takes First Step in Comeback By Signing New Agency Contract with Story J

Well this will certainly get the K-netz in a frenzy, I’ll just sit back with the popcorn. K-ent is reporting that K-actor Kim Jung Hyun has signed with a new agency Story J, five months after his big scandal that started with an agency dispute, he wanted to leave and sign with a new agency, his agency didn’t want him to leave, which morphed into revelations that his bad attitude on the set of K-drama Time was due to being controlled and wheedled by then girlfriend Seo Ye Ji to be cold to all the ladies on the set especially female lead Seohyun. K-netizens were understandably upset and disgusted by those two taking their real life relationship dysfunction to the workplace and basically tanking Time, which was so bad Kim Jung Hyun LEFT THE DRAMA MIDWAY and was written out despite being the male lead. See, how can you say it’s just personal life stuff when it actually had a real world financial and reputational effect on an entire drama cast and crew. Anyhoo, Kim Jung Hyun apologized and went into reflection, and in the meantime resolved his dispute with his prior agency. Now he’s signed with Story J which also reps Kim Tae Hee, Seo In Guk, Yoo Seung Ho, and Kim Sung Chul. I expect he’ll be cast in a drama or movie slated for mid to end of 2022 as the timing of his first step back.


K-actor Kim Jung Hyun Takes First Step in Comeback By Signing New Agency Contract with Story J — 15 Comments

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  3. I remember k-industry insider Lydia1 said KJH’s acting career is basically over when the scandal blew up in April. Hate him or love him, obviously his talent is being appreciated by SJ. It will be interesting to see how SJ rebuild his tattered image/reputation. Agency did have experience in resuscitating Seo In Guk’s career after his army exemption kerfuffle. I don’t have any personal animosity towards KJH though I don’t condone his actions in shutting down Time production, being mean to FL, female staff & mixing personal with professional. Now it’s up to K-fans to forgive him. Entertainment industry players already seem to welcome him back.

    • Yeah, didn’t the Lydia poster say KJH was o-v-e-r? Looks like far from it. One thing is clear, both he and SYJ have thick skins.

    • I just wanna ask when he was a nightmare for seohyun & staff on the set why many agencies & Shigan pd wanna work with him?? It just proves that he wasn’t a BAD guy

  4. The writer of Time made me want to slit my wrists the first episode. The only watchable thing about this predictable flop was Kim Jung Hyun’s acting. I knew the moment he took the offer that it was a bad choice & so did he which is why his ex agency had to impose it on him.

    Jang Jungho (the director of Time) offered Kim Junghyun a comeback role after he apologized personally, so I say there’s something fishy about the whole scandal & how it was blown out of proportion to benefit his ex agency’s interests. There were also people who have worked with him during Time and described his behavior as exactly the opposite of what has been said. It was confirmed that he was vomiting on set & that the day of the press conference he was dragged to it by O&Ent. I don’t buy KJH suddenly decided he’d go to that presscon to sabotage himself because he wanted to please his girlfriend. If you read or hear him, you can tell he’s too smart for that.

    There’s more & that’s why the whole scandal was covered & silenced back then. I’m sure we’ll find out in the future that the circumstances were different from what was originally reported. I also 100% believe that that article that stated SYJ was constantly threatening him with committing suicide to the point she destroyed his mental stability is true. It sounds like the only believable explanation for his decisions & health deterioration. He started the Time drama travelling to Hong Kong to clear his head (director’s advice) while crying his eyes out for nights & his life was a mess. When he returned he tried to do his job & SYJ was suffocating him 24/7. It was confirmed that he was vomiting on set & the health certificates prove that he was indeed sick. I don’t know what others expected from a person who was being cornered by all these people who kept forcing him to do things that gave him insomnia & made him vomit. One day without sleep makes me beyond irritable & I have to stay home to avoid affecting others with my mood swings. I imagine having to suck up that nightmare he went through while having anxiety, insomnia & vomiting your lungs out. I think I’d ditch my job too.

    There were many agencies after him before he signed with StoryJ, so the industry knows there’s something behind his behavior that doesn’t add up. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge if I were you.

  5. Well its given his going back to stardom even actors who done prostituting minors is back to the public its just a matter of time people magically forgive him because of his reflection same with her girlfriend

  6. All those commenters previously calling for KJH’s blood must be scratching their heads now. There must be more than what was reported otherwise reputable agencies wouldn’t go out of their way to court him. No sane agency would want to hire someone that will make them do damage control all the time, lose money, brand endorsements, ad revenues. Story J should be applauded for seeing thru the smoke & mirrors put up by KJH”s ex-agency. If KJH muck ups again under their management then may he be frozen out forever. Reminds me of Britney Spears when she was mentally unwell. She acted out & had very public meltdowns. Even had her kids taken away from her for a while. Hope KJH will get fully healed and move on.

    • I mean, it’s obvious the industry knows more. There’s just no way the director of Time would offer him work if he had been such a nightmare on set as it was reported. Agencies wouldn’t be trying to sign him either. He would’ve lost his endorsements when the scandal exploded, but both Ulos & Panasonic kept him and his ads were airing at cinemas & on TV 2 days after the whole thing happened. I truly think he was maligned by an agency that did good media play.

      • It seems highly likely. A mentally unwell person can easily be manipulated to do awful stuff. If KJH continues to hide behind mental illness excuse for future bad behaviour then let him fall on his own sword one day. However, if he wise up, mature and on his best behaviour in the future, all good to him. Same goes for SYJ. If she continues to be a diva, no one would hire her. Let me end with a joke – Netflix will probably save both their careers. All they see is profit/money, don’t care about scandals.

      • He would probably snag a role in a studio dragon-tvn-Netflix collab drama called Adam’s Scandal. Lol.

      • Shi*ty people leave traces. He was in hot waters twice and both times many people rushed to his rescue because they were worried about him. Nobody from his past accused him of bad things even when he didn’t have an agency to protect him & the media was desperate to get ammunition against him (not even a ghosted ex or a jealous classmate saying he stole their eraser?), his other female leads loved him to bits and praised him to the moon and back. He was instinctively protective & supportive towards them. I don’t think a person who behaves that way would turn into a nasty b*tch out of the blue no matter how manipulated he was. I also believe he’s too smart to let his entire career go to the trash to please a jealous girlfriend. I stand by my initial theory. There’s a lot more than what has been reported & his new agency will probably use this truth to restore his image in the future. It’s not just one agency that wanted him, they were many + the director of the drama he supposedly sabotaged. You just have to ask yourself why…

  7. Really nice to hear some good news for Kim Jung Hyun. His agency sounds supportive and I’m happy to hear they will prioritise his health first and foremost unlike his previous agency who clearly exploited him. He had mental health struggles and, unfortunately, that was made worse by being in an unhealthy relationship with an abuser and lack of care from his agency

    I think it says a lot that he has never had any other issues in dramas before or after ‘Time’ when he was in a relationship with Seo Yea ji. The industry also seems to be supportive of him when they don’t have to be. Even the people on ‘Time’ said everything was great at first.

    It’s sad there isn’t more sympathy for what he went through but abusive relationships where men are the victims are still rarely taken seriously unfortunately. SK also still has a long way to go in terms of understanding mental health unfortunately. Hope he continues to heal and can book some great comeback projects.

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