tvN Releases First Two Mathematics Inspired Drama Posters for Teacher-Student Romance Melancholia

Okay, this may be one of those dramas that conceptually turns me off but visually works onscreen. I sorta hate that, because on principle I LOATHE teacher-student romances but can also accept that it could work with the right leads and the least icky of set ups. For example, I think Doctors ended up working after they met again as adults in the hospital and also the visuals and chemistry was there, if only they excised the high school part but eh. Unfortunately upcoming tvN drama Melancholia doesn’t just have a teacher-student portion, the entire drama is the teacher-student setting because it’s set in a private elite high school. Im Soo Jung plays a math teacher and Lee Do Hyun is a former child math genius turned low ranked academic slacker at school now. I applaud the drama for taking away the student element in the two posters by dressing Lee Do Hyun in suit and later a trench coat look, rather than a school uniform, so visually he absolutely looks fine with older noona actress Im Soo Jung. He’s always managed incredible chemistry with any lead whether older or younger so I hope the screenwriter has a story in mind that minimizes/explains away the inappropriate setting of these two falling for each other.


tvN Releases First Two Mathematics Inspired Drama Posters for Teacher-Student Romance Melancholia — 15 Comments

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  2. It doesn’t bother me so much when the story takes place at the university. Both are adults. It depends a lot of the character, the balance between them.

    • I’d be more ok if it took place in uni, but it’s at a private high school. He’s a high school student, so 18 years old at best.

      • Oh, did they change it? I thought the first time I read the synopsis at the beginning of the year, they met once when he was young but meet after when he’s an adult.

  3. This is disgusting. 16 year age gap romance between a teacher and a minor high school student. Yuck!

    How could they even greenlight this and advertise it like it’s something romantic? That is a huge ethical breach and would see her lose her job and prosecuted in most countries.

    • Morally wrong bit sometimes it can work in real life. Emmanuel Macron president of France met his wife Brigette Trogneux when he was a 15 year old teenager and she a 39 year old teacher at a theatre workshop. They only became a couple once he turned 18. Macron’s parents even sent him away to finish high school in another town to separate them. They have a 24 year gap. She even left her husband with whom she had 3 kids to marry Macron when he turned 30. It seemed they never severed their relationship once they met. Today they are celebrated as the hip cool couple globally.

      • Whether in dramas or in real life it’s always the older women that get skewered when it comes to big age gap romance with younger men. It seems most of Hollywood didn’t bat an eyelid when Woody Allen started a sexual relationship with his then stepdaughter Soon Yi Previn when she was a high school senior. They have a 35 year age gap. Roman Polanski a Hollywood director was a convicted child rapist. He raped a 13 year old when he was 43. Yet decades after his conviction, Hollywood stars lined up to act in his films like Kate Winslet (she worked with Woody Allen too), Sigourney Weaver, Harrison Ford, Ewan McGregor, Johnny Depp, etc. That’s moral hypocrisy of the highest level in the Western world.

    • I was wondering where are those Korean netizens who condemned and criticized the meeting scene in “Gentleman and Young Lady”? So, they consider the romantic relationship between a student and a teacher to be the norm?

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  5. Why high school? Just why! If he was a college student, I would not have an issue with the set up even though I don’t personally think teacher’s should ever have a relationship with a student while actually in a position of authority. But high school age is not only morally wrong but literally illegal.

  6. Those math equations on the posters are really basic for a drama centered around a math genius. Well… maybe it’s because it’s high school maths or perhaps it’s because he’s a slacker now.

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