Lee Do Hyun’s High School Character In Melancholia Turns Adult in Time Jump at the End of Episode 6 to Remove the Ick Element From the Impending Romance

I’ll qualify that I am NOT watching Melancholia, the entire premise is wholly unpalatable for me personally and no amount of Lee Do Hyun love can induce me into tuning in. With that said, I do have eyes and when Lee Do Hyun pics and updates appear I still glance at it, and that’s how I learned that Melancholia had a time jump at the end of episode 6! That’s early enough to not mire the entire drama in high school teacher and student kinda/sorta/simmering romantic maybe and tension, you know the icky part. It brings both lead characters into legal adulthood and with it I am fine if they get together because heck adults. Anyhoo, I don’t know if I am un-icked enough to dive back in but at least for those who may be open to it it’s safe now to open your eyes and watch lol!

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K-netizens Dismayed at the New Character Posters for tvN Drama Melancholia Showing Im Soo Jung as Teacher and Lee Do Hyun as Student Staring at Each Other Intently

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K-ent Discusses Why So Many K-dramas Airing in the Second Half of 2021 are All Noona-Dongsaeng Romances

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