Expect Comedy and More Comedy in Upcoming Sageuk Inspector Joy in New Stills of Taecyeon

Okay, there is no way to soft pedal this but HOMG is upcoming sageuk drama Inspector Joy (Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi) going to be a laugh riot likely for the wrong reasons. The latest released stills of male lead Taecyeon is like a lesson for what NOT TO DO in a sageuk. He’s basically doing a Stephen Chow comedy in sageuk form, which is fine is said sageuk is going that route. I don’t quite think so since K-drama sageuks can be funny and comedic but never fully cross the line into 100% slapstick. Taec’s expressions above are also just Taec being himself lol, I can’t even see any acting other than he’s trying to act. To be honest he had moments of nailing it in Vincenzo but overall the drama momentum helped smooth over his gaps. Here he’s the male lead and I’m nervous/excited to see the result whether good/bad/uproariously entertaining.


Expect Comedy and More Comedy in Upcoming Sageuk Inspector Joy in New Stills of Taecyeon — 19 Comments

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  2. I know he isn’t the strongest actor but you deduced all that from like 4 pictures? Let it air first and then criticize and dissect it.

    • yeah, i was expecting a new teaser, but these are just stills and the drama is obviously going the comedy route by the summary, so his derpy expressions make sense to me? Sure Taecyeon doesn’t seem to fit sageuks, but I suspect this is more akin to those idol chinese costume dramas with the wacky situations and actors barely out of university so my expectations are different.

      I think we need more lead characters who can provide slapstick and comedy instead of leaving it all up to the supporting cast. I hope this drama goes all out and lean into slapstick. Less romance and drama and more shenanigans please!

    • @Gem – honestly tho….even without the pics, unless he’s suddenly discovered some inner acting talent that hasn’t shown itself in the literal decade that he’s been acting (I found him cartoonish and ridiculous even in Vincenzo where that didn’t appear to be the intended effect, and lbr if any non-idol actor had given a performance of his level they would have been ripped to shreds), it’s not like there isn’t a reason to think this could suck.

  3. Im sorry but he can’t act, his acting is vicenzo is so painful to watch. This will be another cha eun woo in rookie historian. Such a waste because I like kim hye yoon

    • ^I agree. Nothing in Vincenzo gave me the impression he was someone who could carry a drama as the lead and I loved that drama.

      The bar is on the floor for idol-actors as usual, Kim Hye Yoon is going to have her work cut out as the FL here (honestly this is the kind of project I wish was going to actors like Kwak Dong Yeon, he’s even close in age to KHY)

  4. In Vincenzo, I think he was overshined by Kwak Dong-Yeong, Yoon Byung-Hee and Lim Chul-Soo. The last two were hilarious and had a great chemistry with SJK.

    I will surely test for Kim Hye-Yoon. All the casting of Extraordinary You ended in a sageuk.

    • This. I thought he did alright in Vincenzo. That cast was bringing its acting A-game and he didn’t stick out like a sore thumb or drag scenes down. He did get overshadowed by the three you mentioned, especially KDY who it felt like became the 3rd lead at the end.

  5. Nice to read Koala telling it like it is for once and not being partial to her fave. It doesn’t matter whether he’s in a still or in motion. This guy just. can’t. act.

  6. LOL of Chow Sing Chi’s comparison and who doesn’t love his brand of comedy and slapstick jokes.

    Anyway, can understand your concern as Taecyeon is a rather lacking actor no matter how hard he tries. But hopefully, less expectation would eventually yield surprisingly good result.

    • Honestly but Stephen Chow’s brand of comedies are not easy to pull off, it’s heavily based on his physical dexterity and comedic line delivery (which is every bit as much a skill as being able to do big emotional crying scenes).

      “Less expectation would eventually yield surprisingly good result” – this is exactly the problem with idol-actors, the ones who are bad are so bad that they get overpraised for things that we take for granted as the basic skills of even an average actor,fuelled by their fans who think their oppas and unnies “need room to grow” after 10+years of experience.

      I don’t mind admitting it if he’s turns out to be good in this role but there’s a big difference between “good for an idol-actor” and “good”.

  7. First of all everybody take a step back. Give him some credit. I loved him in Vincenzo. He made me laugh so hard. He has to grow as an actor, so just give him room to grow. Could any of us do better? Don’t think so.

    • YOU take a step back. If YOU wanna give him credit, you’re obliged to do so. WE aren’t. What kinda dumb question is, “could any of us do better?” Is it forbidden to criticize terrible food you’re paying for at a restaurant just because you can’t cook? We’re not the ones claiming to be actors and appearing on viewers’ screens for them to watch us perform well. We are the VIEWERS who will have to suffer through his excruciating performance because we most likely like the other cast members enough to watch the drama for them. If he delivers, he’ll be praised and applauded. Now step off and take your BS elsewhere.

    • He makes you laugh so hard…

      Good to hear that, but he is not the only one who makes us laugh, as other actors did the same thing. Besides, it is NOT wrong to dislike an actor or find his acting rather mehh

    • uh he’s been acting for 10 years, how many more decades of underwhelming/godawful performances in undeserved roles is he gonna need to “grow as an actor”?

      Also take your fangirl goggles off and realise he’s getting paid for this ~acting~ btw, it’s not some fun little hobby or charity project. And in the real world, when people do their jobs badly….they get criticised. Why is it different for this guy?

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