tvN Has Another Hit on its Hands as Sat-Sun Outdoor Action Drama Jirisan Breaks 10% Ratings in Second Episode

Seems like the positives are outweighing the negatives with newly premiered tvN weekend drama Jirisan (Mount Jiri), The second episode broke 10% ratings to net 10.663%, the second fastest to break 10% for any cable drama and the highest second episode ratings for any cable drama. Previously it was Encounter (Boyfriend) while Goblin, Mr. Sunshine and The World of the Married all crossed 10% in episode 3. So it appears that the mixed reviews in episode 1, with the negative comments primarily directed towards PD Lee Eun Bok’s hyper directing, poor editing, and weird use of songs and background music, did not lose any viewers for the next episode. The reviews for episode 2 predominately are about how it’s much better than episode 1 and many of the critique points are better presented plus screenwriter Kim Eun Hee‘s script is really shining through. So there you have it, the pairing of JJHX2 is a success and tvN looks to have a strong finish into year end.


tvN Has Another Hit on its Hands as Sat-Sun Outdoor Action Drama Jirisan Breaks 10% Ratings in Second Episode — 29 Comments

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      • Many thanks to Mia- I subscribe to Viki but had never heard of iqiyi,
        I have downloaded the app and am now watching this drama.

    • And it ended in the 8% range. The typical drama where people tune in for the star power and are left disappointed so they drop it. Hopefully that doesn’t happen to Jirisan.

  2. JJHX2 XD
    The first episode’s CGI is not quite there but contrary to knetz, I actually like it jump into action straight away. Not to mention, they drop a huge twist that I didnt see it coming regarding JJHX2. I thought this drama is action thriller but it seems like there will be some fantasy element to it too? EP2 ending makes me wonder how much fantasy element are we going to get.

    • Its more supernatural than fantasy but knowing kdramas the world building is most likely going to fall apart half way. KEH is a good writer but she isn’t the most logical and if it is anything like the logic of kingdom 1 then there will be a lot of plot holes.

  3. Jun ji hyun real queen. She not only took over lee young aes legendary position but also made grand comeback. This is how real queen rolls. Brings initial ratings. Relevant for over 24 years now. Another blockbuster for queen.

  4. Hmm I don’t really know if the traction will continue but it’s definitely not worth the gargantuan hype, what with all the weird editing, directing AND screenplay. I personally don’t understand how they’re going to drag a mountain guide story for 16 episodes and keep the audience riveted but people can surprise you, so. This was not what I expected or wanted from a Jun Jihyun comeback (esp since that Kingdom prequel was so uninspiring) so I’m just waiting for Son Yejin’s 2022 drama at this point.

  5. I find the director’s directing style seemed to be drastically different from DOTS, Goblin and Mr.Sunshine. Working with a different star writer and with the story setting set in the mountains completely gives a different vibe.

    Is the PD working with a different production crew? It seems like the production crew who worked in DOTS and Goblin went to work somewhere else.

    The ratings is a given since the lead is a big star with a solid supporting cast. But I still feel disconnected with the story and the characters as of episode two.

    Have to wait for a couple more episodes to know if this drama will truly engage me as a viewer.

  6. It feels 80% filler and the actual plot is left for the last 10 minutes or so… I really don’t care for the cases in each episodes. It’s disappointing to say the least, the ratings are expected to be high there’s Jun Jihyun in it after all

  7. I enjoyed watching the first two episodes. Not the best but obviously better than some other weekend dramas. It’s all about preference.

    Well deserved!!! Hopefully the rating will get higher. Fighting!!!

  8. LEB is definitely negatively impacting this drama because he seems to have no clue how to cut shots or even build up the suspense. The ‘adventure’ shots are horrible and a go pro would have captured better action shots than whatever technique or camera he’s using. It feels like the script is being embellished with a lot of unnecessary narrative and the core plot isn’t coming through properly. I want to say 2 episodes is too soon to judge but I don’t see the pattern of directing, storytelling and editing changing drastically in the future.

  9. episode 2 was much better than the first one! i don’t understand where all the hate is coming from like many are acting like this is the worst kdrama in the world lol. you can’t please everyone, but i’m excited to see where this is going.. definitely gives signal vibes but in mountain ranger version. go min si is amazing too!! really happy to see a young cast member along with a group of actors with wide ranges

  10. I’m liking it *grabs popcorn
    It’s easy to see why the audience are lapping it up, the genre and theme is refreshing
    Yeah the CG in some areas suck but it’s never a game changer for hit dramas
    E.g CLOY had also cringe worthy CG (think parachute hugging scene urgh maybe it’s the same company doing this. They should be …fired?) but if you can get the viewers hooked through the cast and most important a good story, people can overlook this easily.
    I thought it’s a strong 2 episodes, I’m vested to continue

      • Share price of the production company is dropping bc of the negative feedback.

        How did this drama have a $30M budget of CGI is so sh*tty?

        Think it’s too early to be all doom and gloom. Only 2 episodes out so far.

      • The rumor is Jun Jihyun is getting paid 1 billion won per episode and the total production cost is 30 billion won so if true she is basically half the production cost. This would explain not only the horrible CG but also why most of the filming was done indoors and not in the actual mountains.

      • @Poka Where did that rumor come from? From you?? Come on JJH definitely isn’t paid 1b per ep, her pay was reportedly 100 million before her hiatus, so it won’t go over 200m. One actual rumor is that Ju Jihoon gets about the same or higher pay, so the total amount paid to them is significant.

      • @Poka I saw the same rumor on twitter by a big kdrama account so it could be true who knows.

  11. The production in the second episode was much better, and the plot is starting to warm up. There are already many theories and questions. I think the show has potential, but they also need to show more about the characters to get us attached to them.

    The problem is that expectations were way too high, people were expecting a masterpiece from the get-go just because of Jeon Jihyun’s comeback and the scriptwriter. Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t find Kim Eunhee’s scripts masterpiece level, at most they’re well constructed, mostly it’s a unique premise that helps. But once I saw the premise of Jirisan, it doesn’t seem public-friendly and sounded kind of limited to one location, so I wasn’t expecting it to become a mega-hit.

  12. I agree with above comment. The setting is stuck in Jirisan. Once the entire drama is set in one location, plotlines will be greatly constrained & limited hence adding supernatural elements to keep viewers on the hook. Unlike CLOY, which took viewers to Switzerland, North Korea, Seoul and back to Swiss mountain again. It has the NK ajumma squad, NK soldier gang, SL OTP, main OTP, shitty rich family of Seri, the NK gang being transported to SK fish out of water elements to keep full range of fans occupied. Same for HCCC. The location is only rooted to Gongjin, villagers & main OTP so most viewers got bored as there’s no other compelling plots to push it further along towards the end. Once the OTP got together no more tension. Jirisan’s plotline will either be like a case for each episode to solve or a main plotline with sub-plots built in. Not having a love-line will take a major device out of the drama so the action scenes have to be really good to hook viewers.

  13. I agee for the directing is shockingly bad. Can’t believe this is the same PD who make Mr Sunshine which solid. I thought they critics it like they did with Arthdal which is seriously good directing, and everyone act so good.

    here once again Jeon Ji Hyun doesn’t want to put effort in her acting drama she is just bland and JJH although better his acting is still off. it’s make this drama become worse. lead acting actor is everything in genre like this.

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