High Profile Sat-Sun tvN Drama Jirisan Ends with 9.225% Ratings and Final Wave of Viewer Criticism on the Script Giving an Inexplicably Happy Ending

I legit forgot it was the final airing weekend of tvN Sat-Sun drama Jirisan. Normally such a high profile drama would be generating buzz and chatter heading into the finale but it was crickets because the ardent drama fans that would generate content have long since checked out. The final episode got 9.225% ratings which is higher than the 7%-8% it was getting in the prior few weeks. But other than the premiere weekend which started off with a bang and the second episode even broke 10%, since then it went down and stayed stagnant. The ratings are actually decent for a tvN drama but for the fact that it cost so much to make, a huge budget, and came with the star studded casting of Jeon Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hyun and the critically acclaimed screenwriter of Kim Eun Hee of Signal and Kingdom. But the problems started with the bad directing and quickly landed on the poor script where it’s been the major complaint. There was no compelling hook and the assorted mountain rescues and underlying serial killer mystery never really coalesced into a cohesive story. Kim Eun Hee even one upped her poor script with an ending that takes it to another level of crazy stupidity. K-netz are saying she borrowed from the Penthouse handbook for this one – one character wakes up from a years long coma and gets all healthy enough top resume being a park ranger with all that physical activity and another character gets up from a wheelchair after being paralyzed for years long to return to being a park ranger with so much climbing. It’s like, magical happy ending surprise yay! I feel like everyone involved with Jirisan wants to quickly move on from this dud lol.

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