Chinese Pianist Star Li Yun Di Arrested and Detained by Beijing Police for Soliciting Prostitution with Salacious Details Gossiped by C-netizens

Here’s to another one biting the dust, and this time for an actual crime so at least fan apologists can’t try to downplay the behavior. Famous Chinese classical pianist Li Yun Di, who has mainstream success and is called the Piano Prince for his young age, talent, and clean cut looks, was arrested and detained by the Beijing Chaoyang District police two days ago for soliciting prostitution. Chaoyang District is home to many celebrity busts from recently Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu) to a few years ago Kai Ko and Jaychee Chan. The rumor spread like wildfire and was subsequently confirmed by the precinct in an official message naming his arrest along with a woman age 29 with one character of her name redacted. C-netizens immediately found her online presence and shared that she’s this standard sexy influencer type The transaction was reported $10,000 RMB which is almost $1,600 USD. Now there’s a twist to the story with a C-netizen scooper claiming that the arrested woman was simply the Madam and that Li Yun Di’s solicitation partner was a man and uploaded a rugged man picture. This has riveted C-netizens since Li Yun Di’s biggest news in the last decade was his close friendship with Taiwanese-American singer Leehom Wang with their fans thinking the two had romantic feelings for each other, and subsequently fallout when Leehom Wang got married to a non-celebrity woman. His fans actually blamed Leehom for breaking Lee Yun Di’s heart and leading him on. So this prostitition arrest went from “Li Yun Di is NOT gay” and vindicating Leehom and now he’s still probably gay, and once again C-ent spirals down another scandal.


Chinese Pianist Star Li Yun Di Arrested and Detained by Beijing Police for Soliciting Prostitution with Salacious Details Gossiped by C-netizens — 11 Comments

  1. Soliciting s*x workers might be a crime in China but I personally don’t think it’s a moral failing as long as both parties are consensual and practice safe s*x. S*x work is work. At least he is not a scum that manipulates and gaslight his parter only to dump them coldly so…

  2. He’s a man,paying for sex is normal,besides it’s not like he cheated on his wife/ girlfriend.he break the law,yes but its not that what, he needs to find one night stand now?ah I know he needs to stay calibate.

    • Paying for sex is not normal! It’s a sickness. I would agree in Li Yundi’s case the excess publicity must have a political motive since this vice is all too common today.

      • Sounds like certain political entities have been creating trouble for him with rumor mongering because he had a Taiwanese friend. Now they’re getting rid of him due to that. A guy like him wouldn’t need to pay so this is a bit hard to believe.

  3. Ok I get that prostitution is illegal but compare to rape and other stuff it is definitely not as bad; at least not from my country perspective. If the other party is a consent adult then whether it is socially unacceptable behavior it is definitely not as bad when compared to other crimes other stars have done.

  4. The Chinese government isn’t afraid to lose face in this instance. He must have said or done something the Chinese government didn’t like.

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