K-netizens Marvel at Park Bo Gum’s Movie Star Handsome Looks at Navy Event and Can’t Wait for His Discharge in 6 Months

Going to military service for male K-stars can either be a two year long cosplay as an ordinary dude or for some in the entertainment service division then a chance to bring the star power to a new stage. Park Bo Gum enlisted in the navy and was assigned to the naval performance division, which is in charge of programming to promote the department and entertain the enlisted. Like all soldiers he did his basic training and since then has been seen in military events and recorded performance from time to time. The most recent this week has K-netizens swooning for his immaculate good looks which hasn’t changed a smidge since going to the army. Not that just, its a reminder that he’s getting discharged in 6 months and I went what? until I realized that yes, an entire year went by after he enlisted prior to the premiere of Record of Youth. His discharge in April of 2022 is going to be such a big deal, he’s the biggest male actor of his age-line and drama producers are going to be flooding him with proposals.


K-netizens Marvel at Park Bo Gum’s Movie Star Handsome Looks at Navy Event and Can’t Wait for His Discharge in 6 Months — 35 Comments

  1. I seldom write comments but because of bo gum I did..missing this dude so much and so happy to see him live in yt yesterday. So proud of you boy and waiting for your return… Fighting bogummy ??

  2. Anyone think he’s overhyped? His dramas after LITM are going downhill. I cant even finish first episode of Encounter, not to mention RoY- total pain in the a**? He kinda smiled too much and the plot is just bleh?!!?! So now he’s famous for being famous?

    • Have you seen I Remember You or Answer Me 1988? If so, you would never be able to say he’s overhyped. Some of his drama choices could’ve been better, perhaps, but that’s a screenwriter or management issue. As an actor, he’s extremely talented and deserves the hype. Just my two cents!

      • I watched Reply1988 and LITM. Yes those 2 projects were good one. But then his most recent 3 projects: Encounter, RoY, Seobok- arent they just super boring and his acting kinda repetitive of his previous one. Trust me i was his die hard fan after Reply1988 but his subsequent work bored me to death that i cant understand his popularity anymore!

      • Thank you for this comment I feel like some people don’t know the full information or fact before commenting how can someone say his over hyped when he’s not hyped enough

    • PBG popularity is heavily influenced by his image. His image is angel like, he is good mannered, good boy, many people in korea always compared him to yoo jae suk, thats how good his image is. International fans probably dont feel his popularity but korean does, thats why he is more popular in korea than overseas

      • Kailey : its already proven that he hasnt lose his popularity since the cult revealed, so I dont think they care too much about it

      • I dont care if him being a cult or what, as long as he can act. Problem is recently i dont feel he’s just a pretty boy walking on screen and his popularity is totally not justified anymore.

      • he’s so popular in my country as well. ppl fight to get his FM while no other korean actors FM (except SJK) does. some dramas may not favourable (like ROY) but ppl definitely tune in or finish it for the sake of seeing him.he’s pretty but also can act just the his recent project didnt show much how capable he is.

        Encounter is also popular no matter ppl say it’s kinda boring. i myself didnt really like encounter as well but later i realized many viewers love it that i think many of them like slow romance genre maybe. not to mention R88 that’ll be a legend for TVN’s one of most favourite show of all time.Seobok may not get good review for plot but his performance was praised so much by critics in korea as well.

        i follow his career since i remember you days and til today there’s no a single person in the industry badmouth his behavior. he’s a careful person and think a lot if his action might affect anyone but he’s honest like if you ask if he’s single? he would tell you he’s looking for someone silently and no fans would be disturbed about that because he drew a big line for his personal life and his work. My friend had a chance to talk to him and while she asking anything, it ended up it’s him who ask her how’s her life and none of his private info revealed lol he’s smart that his smile might blind you for thinking he’s still young innocent actor. he’s not… lol

      • I’m from USA and am an avid fan and admirer of Bo gum. As a person, too, he is liked by all in his industry as well. I’m looking forward to April and his discharge. Bless him!!

    • Calling someone overhyped just because you didnt enjoyed his drama. No matter what your opinian, encounter and ROY still get high rating, its mean many people enjoyed it. So yeah he’s not overhyped.

  3. I wanted to be part of his cult if my personality would be like him hehe. Better to be a cult with so pleasant personality rather playing a good boy image but the real image is a trash.. Love you bogummy ❤️❤️PS:his religion is like the most of us, believing in one God.People were just exaggerated and believing what the haters said just to ruin his reputation. If he is really a part of the cult he will never be popular in SK,knowing how knetz are. His image is clean and pure and I believe on that…

  4. like i’m seeing people criticizing him but i don’t understand because for me it is and envy , like i understand not liking his drama but you don’t need to express yourself save it to u I liked the drama encounter it may be slow but at least it tells a true story. Than ones that’s all no story and people say amen (but it’s just my opinion

  5. Amazing actor and a mam of o
    good nature. Such a hunble man deserves all the best things in life. Cant wait to see you again Bo Gum!

  6. Bogum you look absolutely amazing take care and stay safe. We will be waiting for your return see you in 6 months.

  7. His acting is really good, can’t find resemblance in all the characters he has acted. Plus he is so good looking. How can someone say his acting is not good??

  8. His acting is really good, can’t find resemblance in all the characters he has acted. Plus he is so good looking. How can someone say his acting is not good?? Really looking forward to his new drama and movie!

  9. The world has discovered this man. In my circle (family and friends) most of us know and love PBG other than other K actors, even we are not actively engage in social media but we support and lookin forward on his project. This man is not just an ordinary actor, he is rare gem. If u care to find, read and do some research about him, u will know he is more than that and finally understand why Koreans love him so much. He didnt chase popularity and dont have IG to promote or expose his private life. Basically he living his best life in both world; as ordinary people and as celebrity. I believe the good in this world and bless this man for becoming such inspiration. Good luck always PBG. Your international fans love u and will patiently waiting for u.

  10. I fell asleep watching ep1 of Encounter. It’s better than a sleeping pill. Lol. I think he’s an adequate actor. Not great but good enough to get the job done.

  11. I think he is a good actor but he’s got stuck in a repetitive rut of playing boring saccharine characters. His last few works were painfully dull but got decent ratings because of his star power. I hope for his comeback he challenges himself and plays a ruthless or morally ambiguous character

    • 100% agree. PBG hooked me in Hello Monster & I have been his fan ever since. In fact I would rate his performance in HM far better than Reply 88. Morally ambiguous character totally suits him. Wish there is a 2nd season of HM coz the ending just sucks.

  12. The hallmark of a great actor is doing different roles well. Think Daniel Day Lewis, Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix, Leo DiCaprio. One can only do romantic hero roles so many times before they get boring. For once I would love our Bogummy to break out of his sweet image/nation’s son to play against type. He has shown the capability in IRY so he can do it gradually. I was blown away by Han So Hee’s physical performance in My Name. Her emotional range is improving too. I would so love to see more Korean actors banishing the good boy image and tackle the gangster roles like My Name. I totally love Choi Mujin character far more than Detective Pildo. Even my non K-drama flatmates were blown away by the grittiness, violence & daring sex scene in My Name coz they saw me watching HCCC & made fun of it with shalala song. Netflix made Korean series like Squid Games and My Name are converting a lot of non traditional K-drama fans into sampling new Korean series. This is a very good development for K-drama industry. Go Bogummy, go do a gritty drama.

  13. I do believed PBG is a good actor and a good man.He did all his job well and still doing his best to entertain people.A good man with a good attitude,pure heart and do respect people,he’s such a humble guy,a friend that you can rely on with great sense of humor,a caring person with a loving heart!?❤️

  14. We his fans are excited for his comeback. Thanks God it will be only six months left and he will be again in TV and silver screen. We always pray for him to be discharged safely and always healthy. God bless you our dear actor.

  15. Miss you Park Bo Gum. Watched 4 of my favorite TV series where you showed ( as always) your acting prowess, Reply 1988, Love in the Moonlight, Encounter and Record of Youth for several times already.I watched Seobok???. I regularly watch your show in the Philippines via you tube, excellent songs and dance numbers!!! You’re really a very fine actor, actually an artist par excellence!. A good singer and dancer, a pianist, a swimmer! From your looks, you seem to be a nice person, very good looking man, so you are very blessed. Stay being a good son, a good person and you will be more blessed. We miss you. We’re raring to see you back from your military service. Stay safe and healthy☺️

  16. Sou do Brazil, aprendi a me encartar com os doramas e gosto muito de PBG ele é lindo um excelente ator. A interpretação em encontro me deixou super apaixonada por ele . Meu coração ficou bem tranquilo ao assistir. Espero ansiosa pelo próximo trabalho.Fique saudável e retorne em segurança.

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