Kim Soo Hyun Teams Up with Cha Seung Won for His Last Chance in Tense Legal Thriller One Ordinary Day

Online streaming platform Coupang Play hasn’t been a player yet but it’s clear it’s investing in the streaming K-drama market and the biggest offer to date will be next month’s legal drama One Ordinary Day (original title That Night). This drama looks and conceptually sounds high brow, based on the BBC series Criminal Justice and of course going from intense and gritty right off the bat. Casting Kim Soo Hyun will bring in the broader public interest and it’s a good thing, he’s a phenomenal actor and I say this because he’s never shied away from challenges. He’s eschewed playing the romantic male lead only doing so once with You From Another Star but he’s usually doing projects that let’s him flex his character quirks. Take Dream High or Producers to It’s Okay to Not be Okay, it’s not the traditional rich, handsome, smart role and he seems to have such an eye for projects. That’s why picking this drama bodes well for the quality and of course it’s got an additional boost with the other male lead Cha Seung Won who has disappeared so far into character he’s neither the smexy Ahjusshi or Chajumma that we all know and love. He looks so beaten down and weathered, if both male leads bring their A-game this drama is going to be LIT.

Previews for One Ordinary Day:


Kim Soo Hyun Teams Up with Cha Seung Won for His Last Chance in Tense Legal Thriller One Ordinary Day — 24 Comments

  1. Oh, Koala didn’t add the latest trailer? I swear, that was his best ugliest ugly-cry yet. ? I love how PD Lee has been active on IG posting updates about the drama. Coupang Play on the other hand has been terrible at promos. ? Neways, I’m still psyched for this!

    • Agree on CP’s dismal promotions. The noob handling the account just posts, deletes, posts. They need to get their ish together. You’d think they’d pull out all the stops for the first K-drama of the platform. Smh.

  2. The drama seriously lacks promotion. I would’ve preferred Netflix 100% but whatever. It looks quite amazing already in the teasers.

    KSH always brings it on. Always. His performances are always on point and there’s literally no role of his that he hasn’t owned. He always picks such diverse dramas and roles too. I’m really looking forward to this. CSW, on the other hand, doesn’t “look good” but that’s what makes him even better. He’s not CSW at all here. It’s a powerhouse cast so can’t wait till this comes out. I hope all the episodes is released at once.

  3. I want to be excited for this cause I love riz Ahmed’s version so am interested to see what a kdrama version would be like. But meh not a fan of Kim soo hyun, found him very blank in its okay to not be okay

    • How about giving it the 2 or 4-episode rule? If it doesn’t work for you, then you could drop it like a hot potato. Lol. That’s how I roll.

  4. The trailers and teasers I’ve seen so far look solid. Here’s hoping the actual drama will be captivating from beginning to end.

  5. I feel like KSH plays a similar stoic, stiff, emotionally repressed character in all his dramas, so not seeing the said versatility.

    • Errr… his last 2 dramas were Producers and It’s Okay. You clearly haven’t seen one of those. Before that, it was MoonSun and My Love From The Star. You CLEARLY also haven’t seen one of those. Then even before that, there was Dream High and Secretly Greatly. You… haven’t seen both… have you? ?

      • Yeah this criticism always confuses the heck outta me. Even of you’ve seen even One of his movies the argument falls apart…. guy can act

      • LOL exactly. If someone thinks KSH picks “similar roles” it prob means they saw 20% of his dramas. The reason someone may think he “picks the same roles”, is because they CHOOSE to watch only 1 type of genre. Which means they missed out on almost all his shows.

      • @Yzma

        Oh yeah?! And Seung-chan is “stoic, emotionally repressed” ??? you should share what you’re smoking. It sounds awesome!

        But… I’m sure Seung-chan would adore the fact that you think he’s ”stoic”. It’s what he strives to be despite… well… everything ?

      • TMETS was his next project after DreamHigh. His former agency doesn’t want him to accept it considering a Halyu rejected it. Luckily he did it since it was n TMETS that he was seen to have crossed d otherside of being just popular to being critically aclaimed. Hope it is okay for us to agree to disagree, as I prefer to take d opinion of those who were trained to look into what a regressed acting is or not.

  6. I don’t like K-remakes of Western works but in King Soo Hyun I trust. He’s never let me down with any of his performances so I’m positive he’ll deliver here as well. Additionally, the cast and source material are superb so lez go!

  7. Count me in. But for his next project I hope he picks something drastically different from his last few roles. He’s a fantastic actor but I can see why someone would say he plays similar characters – funny enough, a criticism that applies to most of the popular K-actors.

    • His last a few role is Baek Seung Chan, Jang Tae Young, Moon Gang tae though. Entirely different from one another. Or U mean His 2 caneos which is different from one another too? People who says he plays similar roles is the one who havent watch enough drama/movie of him.

      • Relax, Subgei. I *know* he’s versatile. And I respect how he takes challenges even if the drama might not be a ratings hit or the role might not let him shine as much as his co-stars, eg. MGT.

        A ‘drastically different’ DRAMA role like a villain would help silence his critics who see upcoming Kim Hyun-Soo as MGT 2.0 and MGT as DMJ but poor. Then again, his nastiest critic I’ve seen on Twitter is affiliated with many LMH stans. So that explains a lot. Lol.

  8. This. Looks. Amazing.

    So excited for this! Both actors looks great and the dramas looks gritty and grounded. Hopefully it is in reality!

  9. They need to step up their promo game because rn it’s terrible
    I had forgotten this was even coming out… and its a KSH drama ffs. Hype it up coupang

  10. Kim Soo Hyun does have a good eye for his drama projects and chooses according to the script and not because the writer or director is famous. I can see why he is one of the industry favorites.

  11. It Seems good, I hope Kim Soo Hyun bring his A game since it will be one of the few roles he act which required to have acting depth.

    from the still, he seems unconvincing. but we will see.. picture is not the same as acting in actual drama.

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