Lovers of the Red Sky Memorable Bodyguard Song Won Seok Rejoins with Ahn Hyo Seob in Upcoming Rom-com Office Blind Date

The “mysterious and reticent warrior bodyguard” is such a K-drama sageuk trope especially for this younger lead romance centric sageuks. There have been countless rising K-actor that got their a memorable step up playing this role – Song Jae Rim in The Moon Embraces the Sun, Kwak Dong Yeon in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, Hwang In Yeop in Tale of Nokdu, Sung Joon in Gu Family Book, well you get the picture. The role basically requires the less dialogue the better, lots of action or lurking scenes, and of course screen presence galore. K-actor Song Won Seok just bid adieu to Lovers of the Red Sky this week, not sure if he’s happy to escape or sad he’s going to miss out on the additional crazy in store for the final two episodes. He’s my fave male character in the drama at this point so I’m sad he’s not around next week. But he’s also currently in One the Woman so he’s clearly on the up and up, and now he’s been cast in upcoming rom-com Office Blind Date. That would reunite him with Lovers male lead Ahn Hyo Seob but they will be playing love rivals in the drama, he’s the college era sunbae the female lead has crushed on for many years. I don’t think he’s broken out just yet but I’m keeping my eye on him for the potential.


Lovers of the Red Sky Memorable Bodyguard Song Won Seok Rejoins with Ahn Hyo Seob in Upcoming Rom-com Office Blind Date — 14 Comments

      • I would agree. Lee Sang Yoon needs to up his acting game, his acting was so bland in OTW. I think he needs to accept villain roles in action/thriller to spice things up.

    • Agreed. His character is total slime but he still has better chemistry with Honey Lee. The loveline between Honey Lee and Lee Sang Yoon is so dull and lukewarm that I’m not even sure why they bothered with it. Should have just kept it to them teaming up to take down that nastyfamily.

  1. Actually he also acted as AHS’s brother in Father is Strange. Didn’t know he is in One the Woman, no wonder he looks so familiar!

    • No one gives a shit about the whitewashing part 2. If you’ve already read about it elsewhere, why do you want to read about it here again? Go join your fellow delulu oppalogists on Twitter in sucking off your scoundrel idol.

      • Gives me pleasure to see your cortisol level triggered. Gotcha. Line hook & sinker. Go on rant more.

      • Wow. Just because he/she demand for something within her right? Delulu Oppalogists? Scoundrel idol? I get the fact that the media is milking out his story,but scoundrel idol? Seriously? Whatever evil has he done that you personally witness? Learn to love,and stop being jealous for once in your life,you devil.

  2. They are in the same agency. People always criticizes idols for being casted because of their agency, but lead actors often brought some actors from their agency in their project too. There were in the same male group One O One with Kwank Si Yang too.

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