New Mom Ariel Lin Posts Glowing Birthday Pic to Thank Fans and Shares First Look at Daughter’s Cute Hand in Hers

It was hard enough to imagine perennially baby-faced TW-actress Ariel Lin as a mom already but then seeing her first post-delivery picture it’s even harder to believe she just gave birth. The radiant new mom shared a picture over the weekend thanking fans for their well-wishes on her becoming a mom. She also thanked her new daughter for making her a mom, she’s so thankful for her fans and baby together. Ariel turned 39 (!) years old on October 29th and delivered her daughter 9 days earlier. It’s what we Taiwanese call double happiness when there are two things that are positive together, and here it’s her birthday and her baby’s birthday in the same month no less. Congrats again to Ariel, fifteen years later still one of my favorite actresses.


New Mom Ariel Lin Posts Glowing Birthday Pic to Thank Fans and Shares First Look at Daughter’s Cute Hand in Hers — 12 Comments

  1. Booboo Koala. Where are your updates about Kim Seon Ho since your last bias write ups ? It’s unlike you for not having following articles about any scandals that have happened before. I hope you will reflect on your mistakes well and not continue to put your foot in your mouth again. Your content in your previous articles was totally unfair. Maybe you should write something about you casting stones too early.

      • Koala deserves the callout. Given recent developments in the biggest scandal of K-ent this year, her coverage is now glaringly biased, especially since she was covering everything with breathless fervor up to turn of narrative.

        She herself said she reports on stuff that’s trending in c, j, k media even if she doesn’t agree with it, but that statement rings false now.

      • She asked for it. KP is the biggest gossip blog. That’s why crazies flock here for bias coverage.

  2. It’s so amazing to see our favorite actresses completing mile stones. Congrats to Ariel! miss watching her in dramas. ❤️

  3. what a cute picture.

    It’s unbelievable how tiny baby hands are.

    Her smile in the other picture is so radiant. I’m happy to see her fullfil her private dreams, too. Wich her all the best

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