K-netizens Have Positive First Impression of the Complementary Visuals of Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong in New Stills for Now, We Are Breaking Up

This drama is hard to predict the Korean domestic viewer reaction to it before it airs. I don’t think it’s a given that upcoming romance drama Now, We are Breaking Up is guaranteed any type of ratings just because the female lead is Song Hye Kyo, so it’s really going to come down to story and directing, and then the icing is the chemistry with her male lead Jang Ki Yong. For me the reason Encounter (Boyfriend) was so engrossing was her chemistry with Park Bo Gum, who has even more of a youthful face than Jang Ki Yong but onscreen he just seems older and also really liquid honey to watch with Song Hye Kyo. If she is going to be doing successive dramas with younger male leads then it needs to be worth her time, there has to be palpable chemistry because why bother. K-netizens are saying they see it in the latest batch of drama poster, stills, and images from previews. I’m there with them but it can also stem from me liking the two leads individually so I have rose colored glasses with this one.


K-netizens Have Positive First Impression of the Complementary Visuals of Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong in New Stills for Now, We Are Breaking Up — 51 Comments

  1. You can’t really tell if people have chemistry through a poster or pic alone. As for ratings, I’m sure it will start strong but to keep solid ratings these days you need an engaging plot no matter who stars in it.

    • JKY could have sizzling chemistry with a turnip, to be honest, that man is sex on a stick. That being said, considering his pairings in the past, I loved him with Hyeri the most. The similar-age chemistry (despite their fictional age gap) was so engrossing to watch. I don’t like his noona romances as much. It really will be the plot that determines the ratings, especially in light of the train wreck that is Jirisan right now. Star power can only hold up for so long in this day and age.

  2. I think they look very compatible visually – which was honestly NOT the case with Encounter. That drama just didn’t do it for me whatsoever. This one tho, doesn’t feel like a Noona romance thankfully. Just two people in love and who broke up. It looks fine, waiting for the first reviews to come out before I try it out

    • I feel the same about Encounter. No offense to PBG because he is truly a mighty fine actor but he did too much toothpaste commercial in Encounter that made his character unnatural.

  3. Remains to be seen. Viewers these days look beyond chemistry. There has to be something more that would keep them engrossed and interested. Hmmm…. another romcom? Let’s see

  4. Song Hye Kyo looks very beautiful here. I also don’t see an obvious age gap between her and JKY. A definite plus is that JKY has a mature vibe. They look almost equal in age. I love the last poster the best. I hope the stylists/wardrobe staff will dress SHK exquisitely.

  5. I feel like as she ages, she tries hard to not make large expressions, prob to hide wrinkles or whatever. She wasn’t like this when she was younger.

  6. Visually, they look compatible and as for the ratings,a solid script’s needed to keep viewers engaged,star power alone isn’t enough to carry a drama

  7. Can’t feel anything from the poses, they look so stiff like posing for a CF.
    Compare that to JKY-Hyeri poses especially for the magazine shoot, now that looks like a real-life couple.

  8. Jang Ki Yong hasn’t really been good at picking script….its either good or beyond terrible….as for Song Hye Kyo….I wasn’t fan of DOTS nor Encounter all that much. The trailer looks promising, the visual looks well matched so fingers crossed.

  9. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like SHK is somewhat typecast? The plot changes, as do the script and surrounding, but the characters played by SHK is pretty much the same… Choi Jiwoo had a similar trajectory pre-Tempation, but she is a little more diverse after that.

    • She is typecast into more romances as one of the main theme.. because she is so damn good at it. But I think her roles in DOTS is different compare to TWTWB and Encounter for example. In TWTWB, she is vulnerable but fierce and elegant, in DOTS she is more humouris and extrovert and like to make jokes.

      COmpare to her peers, she lack diversity, but not all her roles are the same.

  10. They make a beautiful looking couple I am sure the chemistry is going to be HOT!! Looking forward to the drama this year has been another disappointing year for dramas nothing memorable.

    • Por que nao repetem os casais, mesmo divorciados eles tem a quimica, deveriam passar os mesmos protagonistas de descendete do sol,os produtores e escritores deveriam pensar nisso, esse drama tem tudo haver com eles. Na minha opiniao

      • Its also my opinion that she should try different characters outside of the romance genre. all these romance dramas have become repetitive in recent years. I cannot remember the last time she’s intrigued me with a memorable role.

  11. They definitely look good and more compatible than Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum. Hope this translates to good romantic chemistry because it was severely lacking in her last 2 dramas, primarily because the male leads looked way too baby-faced next to her.

  12. i don’t see any chemistry. it looks like they are still awkward with each other. jky probably because she’s his sunbae. and she doesn’t seem to have warmed up to him. she’s being her normal cold, expressionless self.


    • You must be adyjunjihyun lol.Shk get botox and filler treatment in her face but she can’t anything with the wrinkle in her neck.They just look like mother and son falling in love in each other.At least veteran actres like jun ji hyun working with kim eun hee>>>>kim eun sook.

      • Ewww as expected from sjy fans. They are so insecure with shk really can’t understand it

  14. I feel like the poster could have been on more on fire if the director/photographer asked JKY to slightly open his lips, not sleazy, but just open it ever-so slightly. The way his lips are closed tight when he’s very close to the person he is supposedly attracted to is the opposite of trying to show romantic chemistry lol

  15. All the negative poster here are so bitter and disgusting. It appears to me that no matter what kind of genre SHK take on, she’ll always get criticized. It’s not even about her performance as an actress anymore. It’s more like pure hatred towards her. It’s also not surprising to suddenly see people jumping to “OH WE DON’T HATE HER, IT’S JUST SHE SHOULD TRY SOMETHING MORE CHALLENGING OR OUT OF HER COMFORT ZONE!” Please all these negative people’s be talking as if they were to be an actor, they’ll be the best. I’m not a fan of SHK but still appreciate her acting. I feel bad for the woman for always get compared with all kind of other actresses. Every actresses has their own style of acting and like different genres.

    • I wouldn’t call it hate, if anything, as a fan, I want to see diversity in every actors career. SHK needs advice from her bestie YAI for more diverse roles, that man is the best Korea has to offer right now in terms of diverse roles.

      • Still not surprising when the approach on her is just plain bitterness. A fan or not, people should still respect her choice. Especially when you and I include everyone who watches dramas knows that YAI is the best Korean actor in South Korea and SHK could easily just play a drama with him or get advice from him; but she chose not too because of course everyone would only choose what they like. She choose what she like. This does not mean that she is a mediocre or bad actress. It’s her cup of teas so let her be. People always say a good and positive person wouldn’t talk down on someone although it’s not to their liking. As long as the person is comfortable and enjoy it. Then we get the because her fans are like that, that’s why she never improves. OMG that’s why people should learn that there are thousands of actress out there who plays different roles and what is so hard to just go enjoy those other actresses. Instead of coming to complain about one specific actress. If people are as open minded as they claim to be than what is so hard to comprehend the word respect someone for what they like and enjoy. Also I don’t understand the blah blah about oh she is like 40 years old and still choose to play with a younger actor. Like seriously we have older actors play with Hella young actresses but they don’t get the hate. Don’t even lie about oh no it’s the same for the guy because it’s not at all. Only hypocrisy claimed that. Men or women should be treated the same. At the end of the day it’s still just pure ACTING. That’s what being an actor and actress is for. Age is not a problem. I’m not even her fan and still feel disgusted when seeing all kind of comments. Doesn’t matter if you’re her fans or not. BITTER AS HECK NOT EVEN LYING. NO MORE COMMENTS BUT DISGUSTING ESPECIALLY TOWARDS THOSE THAT DROP THE OPPA DOESN’T LOOK HAPPY OR NOT EVEN TRYING. OH I CAN TELL OPPA WILL BE SAVING THIS DRAMA. KEEP IT IN MIND THAT NO ONE FORCE OPPA THE TAKE ON THE ROLE OKAY. SONG HYE KYO DIDN’T GO THREATEN OPPA TO ACCEPT THE DRAMA. HE CHOSE IT HIMSELF.

    • @fawkes It’s just a little spellcheck so I don’t give a damn. This is why I said it’s no surprise. So many bitter people who love to shit on others. If not you wouldn’t be bother about my little spelling.

  16. You should know by now h*t*rs control this blog. Trigger words are shk, suzy, lmh, jjh, kyj, ksh, sig, jcw, njh, netflix, list goes on. That’s why k keep posting stuff about shk for click baits and fan wars. She dropped ksh though coz he’s too immoral now lol.

  17. A 40 year old ajumma trying desperately to regain her youth by steadily working with actors a decade younger. Had this been a dude displaying this Leo Di Caprio pattern of going for progressively younger FLs, they’d be raked over coals but since it’s SHK, predatory behaviour is celebrated. Disgusting.

      • Yeah Lee Byunghun is an amazing comparison. I’d shudder to see another actor or actress being compared to his predatory ways, I guess y’all also know how bad it looks for SHK that you have to bring up that dude. They really were perfect for each other then, isn’t it? Predator x Predator. Most popular actors except for that cheating dude would get criticized for constantly working with younger FLs but whatever helps you sleep at night.

  18. LBH has bribed the entire SK ent industry and Hollywood. He just won another award for “Asian and American Asian contributions to film & television.” I don’t watch a single work of his knowing his bg. To see him winning awards after awards just beggars belief. Woody Allen must be his godfather. Brigitte Macron would be a fairer comparison to SHK.

    • I used to be a LBH fan, until the breakup with SHG – it brought to the forefront how controlling he was. So much for the Macaulay Culkin boyish smile FACADE. SHK dodged a bullet.

      And later Lee Min-young … but she went in with her eyes fully open. So scandal or otherwise, she would prob be braced for the ride.

  19. Impressive. Eye-Candy wise. / I prefer this pairing to Hye-ri in Gumiho actually – Hye-ri’s kinda helmet hair was just distracting to me s’times.

    SHG rocks 39-40 … I sure wished I looked like that at 39-40.
    Jang Ki-yong – Hey if the dude could have pulled it off in SearchWWW with 42 yr old Im Soo-jung (and SHG definitely is 2x better eye candy for me) – it will definitely be fine with SHG. Enjoyed Encounter despite PBG’s smile/teeth

  20. Shouldn’t a breaking up couple look awkward at each other? I think some comments here are a bit harsh. Looking forward to how the story unfolds. I like JKY except Kill It, Born Again. Agree that his drama choice is a bit odd, maybe that’s just what’s been offered to him?

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