Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi Show Audiences Their Chemistry in First Teaser for SBS Drama Our Beloved Summer

This drama is vibing so much like a more lighthearted version of Someday or One Day, or maybe it’s the high school uniforms that project the same mood. The first poster and teaser is out for SBS Mon-Tues drama Our Beloved Summer, which is taking over the time slot of Lovers of the Red Sky but SBS took a month hiatus so Summer won’t premiere until December 6th. Starring Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi, consider me a late convert to him as a male lead due to his not the usual male lead physique and visuals but his turn as a Chungmuro actor really shows that acting charisma and ability can make up much more onscreen. She’s always seemed like the next Park So Dam, who does better in movies than dramas and I hope Kim Da Mi doesn’t fall into the same trap. The first teaser for Summer looks fantastic, great energy and chemistry between the leads and both convincingly still can pass as high schoolers so at least that time period won’t look awkward onscreen until they reunite ten years later as adults.

Teaser for Our Beloved Summer:


Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi Show Audiences Their Chemistry in First Teaser for SBS Drama Our Beloved Summer — 10 Comments

  1. Kim Dami has onscreen charisma whereas Park Sodam is just bland to me even if she may technically be the better actress… anyway OBS looks cute and I can already feel their chemistry from this teaser

  2. Kim Dami is no Park SoDam. I think the comparison only comes up because they look slightly alike. Park SoDam is just a dead fish on screen. Honestly, doesn’t matter if it’s Chungmuro or kdramas, she never looks like she has the energy or life in her to make things sizzle. Kim Dami tho, looks great in this and I’ve enjoyed several of her past performances. She’s no dead fish is what I’m saying.

      • Yup. Same PSD unless you know of a different one? I don’t mind hearing about her because the one I’M talking about is… exactly what I said. Dead fish.

  3. I love both actors so ofcourse I can’t wait for this. Plus it looks like there’s the enemies to lovers trope which is my fav cliche trope lol.

  4. I get Kim Dami and Park Sodam mixed up alot. Wonder if they’re both competing for same roles with how similar they look and feel. Neither had chemistry with their last onscreen pairing, but this pairing looks more promising for KDM.

  5. I’m not familiar with the female actress but she brings such life and spunk to her character and Choi Woosik is always charming, also, this looks really funny. I’ll definitely check it out but I’ll probably have to utilize the fast forward button because i’m reading it’s 16 episodes that are 1 hr & 10 min. each.

  6. This looks funny! You can see they have nice chemistry already onscreen and offscreen. Much better than the unconvincing and uncomfortable pairing with Park Seo joon in Itaewon Class.

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